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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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WWet motorWinding
W-engineWet sandingWinding the engine
W/Wet settingWindjammer
w/oWet sleeveWindlace
Wad punchWet sump lubricationWindow
WaddleWet-on-wet applicationWindow channel
WagonWettingWindow etching
WaistlineWhale tailWindow filler
WaiverWhat's your 20?Window filler panel
WalckerWheatstone bridgeWindow heater
Walk-in coolerWheelWindow heater system
Walked overWheel adapterWindow heating
WallWheel alignerWindow lift
WalnutWheel alignmentWindow line
WanderWheel alignment gaugeWindow lock-out
WandererWheel and brake lockWindow lock-out switch
WanderingWheel and pinionWindow louvres
Wankel engineWheel archWindow regulator
Warding fileWheel arch extensionWindow unit
Warm upWheel arch protectorWindow wash
Warm-upWheel assemblyWindow weatherstrip
Warm-up control unitWheel balancerWindow winder
Warm-up enrichmentWheel balancingWindscreen
Warm-up regulatorWheel balancing machineWindshield
WarningWheel bearingsWindshield aperture
Warning indicatorWheel boltWindshield corner panel
Warning lampWheel bolt holeWindshield glass
Warning lightWheel bolt hole circleWindshield header
Warning signalWheel camberWindshield header panel
Warning switchWheel center boreWindshield mounting flange
Warning systemWheel centeringWindshield panel
Warning tracksWheel changingWindshield pillars
Warning triangleWheel chockWindshield shadeband
WarpWheel clampWindshield support panel
WarrantyWheel coverWindshield surround
WashWheel cutoutWindshield wash/wipe system
Wash/wipeWheel cylinderWindshield washer
Wash/wipe switchWheel damperWindshield washer fluid
Wash/wipe systemWheel discWindshield washer pump
WashboardWheel disc brakesWindshield wiper
WashcoatWheel dishWindsor experiment
WasherWheel dishingWindstopper Fleece
Washer fluidWheel dollyWindup
Washer pumpWheel driveWing
Waste gateWheel flutterWing arch
Waste spark methodWheel hopWing beading
WastegateWheel houseWing bumping hammer
WaterWheel house panelWing extension
Water columnWheel housingWing landing section
Water cooling systemWheel hubWing mirror
Water defrostingWheel imbalanceWing mounting
Water extractorWheel impellerWing nut
Water hammerWheel judderWing punch
Water injectionWheel loadWing shield
Water jacketWheel lockWing splash apron
Water jet cutterWheel lug boltWing stall angle
Water markingWheel markingWing stock
Water passageWheel mountingWing strengthening buttress
Water pumpWheel nutWing support bracket
Water separatorWheel nut wrenchWinker
Water splashWheel offsetWinter tire
Water spottingWheel panelWipe
Water temperature gaugeWheel patterWipe system
Water valveWheel pullerWiper
Water-cooledWheel rimWiper control
Water-cooled condenserWheel rotationWiper system
Water-spottingWheel shimmyWiper wing
WaterlineWheel shudderWire
WaterwaysWheel skirtWire brush
WattWheel spacerWire cover strip
Watt linkageWheel spatWire feeder
Watts linkWheel speed sensorWire glow plug
WaveWheel spiderWire loom
Wave rectifierWheel spinWire marker
Wave superchargerWheel spin sensorsWire mesh
WavebandWheel steeringWire rope
WavemeterWheel studWire separator
WaxWheel tireWire spoke
Wax injectionWheel tire clearanceWire spoke wheel
Wax lancingWheel trampWire stripper/crimper tool
Wax-type thermostatWheel treeWire strippers
WaxingWheel trimWire wheel
WayWheel trim emblemWired on tire
Way catalytic converterWheel trim rimWired-on tire
Way clutchWheel tubWires
WaysWheel typeWiring an edge
WD-40Wheel weightWiring diagram
WeakWheel weight toolWiring harness
WearWheel wellWiring loom
Wear adjusterWheel wobbleWiring pigtail
Wear and tearWheel wrenchWiring trough
Wear barsWheel, mountainWishbone
Wear indicatorWheel, roadWishbone suspension
Wear patternWheel, triathlonWithdrawal
Wear resistanceWheelbaseWithdrawal fork
Wear ringWheelbraceWitness mark
Wear-inWheelchair liftWitness marks
Weather crackingWheelerWobble
Weather deckWheelieWobble extension bar
Weather resistantWheelie barWobble plate
WeatheringWheelie barsWobble plate-swash plate
WeatherstripWheeling machineWood alcohol
WebWheelsetWood mallet
Webbing grabberWhipWoodill
Weber carburetorWhip aerialWoodruff key
WedgeWhip antennaWoody
Wedge blockWhiplashWork
Wedge combustion chamberWhiplash injuryWork capacity
Wedge endWhippingWork ceiling
Wedge expanderWhirlingWork week
Weekly earningsWhiskeringWorking cycle
WeepWhiteWorking cylinder
Weigh scaleWhite checkered flagWorld Trade Organization
WeighbridgeWhite flagWorm
WeightWhite lithium greaseWorm and nut
Weight engine oilWhite metalWorm and roller
Weight factorWhite rustWorm and sector
Weight per unit areaWhitewallWorm and taper pin
Weight ratingWhitewall ringsWorm gear
Weight ratioWhitewall tireWorm wheel
Weight toolWhitewall toppersWorm-and-lever steering
Weight transferWhitneyWorm-and-nut steering
Weight transfer effectWhitney keyWorm-and-peg steering
WeightlessnessWhitworthWorm-and-roller steering
Weissach axleWholesalerWorm-and-sector steering
Welch plugWickWorry
Weld faceWicktecWOT
Weld metalWide open throttleWound
Weld-through primerWide open throttle switchWound valve
WelderWide ovalsWound valve spring
WeldingWide range gearingWow
Welding clampWide step gearingWrap
Welding hammerWide treadsWraparound
Welding jigWide-nose peen hammerWrapped pin
Welding rodWide-range gearingWrapround
Welding sequenceWide-step gearingWrapround bumper
Welding wireWidgetWrapround bumper
WeldmentWidthWrapround dash design
WellWillWrapround dash design
Well baseWill warrantyWrapround windshield
Well depthWills Sainte ClaireWrapround windshield
Well-base rimWilly weaverWrecker
Well-base wheelWillysWrench
WetWilson gearboxWrinkling
Wet boiling pointWinchWrist pin
Wet bulbWindWrist pin circlip
Wet bulb hygrometerWind deflectorWrist pin end
Wet bulb temperatureWind dragWrite off
Wet cell batteryWind trainerWrite-off
Wet clutchWind tunnelWriter
Wet frictionWind tunnel ground planeWritten off
Wet galvanizingWind wingWTO
Wet gripWind-up windowWW
Wet heatWindage trayWWW
Wet linerWindchill 
Wet manifoldWinder 

Total number of terms starting with W: 475


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