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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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O ringOil warningOunce inches
O-ringOil warning lightOut of round
O-ring chainsOil wayOut of true
O/sOil, refrigerationOut of tune
O2 sensorOil-combination splash and pressure systemOut-Of-Pocket Cost
O3Oil-full pressure systemOut-rigger
OACOil-immersed clutchOutboard
OAG weldingOil-MLOutboard contre pente
OBDOil-MMOutboard flat hump
OBDIIOil-MSOutboard flat pente
ObjectivesOil-splash systemOutboard motor
Oblique crash testOilerOutboard round hump
OBOOilheadsOutdoor temperature gauge
OBO shipOiling splash systemOuter bulb
OBROOld-stockOuter cap nut
ObsolescenceOldsmobileOuter dead center
Obstruction wrenchOldsmobile 88Outer diameter
OCOldsmobile CieraOuter electrode
Ocean liner blast hornOldsmobile OmegaOuter envelope
Octagon nutOldsmobile OmegaOuter headlight
Octagonal boltOldsmobile ToronadoOuter sill
Octagonal head boltOleopneumatic suspensionOuter terminal
OctaneONOuter tower
Octane numberOn board diagnosticsOuter wrap
Octane ratingOn boostOutlast®
Octyl alcohol-ethyl hexanolOn the sideOutlet
ODOn-board computerOutlet pipe
OdometerOn-board diagnostic systemOutlet side
OdorOn-car balanceOutlet valve
OEOn-center feelOutline
OEMOn-line paintingOutput driver
Off colorOn-the-car balancingOutput shaft
Off cycleOn-the-dolly panel beatingOutput speed
Off shadeOn-the-road chargesOutrigger
Off-boostOn/off delayOutside caliper
Off-car balanceOneOutside calipers
Off-highway vehicleOne eyed monsterOutside corner weld
Off-idle discharge portsOne offOutside diameter
Off-leaseOne price sellingOutside spring caliper
Off-lineOne way clutchOutside temperature gauge
Off-line paintingOne-coat finishOval piston
Off-road tireOne-groove trackOval track
Off-road vehicleOne-offOvals
Off-the-car balancingOne-piece rimOven
Off-the-dolly panel beatingOne-piece rim designationOver inflation
Offer upOne-piece wheelOver square engine
OffsetOne-wayOver your shoulder
Offset angleOne-way clutchOverall gear ratio
Offset crankshaftOne-way valveOverall length
Offset dishONOOverall ratio
Offset handleOpacimeterOverall repainting
Offset linkOpacityOverall rim diameter
Offset open-end wrenchOpelOveraxle pipe
Offset screwdriverOpen bathOverbore
Offset steeringOpen carOvercapacity
Offset twinOpen circuitOvercharge
Offset wrenchOpen coil glow plugOvercure
OffsideOpen compressorOverdrive
OHCOpen cradle frameOverdrive transmission
OhmOpen differentialOverflow
Ohm's lawOpen display caseOverflow hose
OhmmeterOpen element glow plugOverflow pipe
OHVOpen end leaseOverhang
OHV engineOpen end wrenchOverhaul
OICAOpen face helmetOverhead cam
OilOpen frameOverhead cam engine
Oil additiveOpen loopOverhead camshaft
Oil and water extractorOpen loop modeOverhead position
Oil bath air cleanerOpen loop systemOverhead valve engine
Oil bath suspensionOpen registryOverhead valves
Oil bindingOpen systemOverheat
Oil bleed lineOpen throttleOverinflated tire
Oil bleed passageOpen tourerOverlap
Oil breatherOpen type compressorOverlay
Oil breather pipeOpen type systemOverlay paint
Oil burnerOpen-classOverlay sprocket
Oil canOpen-deck designOverload
Oil changeOpen-endOverload protector
Oil circulationOpen-end wrenchOverload spring
Oil consumptionOpen-ended wrenchOverrev
Oil controlOpen-loopOverride button
Oil control orifice valveOpen-loop catalytic converterOverrider
Oil control ringOpen-loop fuel controlOverrun
Oil coolerOpening angleOverrun control valve
Oil cooler bypass valveOpening cam/rockerOverrun cut-off/shut-off
Oil dipstickOpeningsOverrunning clutch
Oil drain plugOpensOverrunning clutch starter
Oil drain valveOpera lightOverrunning clutch starter drive
Oil ductOpera windowOverrunning coupling
Oil filler capOperated absoluteOversize
Oil filterOperated windowOversize piston
Oil filter bypassOperating costsOversize valve guide
Oil filter bypass valveOperating pistonOverspray
Oil filter cartridgeOperating pressureOversquare
Oil filter holeOperating profitOversteer
Oil filter housingOperationOvertake
Oil filter wrenchOperational testOvertaking
Oil flagOpportunity costOverthin
Oil full pressure systemOpposed engineOvertime
Oil gageOpposite lockOwner
Oil galleryOptOwner's handbook
Oil gaugeOptical checkOwner's manual
Oil gradeOpticsOxalic acid
Oil grooveOptimizeOxidation
Oil levelOptionOxidation catalyst
Oil level gaugeOptional equipmentOxide
Oil level sensorOptionsOxide film
Oil level warning lightOPUSOxide layer
Oil lubricationOrange peelOxide skin
Oil panOrbital sanderOxide system
Oil pan drain plugOrderOxides
Oil pan gasketOre carrierOxides of nitrogen
Oil pan guardOre-bulk-oil carrierOxidize
Oil passageOrganicOxidizer
Oil pick-upOrganic liningsOxidizing
Oil pick-up pipeOrganization for Economic Co-operation and DevelopmentOxidizing agent
Oil pressureOrientationOxidizing catalyst
Oil pressure gageOrificeOxidizing converter
Oil pressure gaugeOrifice spark advance controlOxidizing flame
Oil pressure safety cutoutOrifice tubeOxy acetylene gas welding
Oil pressure sensorOrifice valveOxyacetylene welding
Oil pressure switchOrigOxygen
Oil pressure warning lightOriginal conditionOxygen acetylene cutting
Oil pumpOriginal equipmentOxygen corrosion
Oil pump strainerOriginal finishOxygen cylinder
Oil pumpingOrphan bikesOxygen regulator
Oil railOSACOxygen sensor
Oil ringOSCAOxygen sensor system thermo-switch
Oil screenOscillateOxygen-acetylene welding
Oil sealOscillating actionOxygen-hydrogen flame
Oil sensorOscillating pick-up ignition systemOxygen-LP gas flame
Oil separatorOscillationOxygenated gasoline
Oil slingerOscilloscopeOxygenated gasolines
Oil sludgeOSDOxygenates
Oil splash systemOSHAOxyhydrogen gas
Oil sumpOtgOzone
Oil tankerOTROzone checking
Oil temperature gaugeOtto cycleOzone compound
Oil thermal vacuum switchOTVS 
Oil trapOunce 

Total number of terms starting with O: 421


Car Insurance FAQs #4

The appraiser who took care of my claim said I would be responsible for paying the deductible. What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of a claim you agreed to pay when you purchased your insurance policy. The deductible could be applied each time you have a claim on your auto policy.

How do I decide the amount of my deductible?