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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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TThrottle shaftTrailing brake shoe
T bar roofThrottle solenoidTrailing edge
T BoneThrottle spindleTrailing link
T FordThrottle stop solenoidTrailing link suspension
T headThrottle valveTrailing shoe
T head engineThrottle valve switchTrailing throttle
T intersectionThrottlingTrain
T-barThrottling valveTrain station
T-BoneThroughTrain weight
T-bonedThrough boltTrainer
T-connectorThrough ventilationTram
T-cutThrowTram gauge
T-handle shifterThrow-out bearingTramline
T-handle socketThrow-out forkTramlining
T-head engineThrowing a rodTramway
T-slotThrowout bearingTrans
T.E.U.Throwout forkTransaxle
T/glassThrowout leverTransceiver
TABThrust bearingTransducer EGR
Tab washerThrust beltTransducer EGR valve
TableThrust plateTransfer
TACThrust washerTransfer box
TAC systemThrustersTransfer case
TachThumb nutTransfer molding
TachoThumbscrewTransfer moulding
TachographThumbwheelTransfer passage
TachometerThumperTransfer plate
TackThunderbirdTransfer port
Tack clothThyristorTransfer port cover
Tack coatThyristor ignitionTransfer ports
Tack hammerTITransfer pump
Tack ragTI-BTransference
Tack rangeTI-HTransformer
Tack stripTI-ITransformer-rectifier
Tack weldTICTransistor
Tack weldingTick overTransistor ignition
TackinessTick-overTransistorized coil ignition
TackingTicketTransistorized coil ignition with Hall sensor
TacoTicklerTransistorized ignition
TADTie rodTransistorized ignition with Hall generator
TailTie rod armTransistorized ignition with inductive pick-up
Tail finTie rod endTransistorized ignition with inductive pulse generator
Tail heavyTie rod endsTransistorized ignition with magnetic pick-up
Tail lampTie rod pullerTransit
Tail liftTie rod separatorTransit system
Tail lightTie-downTransmission
Tail light boxTie-down systemTransmission adapter
Tail light panelTier 1 SupplierTransmission control
Tail light surroundTier 2 SupplierTransmission control module
Tail pipeTier 3 SupplierTransmission control system
TailboardTier growthTransmission controlled spark
TailgateTIGTransmission cover
TailgatingTIG weldingTransmission extension housing
Tailpipe expanderTIG weldingTransmission fluid
TailshaftTightTransmission governor
TakeTijuana taxiTransmission housing
Take foot off the acceleratorTile setter hammerTransmission input shaft
Take foot off the gas pedalTiltTransmission output shaft
Take foot off the throttle pedalTilt columnTransmission shifter
Take offTilt steering wheelTransmission tunnel
Take upTilt/slide sunroofTransmission, automatic
Take-upTimeTransmission, conventional
Take-up pointTime delay relayTransmission, standard
Take-up valveTime valveTransmitter
TalbotTimed fuel injectionTransom
Talbot LagoTimed injectionTransom beam
TalcTimerTransom frame
Talking warning systemTimer coreTransom stern
Tampering detectorTimingTransporter
Tamperproof carburetorTiming beltTransverse arm
TandemTiming belt pulleyTransverse cable
Tandem axleTiming belt tensionerTransverse engine
Tandem axlesTiming chainTransverse flow scavenging
Tandem driveTiming controlTransverse leaf spring
Tandem master cylinderTiming diagramTransverse link
TangTiming gearTransverse mount
Tangential-flow scavengingTiming gearsTransverse rod
TankTiming lightTrap
Tank bagTiming markTrap oxidizer
Tank bibTiming marksTrapped volume
Tank chapTiming rotorTrapping efficiency
Tank senderTiming shaftTraps
Tank, supplyTiming systemTrauma fee
Tank-bargeTiming valveTravel
TankerTiming windowTravel trailer
Tanker truckTimken bearingTray
TanktopTimken roller bearingTray table
TapTin canTread
Tap and die setTin immersion treatmentTread bar
Tap holderTin LizzieTread block
Tap ratchetTin snipsTread depth
Tap spannerTinmen's shearsTread depth gauge
Tap wrenchTinner's hammerTread gauge
TapeTinners snipsTread groove
Tape weightTinningTread pattern
TaperTintTread pattern percentage
Taper cutterTint toneTread profile
Taper leaf springTinted glassTread rib
Taper pinTinted windowsTread roller
Taper seatTintsTread rubber
Taper-breaking toolTipTread separation
Tapered compression ringTipperTread squirm
Tapered leaf springTireTread wear indicator
Tapered punchTire agingTread wear indicators
Tapered roller bearingTire balanceTread-wear indicator
TappetTire beadTread-wear indicators
Tappet adjusting screwTire bead lockTreatment
Tappet gasketTire bodyTree
Tappet noiseTire carrierTri bars
Tappet wrenchTire casingTri pin
TappingTire chainsTri-drive
Tapping plateTire clearanceTri-oval track
TarTire contact areaTriac
Tar removerTire contact zoneTrial
Tare weightTire deviation angleTrials
TargaTire dimensionsTriangle
Targa barTire dressingTriangle split system
Targa topTire gageTriangle-split system
TariffTire gaugeTriangular ground electrode
Tariffs and TradeTire ironTriangular safety reflector
TarnishTire jackTriangulation
TatraTire kickerTriathlon tire
TaurusTire leverTriathlon wheel
TaxTire paintTricar
Tax discTire pliesTricarbonyl
TaxiTire plyTrichlorethene
Taxi rankTire pressureTrichlorethylene
Taxi standTire pressure gaugeTrichlorotrifluoroethane
TaxicabTire pumpTrick
TbTire roll-offTrickle charge
TBITire rotationTrickle charger
TCTire scuffTricycle
TC spark plugTire sidewallTriflex
TCITire size designationTrigger box
TCI-HTire Size MarkingsTrigger wheel
TCMTire slipTriggering device
TCSTire slip angleTriggering unit
TD rimTire spreaderTrike
TD wheelTire squealTrim
TDCTire storeTrim emblem
TDITire systemTrim level
TETire treadTrim panel
TearTire tread gaugeTrim panel release tool
Tear it downTire unbalanceTrim rim
Tear seamTire valveTrimaran
TECTire wearTrip computer
TechnicalTire widthTrip meter
TechniqueTire, mountainTrip mileage counter
TechnologyTire, roadTrip odometer
TeethTire, triathlonTrip recorder
TELTMLTriple clamp
TeleTMPHTriple point
Telelever systemToeTriple tree
TelephoneToe clip pedalsTriplex chain
Telescopic forksToe control linkTripod jack
Telescopic shock absorberToe dollyTripod joint
Telescopic steering columnToe inTripping bracket
Telescoping steering wheelToe of weldTriumph
Tempa spareToe outTrk
Tempa spare wheelToe out on turnsTrolley jack
TemperToe steerTrolleybus
Temper rollingToe wearTroposphere
TemperatureToe-inTrouble code
Temperature activityToe-in angleTrouble-shooting light
Temperature compensatorToe-outTroubleshooting
Temperature controlToe-out on turnsTrough
Temperature control elementToeboardTroy ounce
Temperature dialToggle switchTroy weight
Temperature foulingToiletTruarc retaining ring
Temperature gageToleranceTruck
Temperature gaugeTollTruck camper
Temperature of deflection under loadToll roadTruck tractor
Temperature phosphatingToll stickerTruck, refrigerated
Temperature sensing bulbTomasoPanteraTrucker slang
Temperature sensorTommy barTrue
Temperature switchTonTrue up
Temperature vacuum switchTon mile per hourTruing
Temperature valveTon of refrigerationTrumpet
Temperature vulcanizingTon refrigeration unitTrunion
Temperature vulcanizing sealerToneTrunk
Temperature-humidity indexTone ringTrunk handle
Temperature-measuring spark plugTone wheelTrunk lid
Tempered glassTongsTrunk model
TemplateTongue weightTrunk rack
TempoTonnageTrunk spoiler
Temporary spare tireTonnage certificateTT
Temporary spare wheelTonnage deadweightTub
TenTonnage grossTube
TenderTonnage netTube axle
Tensile forceTonnage openingsTube bender
Tensile strengthTonneauTube butyl
TensionTonneau coverTube cutter
Tension leadToolTube drive
TensionerTool weldingTube frame
Tensioning springToolingTube latex
TercelToolkitTube, constricted
Term interest rateTooth heelTubeless
TerminalTooth pliersTubeless tire
Terminal blockTooth toeTubeless tires
Terminal postToothed beltTubing
Terminal reamerToothed signal rotorTubing reamer
Terminal towerTopTubular
Terminal voltageTop capTubular backbone frame
TerminationTop carriersTubular frame
TerrainTop caseTubular nut driver
Terrain bikeTop chopTubular tire
Terrain tireTop coatTucker
Terrain vehicleTop coat drierTucking
TestTop coat ovenTudor
Test barTop dead centerTuft
Test current for low temperaturesTop electrodeTug
Test cycleTop endTumblehome
Test driveTop end gasket kitTumbling
Test dummyTop end speedTune
Test equipmentTop feed gunTune up
Test headTop gearTune up kit
Test lampTop hat sectionTune-up
Test lightTop landTune-up kit
Test methodTop offTuned exhaust
Test pilotTop ring groove insertTuned for economy
Test portTop speedTuned header
Test ProcedureTop tintsTuned port injection
Test section of wind tunnelTop tubeTuner
Test-bedTop upTungsten
Test-driveTop up the batteryTungsten inert gas welding
TestarosaTop-of-the-line modelTungsten-arc
TesterTop-of-the-range modelTungsten-arc welding
TestingToppersTungsten-halogen bulb
Tether kill switchTorchTuning
TetrachlorideToronadoTuning system
Tetraethyl leadTorpedoTuning the exhaust
Tetramethyl leadTorpedo bodyTunnel
TFITorqueTunnel drier
TFTTorque armTunnel furnace
THCTorque converterTunnelling
TheftTorque converter drive plateTurbine
Theft protectionTorque converter housingTurbine casing
Theft systemTorque converter lock-up clutchTurbine engine
ThermTorque curveTurbine housing
Therma FleeceTorque limiterTurbine wheel
ThermacTorque multiplicationTurbo
ThermactorTorque plateTurbo charger
Thermactor air bypass solenoidTorque ratioTurbo gauge
Thermactor air control solenoid vacuum valve assemblyTorque rodsTurbo lag
Thermactor air control valveTorque screwdriverTurbo-diesel
Thermactor air diverter solenoidTorque sensitive limited slip differentialTurbo-supercharger
Thermactor exhaust control systemTorque splitTurbocharged engine
Thermactor IITorque steerTurbocharger
ThermalTorque tubeTurbocharging
Thermal conductionTorque tube axleTurbulence
Thermal convectionTorque tube driveTurismo
Thermal deteriorationTorque wrenchTurn
Thermal efficiencyTorque, full loadTurn a lap
Thermal equilibriumTorque, startingTurn into the skid
Thermal headTorqueyTurn over
Thermal ignition controlTorquingTurn signal
Thermal inertiaTorsen differentialTurn signal indicator
Thermal insulationTorsen four-wheel driveTurn-in
Thermal limiterTorsionTurn-in rate
Thermal radiationTorsion barTurn-under
Thermal reactorTorsion bar suspensionTurnbuckle
Thermal relayTorsion damperTurner
Thermal responseTorsion springTurning circle
Thermal switchTorsional rigidityTurning over
Thermal time valveTorsional stiffnessTurning radius
Thermal unitTorsional vibrationTurnout
Thermal vacuum switchTorsional vibration damperTurnpike
Thermal vacuum valveTorusTurns
Thermal vent valveTORXTurnup
ThermistorTotal energy managementTurret web
Thermo-switchTotal heatTV rod
Thermo-syphonTotal hydrocarbonsTVR
Thermo-time switchTotal lossTVS
ThermocoupleTotal Out-Of-Pocket CostTVV
Thermocouple spark plugTotal quality managementTWC
Thermocouple thermometerTotal static headTweak
Thermodisk defrost controlTotal-loss lubricationTween deck
Thermoelectric refrigerationTouch upTwelve-cylinder engine
ThermoformingTouch-dryTwelve-valve engine
ThermometerToughened glassTWI
ThermomoduleToughened windshieldTwilight sentinel
ThermoplasticTourerTwin A-arm suspension
Thermoplastic elastomersTouringTwin axle
Thermos bottleTouring bikeTwin barrel carburetor
ThermosettingTouring carTwin cam engine
ThermostatTouring PrototypeTwin camshaft
Thermostatic air cleanerTouring tripleTwin camshaft engine
Thermostatic coil chokeTouring-injectionTwin carburetors
Thermostatic controlTouristTwin diaphragm pump
Thermostatic expansion valveTouristes-routiersTwin exhaust system
Thermostatic interruptorTowTwin fitment
Thermostatic motor controlTow awayTwin front pipe
Thermostatic spring chokeTow away zoneTwin header
Thermostatic switchTow ratingTwin headlight
Thermostatic vacuum switchTowableTwin headpipe
Thermostatic valveTowballTwin I-beam suspension
Thermostatic water valveTowbarTwin ignition
Thermosyphon coolingTowerTwin ignition system
ThermovalveTower jackTwin overhead camshaft
ThermowellTowing ballTwin planets
Thick film integratedTowing bracketTwin plug ignition
ThicknessTowing eyeTwin port
ThiefTowing hitchTwin spark ignition
ThinTowing jawsTwin swirl combustion chamber
Thin needle-nose pliersTowing lugTwin wheel
Thin-wall castingTowing packageTwin-choke carburetor
ThinnerTown carTwin-piston engine
Thinning outTowropeTwin-plate clutch
ThirdToxicityTwin-spar frame
Third brushToyotaTwin-tube damper
Third gearToyota AvalonTwincam
Third handToyota CamryTwins
Third motion shaftToyota CarinaTwist drill
Third port inductionToyota CelicaTwist-beam rear axle
Third scavenging portToyota CorollaTwisted frame
ThixotropicToyota CoronaTwisty bits
Thompson rotovalveToyota CressidaTwo bolt main
ThouToyota CrownTwo plus two
ThrashToyota MR2Two second rule
ThreadToyota PreviaTwo stroke
Thread angleToyota StarletTwo stroke cycle
Thread crestToyota TercelTwo stroke cycle engine
Thread diameterTPCTwo up
Thread fileTPITwo wheeler
Thread gaugeTPPTwo-coat system
Thread heightTPSTwo-cycle engine
Thread insertTQMTwo-door
Thread pitchTRTwo-door club coupe
Thread pitch gaugeTR numberTwo-door coupe
Thread rootTR rimTwo-door fastback
Thread-cutting screwTR-Denioc rimTwo-door hardtop
ThreadedTR-Denioc wheelTwo-door hatchback coupe
Threaded headsetTRATwo-door sedan
Threaded insertTrackTwo-door station wagon
Threaded rodTrack arcTwo-pack filler
Threaded stemTrack barTwo-pack paint
Threadless headsetsTrack control armTwo-piece alloy wheel
Threadless stemTrack rodTwo-piece forged alloy wheel
Three speedTrackingTwo-pole motor
Three way catalytic converterTracking markTwo-speed
Three-chamber systemTractTwo-speed axle
Three-doorTractionTwo-speed gearbox
Three-door hatchback coupeTraction avantTwo-speed transmission
Three-link suspensionTraction barTwo-stage carburetor
Three-phaseTraction control systemTwo-stage pump
Three-piece alloy wheelTraction control, low speedTwo-staged turbo
Three-point seat beltTraction differentialTwo-stroke
Three-port engineTraction engineTwo-stroke cycle
Three-quarter camTraction limited gradeTwo-stroke cycle engine
Three-quarter floating axleTractive conversionTwo-temperature valve
Three-quarter race camshaftTractorTwo-tone horn
Three-speedTractor-trailerTwo-tone paint
Three-speed transmissionTradeTwo-valve engine
Three-valve engineTrade agreementTwo-valve head
Three-way catalystTrade Agreement of the AmericasTwo-way
Three-way catalytic converterTrade OrganizationTwo-way catalyst
Three-way valveTrade-in priceTwo-way catalytic converter
Three-wheelerTrafficTwo-way hammer
ThroatTraffic circleTwo-way radio
Throat depthTraffic islandTwo-way system
Throat of a fillet weldTraffic jamTwo-way valve
ThroatyTraffic lightTwo-wheel ABS
ThrottleTrafficatorTwo-wheel drive
Throttle armTrailTwo-wheel driven
Throttle bodyTrail bikeType
Throttle body fuel injectionTrail brakingType A motorhome
Throttle body injectionTrail distanceType approval certificate
Throttle butterflyTrailerType axle
Throttle enrichmentTrailer towing packageType B motorhome
Throttle gaugeTrailer weightType C motorhome
Throttle pedalTrailer-towing packageType designation
Throttle position sensorTrailingType symbol
Throttle relaxerTrailing armTyre
Throttle return springTrailing axleTyreX

Total number of terms starting with T: 1152


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