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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


M+SMechanic installed marketMode door
M+S tireMechanic's creeperModel
M.V.Mechanic's elbowModel designation
M/C solenoidMechanic's stethoscopeModel line
M/TMechanical advanceModel name
MACMechanical brakeModel year
MachineMechanical brakesModifications
Machine roomMechanical cycleModifier
Machine screwMechanical efficiencyMods
Machined surfaceMechanical face sealModular air strut
Machinery spacesMechanical galvanizingModulated
MachiningMechanical ignition timingModulated EGR
Machinists' caliperMechanical platingModulated valve
Machinists' hammerMechanical sealModulating
MacPherson strutMechanical stressModulating refrigeration cycle
MacPherson strut towerMechanical surface treatmentModulation
MacPherson suspensionMechanics lienModulator
MacromolecularMechanismModulator pressure
MacromoleculeMECPModulator valve
MAFTSMediumModulus in shear
MAGMedium carbonMoisture indicator
MagMedium-duty truckMold
Mag alloyMegajouleMold loft
Mag wheelMegohmMold shrinkage
Magnesium wheelMelting pointMolded
MagnetMEMAMolded beam
Magnet sensorMemberMolded depth
Magnetic clutchMember of the gear trainMolded part
Magnetic coreMembraneMolded seat
Magnetic drain plugMemoryMolding
Magnetic fieldMemory buttonMolding compound
Magnetic fluxMEPMolding machine
Magnetic gasketMERAMolding material
Magnetic north poleMercedesMole grips
Magnetic pick-upMercedes-BenzMole wrench
Magnetic pick-up assemblyMercerMolecular weight
Magnetic pick-up toolMercoid bulbMolecule
Magnetic plugMercosurMollier's diagram
Magnetic screwdriverMercuryMoly
Magnetic south poleMercury columnMoly ring
Magnetically controlled electronic ignitionMercury switchMolybdenum
MagnetismMerkurMolybdenum piston ring
MagnetizedMeshMoment of inertia
MagnetoMesh gearboxMomentum
Magneto fileMeshing driveMON
Magneto ignitionMeshing springMonel metal
Magneto pullerMessage centerMoney factor
MagsMetMoney metal
Main barMetacentric heightMonkey wrench
Main beamMetalMono-Jetronic
Main beam indicatorMetal blankMonobloc
Main bearing supportMetal brake padMonobloc casting
Main bearing supportsMetal catalystMonobloc construction
Main bearingsMetal clampMonoblock
Main bearingsMetal conditionerMonochlorodifluoromethane
Main bowMetal cutterMonocoque
Main combustion chamberMetal fatigueMonodex-type cutter
Main deckMetal folderMonolith
Main jetMetal formingMonolithic converter
Main memberMetal inert gas weldingMonolithic substrate
Main metering circuitMetal meshMonomer
Main mixing wellMetal monolithMonotube damper
Main mixture discharge nozzleMetal remainsMonotube shock absorber
Main petalMetal rollerMonoxide
Main pressureMetal shaftsMonroney sticker
Main regulating systemMetal shearsMonster
Main shaftMetal sprayingMonte Carlo
Main sun visorMetal supportMonthly payment
Main triangleMetal-arcMoon key
Main venturiMetal-arc weldingMooring
Main wellMetallicMooring line
Main-well tubeMetallic drive screwMopar
Mainline pressureMetallic finishMoped
MainsMetallic paintMoquette
Maintenance manualMetallographic examinationMorris
Maintenance-freeMetalworkingMorris Garages
Maintenance-free batteryMetalworking spoonMost-Favoured-Nation Treatment
Major diameterMETCMOT
MakeMeterMOT certificate
Make the trip?Metering jetMOT test
Male endMetering orificeMothball
Male threadMetering portMotion
MalfunctionMetering rodMotion shaft
Malfunction indicator lightMetering signalMotocross
Malleable castingsMetering slitsMotor
MalletMetering unitMotor burnout
ManMetering valveMotor car
Management systemMethacrylateMotor caravan
MandrelMethanolMotor city
ManeuverMethyl alcoholMotor control
ManeuverabilityMethylated spiritsMotor grader
ManganeseMethylcyclopentadienyl Manganese TricarbonylMotor insurance
Manganese bronzeMetreMotor mechanic
Manganese phosphate coatingMetric centuryMotor mount
Manganese TricarbonylMetric horsepowerMotor mounts
ManhattanMetric sizeMotor octane number
ManifoldMetric systemMotor oil
Manifold absolute pressureMetric threadMotor pump
Manifold absolute pressure sensorMetro drivingMotor scooter
Manifold air temperature sensorMEWAMotor starter
Manifold charge temperature sensorMFMotor stator
Manifold control valveMF headlightMotor vehicle
Manifold gauge setMFNMotor Vehicle Safety Act
Manifold heat control valveMGMotor wheel type
Manifold heaterMICMotor, capacitor
Manifold pressure controlledMichelin "X"Motor, four-pole
Manifold pressure sensorMickey mouseMotor, two-pole
Manifold runnersMicroMotorbike
Manifold vacuumMicro finishMotorcycle
Manifold vacuum sensorMicro oil filterMotorhome
Manifold, serviceMicrobial corrosionMotorist
ManoeuvreMicrofaradMotorsports Association
ManometerMicrogalvanic cellMotorway
Manual adjusterMicrometreMottling
Manual chokeMicronMould
Manual frost controlMicron gaugeMould shrinkage
Manual gearboxMicrophoneMouldability
Manual panel cutterMicroprocessorMoulded part
Manual steeringMicroprocessor control unitMoulding
Manual transmissionMicroprocessor spark timing systemMoulding material
Manual valveMid-engineMoulton Hydragas suspension
Manual versionMid-engine chassis configurationMoulton Hydrolastic suspension
Manual-crank windowMid-rangeMount
Manually operated windowMid-size carMountain bike
ManufacturerMidbedMountain tire
Manufacturer discountsMiddle bodyMountain wheel
Manufacturer's performance ratingsMidrange torqueMounted speaker
Manufacturer's suggested retail priceMidship sectionMounting
ManufacturingMIGMounting bolt
MAPMIG weldingMounting box
MapMIG weldingMounting face
Map lightMigrateMounting flange
MAP sensorMikeMounting frame
Map-controlled ignitionMILMounting panel
Mapped ignitionMild steelMove off
MappingMile markersMovement
MaquilaMileageMoving contact
MaquiladoraMileage allowanceMPC
MarblingMileage counterMPFI
MarginMileage tireMpg
Margin bracketMileometerMph
Margin lineMiles per hourMPI
MarkMilestone Car SocietyMPV
Mark sensorMilestone carsMR2
Mark-upMillMS oil
Marker lampMilled glass fiberMSRP
Marker lightMiller cycleMss point
Market shareMilliammeterMTB
Market VehiclesMilliampereMud and snow
MarkingMilligramMud and snow tire
MarksMilliliterMud flap
Marles steeringMillilitreMudflap
MarqueeMilling cutterMuffler, compressor
MartinMilling machineMullion
MascotMillsaw fileMullion heater
MasherMin/max governorMultec system
MaskMineral oilMulti-cut file
Masking tapeMinervaMulti-disc
Mass airflow meterMini catalytic converterMulti-focal
Mass damperMini spare wheelMulti-focal headlight
Mass toneMini tube cutterMulti-function control stalk
Mass transit systemMini-grinderMulti-hole nozzle
Mass-produced carMini-motorhomeMulti-inlet pump
MastMiniature offset open-end wrenchMulti-link independent rear suspension
MasterMinibusMulti-link rear suspension
Master brake cylinderMinicarMulti-piece rim
Master con rodMiniframeMulti-plate clutch
Master cylinderMiniliteMulti-point fuel injection
Master linkMinilite alloy wheelMulti-point injection
Master modelMinimum stable signalMulti-port injection
Master patternMinivanMulti-purpose file
Master switchMinlonMulti-reed cage
Master vacMinor diameterMulti-spark coil
Master vac servo unitMint conditionMulti-spark ignition coil
Masthead lightMirrorMulti-stage pump
MasticMirror controlMulti-storey car park
Mastic seam sealantMisalignmentMulti-suction pump
MasticationMiscibilityMulti-viscosity oil
MatMisfireMulti-viscosity oils
MAT sensorMisfiringMulticon connector system
MatchedMissMultigrade oil
MatchingMissingMultigrip pliers
MateMistMultileaf spring
MaterialMist actionMultilink suspension
Material safety data sheetsMist coatMultiplate clutch
MatingMistingMultiple disc
Mating gearsMitsubishiMultiple disc clutch
Mating surfaceMix air capMultiple stage compressor
Mating threadMix-masterMultiple system
MatrixMixed-flow impellerMultiple-disc limited-slip differential
MattMixed-flow pumpMultiple-plate clutch
MatterMixing chamberMultiple-point injection
MaximaMixing headMultiple-spark coil
Maximum brake powerMixing rollsMultiple-spark ignition coil
Maximum powerMixte frameMultiplex technology
Maximum trailer weightMixtureMultipurpose ship
MaybachMixture adjustment screwMultiweight
MaysMixture control knobMuntz
MazdaMixture control screwMural
Mazda RXMixture control solenoidMush pot
McFarlanMixture control unitMushroom tappet
McPherson strutMixture discharge nozzleMushroom valve
MCTMixture screwMushroom-shaped dolly
MCUMixture volumeMustang
MCVML oilMuting
MeanMmMutual inductance
Mean distance to the sunMM oilMV
Mean effective pressureMMTMVAN
Mean indicated pressureMobile homeMVMA
MeasuringMobile phoneMVSA
Measuring methodMobile two-way radioMX
Measuring techniqueMock-upMY
Measuring toolMod 

Total number of terms starting with M: 676


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