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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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RReference mark sensorRing belt
R&DReference pressureRing clamp
R/cReference signalRing end gap
R/seatReference temperatureRing expander
RABSReference voltageRing flutter
RACRefinish systemRing gap
RaceRefinishingRing gear
Race camRefinishing paintRing groove
Race camshaftRefitRing groove cleaner
RacerReflectanceRing groove insert
RacingReflectionRing job
Racing GreenReflectorRing pliers
Racing harnessReformulated gasolineRing ridge
Racing startReformulated gasolinesRing side clearance
RackRefrigerantRing spanner
Rack and pinionRefrigerant chargeRing stop
Rack and pinion gearboxRefrigerant controlRing wrench
Rack and pinion steeringRefrigerant cylinderRing, chrome
Rack galvanizingRefrigerant dyeRing, compression
Rack-and-pinion steeringRefrigerant-12Ring, pinned
RadRefrigerated truckRingbolt
Radar detectorRefrigeration cycleRinglemann scale
RadialRefrigeration oilRings
Radial bearingRefrigeratorRinse
Radial clearanceRefundable depositRinse treatment
Radial commutatorRegalRipping hammer
Radial compressorRegenerative brakingRise
Radial crackingRegisterRiser
Radial discharge nozzleRegistered keeperRiser bars
Radial engineRegistered ownerRiser valve
Radial playRegistered tonsRising rate
Radial plyRegistrationRising rate suspension
Radial runoutRegistration documentRising-rate suspension
Radial shaft sealRegistration numberRivet
Radial tireRegistration plateRivet gun
Radial-flow pumpRegistryRiveted brake lining
Radiant drierRegrindRiveted linings
Radiant heatingRegrooveable tireRiveter
RadiationRegroovingRiveting hammer
RadiatorRegular CabRiviera
Radiator capRegular gasolineRL
Radiator drain cockRegulated proportioning valveRMA
Radiator drain plugRegulatingRO/RO ship
Radiator fanRegulating systemRoad
Radiator fan motorRegulating valveRoad closure
Radiator fill holeRegulation traction control systemRoad course
Radiator grilleRegulatorRoad feel
Radiator grille surroundRegulator valveRoad fund licence
Radiator guardRegulator, voltageRoad hazard
Radiator hoseReinforceRoad hog
Radiator hose shark tooth pliersReinforced filler pasteRoad holding
Radiator pressure capReinforced plasticRoad load horsepower
Radiator support panelReinforced reaction injection moldingRoad rage
Radiator tankReinforcementRoad rash
RadioReinforcement of weldRoad speed
Radio chokeRelative atomic massRoad surfaces
Radio Data SystemRelative humidityRoad tax
Radio frequency interferenceRelayRoad test
Radio/cassette deckRelay leverRoad tire
RadiographRelay rodRoad train
RadiusRelay valveRoad wheel
Radius armReleaseRoad-draft tube
Radius rodRelease agentRoad-test
Radius rodsRelease bearingRoadholding
Radius seatRelease buttonRoadie
RagRelease fingerRoadside turnout
RageRelease fingersRoadster
RagtopRelease leverRoadworthiness
RAIRelease skewerRoadworthy
RailRelease toolRoamer
Rail consoleRelease waxRobertson screw
Rail, shiftReleasing fluidRobot
RailsReliefRobot spraying
RailtonRelief passageRoc Loc
RainRelief valveRochet-Schneider
Rain groovesRelieveRocker
RaisingRelieved shankRocker arm
RakeRelievingRocker arm cover
Rake angleRelineRocker arm shaft
Rake the leavesReluctanceRocker box
RakedReluctorRocker cover
RAMRemainsRocker cover gasket
Ram airRemanufacturingRocker panel
Ram inductionReminderRocker shaft
Ram intake manifoldRemoldRocket
Ram pressureRemoteRocking
RampRemote bulbRocking chair
Ramp-over angleRemote chokeRockwell hardness
RandonnéeRemote controlRod
RandonneurRemote controllerRod arm
Randonneur 5000Remote keyless entryRod bearing
RandonneuringRemote mirrorRod end
Randonneurs MondiauxRemote power element controlRod engine
RandonneuseRemote starter switchRod mounting box
RangeRemote systemRod puller
Range gearboxRemote-control lockingRod separator
Range gearingRemovable rimRod shank
Range reserveRemoverRodding the radiator
Range RoverRenaultRoger beep
Range transmissionReoRohr
RankRepair and Service CouncilRoll angle
Rankine scaleRepair gumRoll axis
RashRepair kitRoll cage
RaspRepair linkRoll center
Rat-tail fileRepair manualRoll coating
RatchetRepair sectionRoll editing
Ratchet adapterRepair shopRoll moment
Ratchet handleRepeater lampRoll oversteer
Ratchet jawReplacement marketRoll pin
Ratchet screwdriverReplacement panelRoll printing
RateReplacement vehicleRoll resistance
Rate manualReplenishing portRoll steer
Rate springRepli-racersRoll steer effect
Rate suspensionReplica panelRoll stiffness
Rated capacityRepmobileRoll test
Rated horsepowerReproRoll understeer
Rated powerReproductionRoll-off
Rated pressureReproduction panelRollbar
Rated voltageRepulsion-start induction motorRolled bead
RatesRequired ignition voltageRolled thread
RatioResearch & developmentRoller bearing
Ratio steeringResearch and Experimental Development ProgramRoller cage
RationalizationResearch octane numberRoller cell pump
RattleReseatRoller chain
Rattle springReservationRoller clutch
RattrapReserveRoller dynamometer
RAVE valveReserve capacityRoller foot lever
Ravigneaux planetary gear setReservoirRoller levelling
Raw exhaust gasReset buttonRoller lifter
Raw rubberReshapingRoller lifters
Raymond-MaysResidualRoller skate
RayonResidual check valveRoller tappet
RaysResidual discountRoller tappets
RDSResidual exhaust gasesRoller-vane pump
RdstrResidual penaltyRollercam brake
Re-metalling the bearingsResidual pressureRollercam brakes
Re-sleeveResidual pressure check valveRollers
ReachResidual pressure valveRolling
ReactanceResidual valueRolling bearing
ReactionResidueRolling circumference
Reaction distanceResilienceRolling friction
Reaction injection moldingResinRolling parking lot
Reaction memberResistRolling radius
Reaction rateResistanceRolling resistance
ReactivateResistance shrinkingRolling road
Reactivation, heatResistance testRolling start
Reactivation, solventResistance thermometerRolling wheel
Reactive suspensionResistance weldingRolls
ReactorResistance, electricalRolls Royce mascot
Reactor one-way clutchResistantRolls-Royce
Real-time four-wheel driveResistor spark plugRON
ReamResleeveRoo bar
RearResource Conservation and Recovery ActRoof box
Rear apronResponseRoof brace
Rear axle crossmemberResprayRoof panel
Rear axle differentialRestRoof pillars
Rear axle housingRest stopRoof rack
Rear axle housing, banjo typeRest-um-upRoof rail
Rear axle housing, split typeRestorationRoof spoiler
Rear axle ratioRestorationitisRoom temperature vulcanizing sealer
Rear bulkheadRestorerRoot
Rear bumper skirtRestraintRoots compressor
Rear cabin pillarRestraint AgreementRoots supercharger
Rear corner panelRestraint inflatable air-bag systemRope
Rear corner valanceRestraint systemRosette weld
Rear deckRestrictorRotary
Rear deck panelRestrictor plateRotary blade compressor
Rear derailleurResumeRotary compressor
Rear differentialResurfacingRotary disc valve
Rear endRetailRotary engine
Rear end liftRetail priceRotary flow
Rear engineRetainerRotary hammer
Rear fenderRetainer pinRotary pump
Rear fog lampRetainer plateRotary valve
Rear fog lightRetainer spring toolRotary vane pump
Rear head restraintsRetaining ringRotate tires
Rear lamp clusterRetardRotating seal ring
Rear license plate lampRetard unitRotation
Rear license plate lightRetardedRotational atomization unit
Rear light surroundRetarderRotator
Rear panelRetractRotax
Rear quarter valanceRetractable aerialRotbox
Rear seat beltRetractable antennaRoto cap
Rear seatsRetractable headlightsRotoflex coupling
Rear setsRetractorRotor
Rear shelfRetractor indicator lampRotor arm
Rear side windowRetreadRotor pump
Rear spoilerRetread shopRotor-type pump
Rear suspensionRetreadingRotovalve
Rear tack stripRetrofitRotowelding
Rear triangleReturnRotten-egg smell
Rear valanceReturn lineRough
Rear wash/wipe systemReturn springRoughening
Rear wheel skirtReturn sweepRoughing stone
Rear wheel spatRevRound
Rear windowRev counterRound file
Rear window heater systemRev limiterRound head bolt
Rear window heatingRev rangeRound hump
Rear window louvresReVereRoundabout
Rear wiperReverseRoundel
Rear-axleReverse biasRoute
Rear-axle splitReverse brake shoeRoutine
Rear-hinged doorReverse clutchRover
Rear-wheel driveReverse cycle defrostRoyal Automobile Club
Rear-wheel drive transaxleReverse Elliot steering knuckleRoyce
Rearview mirrorReverse flushRoyce mascot
Reboard systemReverse gearRPK
ReboreReverse idler gearRPM
ReboundReverse inhibitor valveRpm sensor
Rebound clipReverse lockRRIM
Rebound dampingReverse processRS
Rebound strokeReverse scavengingRTV
RebuildReverse-Elliot type axleRubber
Rebuilt engineReverse-flow scavengingRubber bush
RecapReversed Elliot axleRubber bushing
ReceiverReversed polarityRubber coupling
Receiver extensionReversible gear pullerRubber doughnut coupling
Receiver heating elementReversing lightRubber mallet
Receiver-dehydratorReversing valveRubber plug
Receiver-drierReversing warning signalRubber ring
RecessReversionRubber spring
Recessed spark positionRevolution counterRubber squeegee
RechargeRevolutions per kilometerRubber valve
Rechargeable batteryRevolutions per mileRubber-isolated crossmember
ReciprocatingRevolutions per minuteRubber-mounted
Reciprocating actionRevsRubberize
Reciprocating compressorRevvingRubbing block
Reciprocating engineReynolds numbersRubbing compound
Reciprocating pumpRFIRubbing strip
Reciprocating single piston pumpRFI suppressed spark plugsRudder stock
ReciprocationRHRudder stop
Recirculating ballRHDRudge nut
Recirculating ball and nut steeringRheostatRule
Recirculating ball steeringRhodiumRumble
Recirculating ball worm and nutRhrRumble seat
Recirculating-ball-and-n ut steeringRibRumble strip
Recirculation systemRicardo principleRun channel
Reclaimed rubberRichRun flat
RecognitionRich air-fuel mixtureRun in
ReconRich mixtureRun on
Reconditioned engineRideRun-flat properties
RecorderRide controlRun-flat tire
Recording ammeterRide heightRun-in
Recording thermometerRide levellingRun-on tire
RecoveryRide steerRunabout
Recovery systemRide-height adjusterRunner
Recovery/recycling equipmentRiderRunning
Recreational vehicleRidgeRunning board
Rectangular headlightRiding the clutchRunning fit
Rectangular-section ringRiding two upRunning gear
RectificationRigRunning lights
RectifierRiggedRunning on rails
Rectifier diodeRiggerRunning time
Rectifier packRightRunning winding
Rectifier, electricRight hand threadRunning-fit
RecumbentRight hand turn signalRunning-in
Recuperative coilRight-hand driveRunning-on
RecyclingRight-hand threadRunning-on control valve
Recycling carRightsRunout
Red flagRigidRunout point
Red leadRigid axleRupture
Red lineRigid axle connectionRush-hour traffic
Reduced effectRigidityRust
Reduced shankRileyRust bucket
ReducerRimRust converter
Reducer valveRIMRust eater
Reducing adapterRim bead seatRust inhibitor
Reducing agentRim bead seat taperRust inspection
Reducing catalystRim brakeRust killer
Reducing flameRim designationRust neutralizer
Reducing furnaceRim diameterRust pinhole
ReductionRim driversRust protection
Reduction effortRim flangeRust remover
Reduction gearboxRim offsetRust sealer
Reduction gearingRim pullRust treatment
Reduction of areaRim ridgeRusting
ReedRim sizeRustproof
Reed stopRim steering wheelRustproofing
Reed valveRim stripRustproofing agent
Reed valve induction timingRim tapeRuxton
ReeferRim taperRV
Reefer containerRim typeRVSV
ReelRim wellRWAL
Reel seat beltRim well baseRWD
RefaceRim widthRWL
Reference ignition patternRingRzeppa-type joint
Reference inputRing and pinionRzeppa-type universal joint

Total number of terms starting with R: 879


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