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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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pPinion shaftPower element
P grit numbersPinion steeringPower factor
P&W keyPinkingPower hood
P. antPinned piston ringPower output
P. seatPinned ringPower oversteer
P.S.PinningPower seat
P/aPinstripePower servo
P/nPinstripingPower split
PAPinstriping toolPower steering
Pace carPintaux nozzlePower steering pump
Pace lapPintlePower stroke
Pacific Economic CooperationPintle nozzlePower take off
PackPIPPower to weight ratio
Pack mufflerPip markPower train
PackagePipePower valve
Package unitsPipe wrenchPower window
PackardPipesPower window lock-out switch
Packed glandPipeworkPower windows
PackingPipingPower-assisted steering
PADPiquet, NelsonPower-to-weight ratio
PadPistonPower/weight ratio
Pad retainerPiston borePowerglide
Pad retainer pinPiston bossPowerplant
Pad wear indicatorPiston charging pumpPowerpoint
Padding discPiston collapsePowershift transmission
PaddlePiston compressorPowertrain
Paddling the leadPiston crownPozidriv screwdriver
Pagoda roofPiston damperPP
Pagoda-style roofPiston diaphragmPPM
Paid valuePiston displacementPPO
PaigePiston domePR
PaintPiston enginePratt and Whitney key
Paint boothPiston expansionPre-chamber
Paint chip bookPiston extension screwPre-combustion chamber
Paint color matchingPiston headPre-combustion engine
Paint filmPiston landPre-compounding
Paint gunPiston landsPre-compress
Paint refinishingPiston lifterPre-compression
Paint shopPiston materialPre-compression chamber
Paint stripperPiston pinPre-converter vehicle
Paint systemPiston pin bossPre-engaged Bendix starter
PaintingPiston pin circlipPre-engaged starter
Painting linePiston pin endPre-owned vehicle
Painting robotPiston ringPre-selector gearbox
PaintworkPiston ring clampPrechamber
PAIR systemPiston ring end gapPrecision insert bearing
PalladiumPiston ring expanderPrecombustion chamber
Palletized constructionPiston ring flutterPrecooler condenser
Palm spinnerPiston ring gapPrecured tread rubber
PanPiston ring groovePreferential Tariff
Pan drain plugPiston ring groove cleanerPregnant roller skate
Pan gasketPiston ring jobPreheater system
Pan guardPiston ring pliersPreheating
PanamaxPiston ring ridgePreheating zone
Pancake enginePiston ring side clearancePreignition
PanePiston ring stopPreloading
PanelPiston ring, chromePrelubricator
Panel beaterPiston ring, compressionPremium
Panel beatingPiston ring, oil controlPremium gasoline
Panel bondingPiston ring, pinnedPrepreg
Panel contourPiston rockingPreselector gearbox
Panel cutterPiston rodPreset station button
Panel filePiston sealPress
Panel flangerPiston seizurePress brake
Panel hammerPiston skirtPress fit
Panel pickingPiston skirt expanderPress, drill
Panel pullerPiston skirt expandingPressed panel
Panel release toolPiston slapPressed steel
Panel repairPiston speedPressing plant
PanellingPiston springPressure
PanhardPiston thrustPressure accumulator
Panhard rodPiston topPressure bleeder
Panhard rod mounting boxPiston-type compressorPressure buildup
PanheadPiston-valve enginePressure cap
PannierPitPressure differential sensor
PanniersPit roadPressure differential switch
Panoramic windshieldPit stopPressure differential valve
PantechniconPitchPressure differential warning switch
PanteraPitch circlePressure drop
PantingPitch circle diameterPressure foaming
Panting framePitch controlPressure forming
PaperPitch diameterPressure gage
Paper air cleanerPitch gaugePressure gauge
Parabolic reflectorPitch statorPressure indicator
Parabolic springPitman armPressure limiter
ParaffinPitman shaftPressure limiting valve
ParallelPitot tubePressure lubrication
Parallel action locking pliersPitsPressure modulated
Parallel circuitPittardsPressure modulated valve
Parallel keyPittards leatherPressure motor control
Parallel middle bodyPittedPressure plate
Parallel parkingPittingPressure pump
Parallel trailing link suspensionPitting corrosionPressure radiator cap
Parallel twinPitting factorPressure regulating valve
Parallel valvesPivotPressure regulator
Parallel-twin enginePivot axisPressure regulator valve
ParallelismPivot boltPressure regulator, evaporator
Parallelogram steeringPivot pinPressure relief
Parallelogram steering linkagePivot ringPressure relief valve
Parallelogram steering systemPivot swing axlePressure ridge
Parallelogram suspensionPLPressure sensing line
ParametersPL&PDPressure sensing switch
Parasite dragPlain bearingPressure sensitive adhesive
Parasitic dragPlain disc wheelPressure sensor
Parent panelPlain gage tubingPressure switch
ParkPlain gauge tubingPressure system
Park AvenuePlain wrapperPressure tap
Park brakePlanPressure tire
Park brake extensionPlan linesPressure valve
Park lightPlanck's constantPressure warning light
Park safety switchPlanePressure water valve
ParkadePlane sailingPressure wave
Parkbrake warning lightPlanet carrierPressure wave supercharger
ParkingPlanet gearPressure, absolute
Parking brakePlanet gearsPressure, atmospheric
Parking brake consolePlanet pinionPressure, back
Parking brake leverPlanet spiderPressure, head
Parking brake lever strutPlanet wheelPressure, operating
Parking brake pedalPlanetary gearPressure, suction
Parking discPlanetary gear differentialPressure-feed spray gun
Parking heaterPlanetary gear setPressure-heat diagram
Parking interlockPlanetary gearsPressure-operated altitude valve
Parking lampPlanetary gearsetPressure-vacuum cap
Parking lightPlanetary setPressurized
Parking lockPlanetary transmissionPresta valve
Parking lotPlanetsPretensioner
Parking lot stencilPlanishingPreunit
Parking meterPlanishing hammerPrevention
Parking spacePlanned obsolescencePrevia
Parking ticketPlanningPrice
PartPlantPrice selling
Part numberPlaquePrick punch
Part outPlasmaPrimary battery
Part panelPlasma arc cuttersPrimary brake shoe
Part-loadPlasma spray processPrimary catalytic converter
Part-load enrichmentPlasticPrimary cell
Part-load operationPlastic deformationPrimary chain
Part-throttle operationPlastic enginePrimary circuit
Part-time four-wheel drivePlastic fillerPrimary coil
Partial flow filterPlastic moldingPrimary compression
Partial pressuresPlasticizePrimary compression ratio
Partial resprayPlasticizerPrimary control
ParticipationPlastics weldingPrimary drive
ParticulatePlastigagePrimary forward brake shoe
Particulate catalystPlatePrimary key
Particulate emissionPlate framePrimary magnetic field
Particulate emission limitPlate gridPrimary pattern
Particulate filterPlate groupPrimary piston
Particulate ignition temperaturePlate keelPrimary pressure
Particulate matterPlate lampPrimary pull-off diaphragm
ParticulatesPlate lightPrimary pump
PartnershipPlate strapPrimary seal
Partnership for a New Generation of VehiclesPlate supportPrimary shaft
Parts carPlatedPrimary shoe
Parts catalogPlatesPrimary structure component
Parts per millionPlatformPrimary terminal
Parts storePlatform framePrimary V-pulley
PASPlatform pedalPrimary valve
PascalPlatform pedalsPrimary winding
Pascal's lawPlatform take-up pointPrimary windings
PassPlatingPrimary wire
PassagePlatinumPrimary wires
Passenger capacityPlatinum electrodePrime
Passenger carPlatinum metalsPrime coat
Passenger car wheelPlatinum spark plugPrimer
Passenger cellPlayPrimer bath
Passenger compartmentPlayerPrimer filler
Passenger shipPlenumPrimer oven
Passenger vehiclePlenum chamberPrimer surfacer
Passenger-side air bagPlexiglasPrincipal
Passing gearPliersPrinted circuit
Passing lanePliesPrinted circuit board
PassivatePLL circuitryPrise off
Passive restraint systemPlugPrix
Passive safetyPlug bodyPRND
Passive safety featuresPlug bootPRNDL
PassportPlug boot pullerProbe
PastePlug brushProcess
PatchPlug cableProcess tube
Patch panelPlug cable cover stripProcon-ten
PatchingPlug cable loomProduced
PathPlug cable markerProduct
PathfinderPlug cable separatorProduct carrier
PatterPlug caddyProduct design
PatternPlug capProduct line
Pattern panelPlug conditionProduct planning
Pattern percentagePlug electrodeProduct range
Pattern snipsPlug gapProduct testing
PawlPlug gappingProduction
PayloadPlug gaugeProduction car
PaymentPlug ignitionProduction engineering
PBPlug indicatorProduction line
PCPlug insert tapProduction model
PCBPlug insulatorProduction motorcycle
PCDPlug keyProduction retread shop
PCIPlug leadProduction vehicle
PCVPlug patchProductivity
PCV systemPlug pliersProfile
PCV valvePlug repairProfile depth
PCVVPlug shellProfile ignition pickup
PDAPlug socketProfit
PDBPlug spannerProgram cars
PDLPlug starter switchProgram comparison and identification
PDLRPlug testerProgram objectives
PDRPlug weldProgrammable read only memory
PEPlug weldingProgrammed Fuel Injection
PE headlightPlug whiskeringProgrammer
Peak inverse voltagePlug wireProgressive carburetor
Peak powerPlug wire cover stripProgressive linkage
Peak pressure periodPlug wire loomProgressive rate spring
Peak revsPlug wire markerProgressive spring
PeakingPlug wire separatorProgressive suspension
PeakyPlug wrenchProgressive transmission
PeanutPlug-in diagnosisProgressive valve spring
PedalPlugholeProgressively wound valve spring
Pedal clearancePlungerProjected core/insulator nose
Pedal cleatsPlunger principleProjected spark position
Pedal floatPlunger pumpProjection welding
Pedal free playPlunger suspensionPROM
Pedal free travelPlunging jointPromoter
Pedal playPlyProny brake
Pedal pulsationPly ratingProp
Pedal to the metalPly separationProp shaft
Pedal travelPly tireProp up
Pedal, platformPly turnupPropane
Pedal, toe clipPlymouthPropellant
Pedals, cliplessPMPropeller
Pedestal pivotPM trapPropeller pump
PeelPMMAPropeller shaft
Peel rubberPNPropeller shaft safety strap
PeelbackPneumatic suspensionPropelling power
PeenPneumatic tireProper proportion of air and fuel
Peen hammerPneumatic trailProperties
PeerlessPNGVProperty rights
PegsPOA suction throttling valveProportional load synchromesh
Pein hammerPocket caliperProportioning valve
PeiningPocket slide caliperPropshaft
Pellet catalystPodPropulsion
Pellet-type catalytic converterPod filterPropulsive power
Peltier effectPointProspector's pick
PenaltyPoint fileProst, Alain
PencilPoint gapProtection
Pencil-type glow plugPoint gaugeProtection Act
Pencil-type injectorPoint injectionProtection Agency
Pendulum impact testPoint steeringProtective coat
Penetrating oilPointsProtective coating
PenetrationPoints fileProtector
Penny-farthingPoints gapProtector washer
Pent crown pistonPokeProtector, circuit
Pent-roofPolar moment of inertiaProtocol
Pent-roof combustion chamberPolarityProton
PentePolarization resistancePrototype
Percussion weldingPolePry
PerfPole piecePry spoon
Perfect scavengingPole positionPS
PerformancePole shoePSI
Performance characteristics of materialsPole shoesPSIA
Performance handling systemPolishPSIG
Performance ratingsPolishingPSR
Performance testPolishing barrelPsychrometric chart
Performance testerPollutantPsychrometric measurement
Performance tuningPollutionPTC
Perimeter framePoly-glycotesPTFE
Perimeter hot gas tube systemPoly-V-beltPTO
Period of rollPolychlorinated biphenylPuckering
Permanent four-wheel drivePolyellipsoidal headlightPuddle
Permanent magnetPolyesterPuddle jumper
PeroxidePolyester fillerPuddle lamp
PerpendicularsPolyester powderPuddle welding
Perpetual motionPolyethylenePull
Perpetual motion machinePolymerPull away
Personal licensePolymer alloyPull in
Personalized licensePolymer coatingPull it down
PerspexPolymerizationPull off
PetalPolymethyl methacrylatePull out
PetcockPolyphase motorPull over
Petroil lubricationPolyphenylene oxidePull up
PetrolPolypropylenePull-in winding
Petrol pumpPolystyrenePull-out door handle
Petrol stationPolysulphidePull-type clutch
Petrol tankerPolytetrafluoroethylenePuller
Petroleum gasPolyurethane paintPulling
Petroleum jellyPolyurethane powderPulling beam
PeugeotPolyvinyl chloridePulling post
PFIPonded roofPullover point
PGM-FIPontiac FieroPulsar
PHPontiac FirebirdPulsation
PH valuePontiac Grand AmPulsation damper
PhaetonPontiac Grand PrixPulse
PhasePontiac GTOPulse air principle
Phase loss monitorPontiac Le MansPulse air system
Phase pressure formingPontiac SunbirdPulse arc welding
Phase-locked loop circuitryPontiac TempestPulse combustion process
Phenolic spacerPontiac Trans AmPulse former
PhialPony carPulse furnace
Phillips head screwPoopPulse generator
Phillips screwPoor opacityPulse period
Phillips screwdriverPopPulse pick-up
PhonePop rivetPulse relay
PhosphatePop testerPulse shaper
Phosphate coatingPop-off valvePulse time
Phosphate sectionPop-upPulse vacuum hublock
Phosphate treatmentPop-up headlightsPulse width
PhosphatingPopperPulse width modulation valve
Phosphating solutionPoppet valvePulsed injection
Phosphor-bronzePoppingPulser coil
PhotochemicalPopping backPump
PhotoelectricityPopulairePump down
PhotonPorcelainPump gasoline
PhotostaticallyPorcelain enamelPump inlet check ball
Photovoltaic cellPorePump power output
PickPorosityPump rotor
Pick and finishing hammerPorousPump sag
Pick hammerPorschePump shaft
Pick-upPorsche-type synchromeshPump shut-off
Pick-up assemblyPortPump shut-off switch
Pick-up coilPort areaPump strainer
Pick-up ignitionPort barPump switch
Pick-up ignition systemPort bridgePump the brakes
Pick-up modulePort coverPump the gas pedal
Pick-up pipePort fuel injectionPump the throttle pedal
Pick-up screenPort inductionPump, centrifugal
Pick-up toolPort timingPump, fixed displacement
PickerPortable service cylinderPump, reciprocating single piston
Picker setPorted EGR valvePump, screw
PickingPorted vacuumPump-fed lubrication
Pickle parkPorted vacuum advancePumping
Pickle park pingerPorted vacuum switchPumping chamber
PicklingPortholePumping losses
Pickling attackPosPumping the gas brakes
Pickum-upPositionPumping the gas pedal
PickupPosition sensorPumping the throttle pedal
Pickup coilPosition weldingPumping, oil
PicturePositioning SatellitePumpkin driver
Picture machinePositive camberPunch
Picture takerPositive casterPuncture
PiecePositive clutchPunt chassis
Pien hammerPositive connectionsPUP
Pierce-ArrowPositive crankcase ventilationPUR
PiezoelectricPositive crankcase ventilation systemPurchase option
Piezoelectric ignitionPositive crankcase ventilation valvePurchase price
Pig ironPositive displacement compressorPurchased
PigmentPositive electrodePurchasing
PigtailPositive groundPure
PilePositive offsetPure zinc
PilingPositive platePure-dirt
PillPositive polePurge
PillarPositive temperature coefficientPurge control valve
Pillar jackPositive temperature coefficient thermistorPURGE CV
Pillar lightPositive terminalPurge solenoid
Pillar reinforcementPostPurification
Pillar switchPost-ignitionPurification system
Pillared hardtopPostheatingPurpose
PillarsPotPurpose lacquer
PillionPot jointPurpose lacquer thinner
Pillion padPot lifePurpose pliers
Pilot bearingPot metalPurpose ship
Pilot circuitPotassium permanganatePush
Pilot holePotentialPush bar
Pilot housePotential energyPush bike
Pilot jetPotential relayPush rod
Pilot operated absolutePotential, electricalPush rod engine
Pilot operated absolute valvePotentiometerPush start
Pilot shaftPotholePush-button
Pilot valvePoundPush-type clutch
PinPound footPushbutton
Pin bossPound forcePushrod
Pin circlipPour pointPushrod engine
Pin endPowderPushrod measuring tool
Pin kitPowder coatingPut the pedal to the metal
Pin lockPowder slush moldingPutty
Pin punchPowerPutty knife
Pin slider caliper disc brakePower antennaPVA
Pin spannerPower assisted brakePVC
Pin wrenchPower assisted brakesPVC seam sealing
Pinch-off pliersPower bandPVC tape
PingPower boosterPVC underbody treatment
PingingPower brakePVC underseal
PinholePower brakesPVC underseal coating
PinholingPower closingPVS
PinionPower cut-offPW
Pinion carrierPower cut-off switchPylon
Pinion gearPower cyclePyrometer
Pinion gearboxPower distributionPyroxylin paint

Total number of terms starting with P: 1182


Car Insurance Comparison – Why It is Important

Knowing what to look for when making a car insurance comparison is getting to be more important all of the time. Most, if not all states require motorists to have some level of auto insurance.

But now, states like Mississippi that do not have insurance databases are going to have them, and there must be proof of insurance before the automobile can get its tags renewed. According to the Jackson Free Press, the Mississippi legislature passed a new law in mid-March of 2011 requiring that motorists have more than just an insurance card, but actually have the insurance and be in the database. No insurance means no tags. This will prevent motorists from signing up for insurance and then canceling the policy to save money and still have the card.

With this becoming more common, it is more important now than ever to know how to make a car insurance comparison. Everyone wants to save money on auto insurance, and if that is the name of your game, you will want to get the absolute minimum that your state requires. That does not necessarily mean that you are going to have great insurance, though, because it will most likely just be liability. If your car still has some value to it, this may not be the best for you. If your car is totaled, you will have no way to recover the loss.

If you are already covered under a health insurance plan, it may not be necessary to get additional medical coverage with your auto insurance. If not, this could be crucial. Other additions that you will have to consider include towing, comprehensive coverage, theft, extra liability, car rental and a number of other options your agent will be happy to show you.