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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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IIn-line pumpInspection lot
I headInbedabilityInspection mirror
I head engineInboardInspection pit
I&C systemsInboard brakeInstall
I-beamInboard brakesInstallation
I-beam axleInboard motorInstalled height
I-beam suspensionInboard starterInstalled market
I-headInches of mercuryInstaller
I-head engineIncipient crackInstant spare
IACInclInstitute of the Motor Industry
IASCAInclineInstrument cluster
ICInclined engineInstrument panel
IC engineInclined planeInstruments and controls
IceIncluded angleInsulating cap
Ice cream cabinetInclusionsInsulating tape
Ice melting equivalentIncomplete threadInsulation
Ice scraperIncreased shankInsulation, electric
ICEIIncreasing adapterInsulation, thermal
IcerIncreasing-radius cornerInsulator
IcingIndentationInsulator nose
Icing switchIndentation hardnessInsulator tip
IDIndependent front suspensionInsurance
Ideal air-fuel ratioIndependent lessorInsurance premium
Identical partIndependent rear suspensionInt
IdentificationIndependent repair shopIntake
Identification colorIndependent suspensionIntake cam
Identification numberIndexIntake camshaft
Identification plateIndex improverIntake charge
IDIIndex shifterIntake configuration
Idiot boxIndex shiftersIntake manifold
Idiot lightIndicated horsepowerIntake manifold heater
Idiot lightsIndicated mean effective pressureIntake over exhaust engine
IdleIndicated pressureIntake pipe
Idle air bleed screwIndicatorIntake plenum
Idle air control valveIndicator diagramIntake port
Idle air jetIndicator lampIntake stroke
Idle camIndicator lightIntake tract
Idle channel restrictionIndicator warning lightIntake valve
Idle circuitIndirect injectionIntake valve closes
Idle discharge holeIndirect injection engineIntake valve opens
Idle feed restrictionIndirect‘bmageIntegral
Idle jetIndiumIntegral alternator/regulator
Idle limiterInduceIntegral backpressure transducer EGR valve
Idle limiter capInduce a voltageIntegral body and frame construction
Idle mixtureInduced magnetismIntegral color anodizing
Idle mixture adjustment screwInducerIntegral equipment
Idle mixture screwInductanceIntegral fuel filter
Idle orificeInductionIntegral molded seat
Idle screwInduction coilIntegral part of
Idle solenoidInduction hardeningIntegral-type power assisted steering
Idle speedInduction manifoldIntegral-type power steering
Idle speed actuatorInduction motorIntegrated child safety seat
Idle speed adjustmentInduction noiseIntegrated child seat
Idle speed controlInduction periodIntegrated circuit
Idle speed control motorInduction pipeIntegrated circuit board
Idle speed screwInduction podIntegrated Direct Ignition System
Idle speed stabilizerInduction strokeIntegrated roll cage
Idle stop solenoidInduction systemIntegrated safety belts
Idle stop valveInduction system intake configurationIntegrated system
Idle systemInduction timingIntel-plate
Idle tracking switchInductive ignition systemIntellectual property rights
Idle transfer portInductive pick-upIntensify
Idle transfer slotInductive pulse generatorIntensity
Idle vacuum valveInductive pulse pick-upInter-axle differential
IdlerInductive reactanceInter-cell link
Idler armInductive windingInteractive wishbone
Idler gearInductorIntercell connector
Idler pulleyIndustrial ClassificationInterchangeable head torque wrench
IdlingIndustrial solidInterchannel competition
Idling circuitIndustrial tireIntercoastal
Idling dragIndustrie NormenIntercoat adhesion failure
Idling speedIndustryIntercooler
IFSInert arc weldingIntercostal
IgniteInert gas systemIntercrystalline corrosion
IgniterInert gas-arc weldingInterest
IgnitionInertiaInterest rate
Ignition advanceInertia driveInterference
Ignition amplifierInertia fuel cut-off switchInterference drag
Ignition angleInertia pinionInterference fit
Ignition cableInertia reelIntergranular corrosion
Ignition capacitorInertia reel seat beltInterior
Ignition circuitsInfant safety seatInterior light
Ignition coilInfiltrationInterior light switch
Ignition coil resistorInfinitely variable transmissionInterior mirror
Ignition control unitInflammableInterior noise level
Ignition delayInflatable air-bag systemInterior payload
Ignition disablerInflatable restraintInterior trim
Ignition distributorInflateInterleaf friction
Ignition engineInflationInterlock
Ignition fileInflation control seamIntermediary
Ignition gaugeInflation pressureIntermediate
Ignition keyInflation tableIntermediate car
Ignition lagInflatorIntermediate coat
Ignition leadInflator unitIntermediate drive plate
Ignition mapInformation centersIntermediate gear
Ignition moduleInfraredIntermediate hold
Ignition oscilloscopeInfrared analyzerIntermediate plate
Ignition patternInfrared lampIntermediate rim taper
Ignition pointInfrared radiant drierIntermediate rod
Ignition point fileInfrared raysIntermediate shaft
Ignition pointsInfrared remote controlIntermetallic compound
Ignition retardIngressIntermittent
Ignition settingInhibitIntermittent cycle
Ignition switchInhibitorIntermittent fault
Ignition systemInhibitor switchIntermittent weld
Ignition temperatureInhibitor valveIntermittent wiper control
Ignition timingInjectInternal bowl vent
Ignition toolkitInjected engineInternal circlip pliers
Ignition transformerInjectionInternal combustion engine
Ignition transistorInjection engineInternal damage
Ignition voltageInjection fuelInternal diameter
Ignition wrenchInjection lagInternal gear
Ignition-latched soft codeInjection manifoldInternal gear pump
Ignition-timing controlInjection moldingInternal micrometer
Ignitor, ceramicInjection molding machineInternal mix air cap
IHPInjection mouldingInternal resistance
IHRAInjection periodInternal thread
IICCInjection pressureInternal vane pump
IlluminatedInjection pumpInternational load line certificate
Illuminated entry systemInjection pump governorInternational Motorsports Association
Illumination controlInjection reactionInternational Standards Organization
IlluminiteInjection systemInternational tonnage certificate
ImbalanceInjection-moldedInternational waterways
IMCOInjectorInternationale de l'Automobile
IMEPInjector nozzleInternationale du Sport Automobile
IMIInjector opening pressureInterplate
ImmerseInjector valveInterrupter
Immersion treatmentInjuryInterruptor
ImmobileInlet camIntersection
ImmobilizeInlet camshaftInterstate commerce commission
ImmobilizerInlet lineInterval
ImpactInlet manifoldInterval operation
Impact absorberInlet manifold heaterIntrachannel competition
Impact adhesiveInlet over exhaustIntracoastal
Impact air bagInlet over exhaust engineIntrusion
Impact barInlet pipeIntrusion beam
Impact breakInlet portInventories
Impact cushionInlet strokeInverted telescopic forks
Impact damageInlet tractInvicta
Impact driverInlet valveInvisible glove
Impact dummyInlet valve closesInvitations
Impact intrusion beamInlet valve opensInvoice
Impact pipeInline compressorIOE
Impact resistance testInline engineIOE engine
Impact screwdriverInline fuel filterIon
Impact sensorInline fuel heaterIonic-current measuring method
Impact socketInline sixIonic-current measuring technique
Impact standardInline threeIPR
Impact strengthInner attachment faceIR drop
Impact stressInner cap nutIR remote control
Impact swivel ball universal jointInner coneIridescent
Impact testInner cylinderIron
Impact wrenchInner dead centerIron Butt Rally
Impact-resistantInner fender panelsIron core
ImpedanceInner headlightIRS
ImpellerInner linerIRTE
Impeller eyeInner mounting faceISC
Impeller pumpInner raceISC motor
ImperialInner sillISDT
Imperial gallonInner tubeIsland
Imperial phaetonInnerspring seatISO
Imperial sedanInnova®Iso-octane
ImperviousInputIsolate the battery
ImportInput shaftIsolation
Import Measures ActInput variableIsolator
Import nameplateInsertIsothermal
ImporterInsert bearingIsothermal expansion and contraction
ImproverInsert socketIsotta-Fraschini
IMSAInsert tapIsuzu
In moldedInside caliperItala
In the grassInside calipersITS
In-car entertainmentInside corner weldIVC
In-car sensorInside diameterIVO
In-dash gaugeInside pry spoonIVT
In-lineInside spring caliperIVV
In-line engineInsolationIzod method
In-line fuel filterInspectionIzod test
In-line power steeringInspection lamp 

Total number of terms starting with I: 545


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