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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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FFlame cuttingFour stroke power cycle
F headFlame frontFour valve
F head engineFlame glow plugFour wheel alignment
Fédération Internationale de l'AutomobileFlame paintFour wheel disc brakes
Fédération Internationale du Sport AutomobileFlame test for leaksFour wheel steering
Föttinger couplingFlame trapFour wheeler
F-headFlammable liquidsFour-barrel carburetor
F-head engineFlangeFour-cycle engine
F.I.Flange boltFour-cylinder engine
F1Flange heightFour-door
FabricFlange jointFour-door hardtop
Fabric bodyFlange sealFour-door hatchback
Fabric fatigueFlange-type pullerFour-door pillared hardtop
Fabric hoodFlangedFour-door sedan
Fabric topFlanged headFour-door station wagon
FabricateFlangerFour-gas analyzer
FaceFlangingFour-link rear suspension
Face camFlanging toolFour-on-the-floor
Face hammerFlankFour-point racing harness
Face helmetFlapFour-pole motor
Face of weldFlapper valveFour-spark ignition coil
Face panelFlappersFour-speed
Face sealFlareFour-speed gearbox
Facel VegaFlare nutFour-speed transmission
FaceliftFlare nut spannerFour-stroke cycle engine
FaciaFlare nut wrenchFour-stroke power cycle
FacingFlared wheel archFour-stroking
FactFlareside TruckFour-way wheel wrench
FactorFlaring toolFour-wheel ABS
Factory adjustedFlashFour-wheel alignment
Factory optionsFlash gasFour-wheel drift
Factory primerFlash pointFour-wheel drive
Factory racersFlash timeFour-wheel steering
FadeFlash weldFour-wheel-drive high
FaderFlashbackFour-wheel-drive low
FahrenheitFlasher switchFourth gear
Fahrenheit scaleFlashoverFPS
Fail-safe controlFlashpoint apparatusFPS system
Failsafe systemFlatFracturing
FailureFlat base rimFrame
FairFlat base rim taperFrame construction
FairingFlat batteryFrame damage
FairlaneFlat crankFrame gauge
FairmontFlat cylindersFrame member
FalconFlat eightFrame pump
False airFlat engineFrame structure
False neutralFlat fileFrameless
Family carFlat fourFrameless construction
FanFlat humpFrameless window
Fan beltFlat keyFraming
Fan bladeFlat penteFranchise
Fan clutchFlat plateFranchised dealer
Fan coolingFlat plate keelFranklin
Fan motorFlat positionFraschini
Fan pulleyFlat position weldingFrazer
FanningFlat rateFrazer Nash
FaradFlat rate manualFred
Faraday experimentFlat seatFree
Farewell tourFlat sixFree bend test
FarmanFlat spotFree electron
FarthingFlat springFree electrons
FasciaFlat tankFree height
FastFlat tappetFree length
Fast chargerFlat tireFree pedal play
Fast food freezingFlat twinFree play
Fast idleFlat washerFree radius
Fast idle camFlat-bladed screwdriverFree rolling wheel
Fast idle screwFlat-nose pliersFree shape
Fast idle solenoidFlat-nosed pliersFree Trade
Fast laneFlat-tip screwdriverFree Trade Agreement
FastbackFlat-top pistonFree Trade Agreement of the Americas
FastenerFlat-topped pistonFree travel
Fat loadFlatbed trailerFree wheeling
FathomFlatbed truckFree-revving
Fatigue limitFlawFreeboard deck
Fatigue resistanceFleetFreehub
Fatigue strengthFleet carFreeing port
Fatigue testFleet salesFreeway
FaultFleetsideFreeway bar
Fault diagnosisFlex arm suspensionFreewheel
Fault insuranceFlexibilityFreewheel hub
Fault memoryFlexibleFreewheeling
Fault readerFlexible brake pipeFreewheeling hub
Faying surfaceFlexible couplingFreeze
FBCFlexible driveFreeze drying
FCAIFlexible drive handleFreeze plug
FCSFlexible ductFreeze-up
FE analysisFlexuralFreezer alarm
Feather edgeFlexural shockFreezer burn
Feather keyFlexureFreezing
Feather-edgeFlickabilityFreezing point
Featherbed frameFlip flopFreezing point depression
FeatheringFlip-top filler capFreightshaker
FeatureFlipper stripFrench valve
FEBIACFlitch plateFrenching
Federal engineFloatFreon
Federal side impact standardFloat bowlFreon 12
Federal Test ProcedureFloat bumper springFreon-12
Federal versionFloat chamberFrequency
FeeFloat levelFrequency control
FeedFloat needleFrequency interference
Feed gunFloat valveFrequency Modulation
Feed lineFloatationFrequency scan button
Feed pipeFloatingFrequency valve
Feed pumpFloating axleFresco
Feed the bearsFloating caliper disc brakeFresco driving
FeedbackFloating camFretting corrosion
Feedback carburetorFloating frameFriction
Feedback carburetor actuatorFloating pistonFriction bearing
Feedback controlFloating piston pinFriction clutch
Feedback control systemFloodFriction damper
Feedback potentiometerFlood the carburetorFriction disc
FeederFloodable lengthFriction drive
FeelFlooded engineFriction horsepower
Feeler bladeFlooded evaporatorFriction lining
Feeler gageFlooded systemFriction losses
Feeler gaugeFlooded system, high-side floatFriction modifier
Feeler stripFlooded system, low-side floatFriction pad
FEIFloodingFriction plate
FEMAFlooding unitFriction shifter
FemaleFloorFriction shifters
Female endFloor changeFriction shock absorber
Female threadFloor extensionFriction welding
FenderFloor gearchangeFrictional
Fender archFloor jackFriedrichshafen
Fender beadingFloor panFriendly
Fender benderFloor pumpFrit
Fender bumping hammerFloor shiftFrogeye
Fender extensionFloor shifterFront
Fender landing sectionFloorboardFront apron
Fender mirrorFloorpanFront axle
Fender mountingFlowFront bumper
Fender panelsFlow check pistonFront derailleur
Fender punchFlow controlFront derailleur braze on
Fender railFlow detachmentFront derailleur clamp on
Fender skirtFlow filterFront differential
Fender splash apronFlow meterFront door
Fender strengthening buttressFlow oilFront end
Fender support bracketFlow oil filterFront end alignment
Ferguson four-wheel driveFlow rateFront engine
FerrariFlow scavengingFront fender
FerrousFlow through ventilationFront fork
Ferrous metalFlow-through ventilationFront forks
FerruleFlowmeterFront hub
FerrulesFlueFront nose section
Festoon bulbFluidFront panel
FEUFluid capacitiesFront pillar
FF headlightFluid clutchFront pipe
FFÖFluid couplingFront seat
FFOTFluid flywheelFront seats
FHPFluid level warning indicatorFront silencer
FIFluid reservoirFront spoiler
FIAfluid resistanceFront suspension
FiatFluorescentFront triangle
FiberFluorocarbonFront wheel carrier
Fiber opticsFlushFront wheel drive
Fiber reinforced plasticFlush deck shipFront wheel tire clearance
FiberformFlush mounted speakerFront wing
FiberglassFlushingFront-axle and rear-axle split
FibreglassFlushing oilFront-axle/rear-axle split
Fibreglass bodyFlushing the brakesFront-end alignment
Fibreglass matFlushing the cooling systemFront-end impact
FieldFluteFront-seat of compressor
Field coilFlutterFront-wheel drive
Field intensityFluxFrontal crash
Field poleFlux, magneticFrontal impact
Field terminalFlyFrost back
Field testingFly nutFrost control, automatic
Field trialFlyerFrost control, manual
Field windingFlying bridgeFrost control, semiautomatic
FiercenessFlyleadFrost free refrigerator
FieroFlyweightFrost heaves
FIEVFlyweightsFrosting type evaporator
Fifth gearFlywheel generatorFRP
Fifth wheelFlywheel magnetoFrustum
Fifth-wheel travel trailerFlywheel pullerFsh
Fifty-fifty power splitFlywheel ring gearft-lb
FilamentFlywheel turnerft-lbs
File card brushFoam gasketFTA
File handleFoam leak detectorFTAA
FillFOBFTP test cycle
Fill holeFobFuel
Fill lineFocalFuel accumulator
Fill plugFoettinger couplingFuel additive
Fill upFogFuel advance system
FillerFog coatFuel air mixture
Filler capFog lampFuel air ratio
Filler doorFog lifterFuel burner
Filler flapFog lightFuel cap
Filler neckFog testingFuel cell
Filler panelFoilFuel charge
Filler pasteFolderFuel cock
Filler rodFolding camping trailerFuel computer
Filler stripFolding rear seatsFuel consumption
Filler tubeFolding topFuel consumption indicator
FilletFollow-up sparkFuel cut-off
Fillet weldFollowerFuel cut-off switch
FillingFomocoFuel distributor
Filling stationFootFuel economy
Fillister screwFoot brakeFuel efficiency
FilmFoot feedFuel evaporation
Film buildFoot leverFuel filler flap
Film strengthFoot paddlingFuel filler neck
Film, adhesiveFoot pedalFuel filler tube
FilterFoot poundFuel filter
Filter bypassFoot pumpFuel gage
Filter bypass valveFoot-poundFuel gauge
Filter cartridgeFootedFuel indicator
Filter elementFootpedal clusterFuel injection
Filter holeFootpegFuel injection engine
Filter housingFootprintFuel injection pump
Filter portFootrestFuel injector
Filter screenFootwellFuel injector nozzle
Filter wrenchFootwell intrusionFuel injector valve
FiltrationForceFuel knock
Filtration systemForce air filterFuel line
FIMForce dryFuel mileage
FinForce fitFuel mixture
Final driveForce-feed oilingFuel oil
Final drive gearForce-fitFuel pressure
Final drive ratioForced circulationFuel pressure regulator
Final purchase priceForced convectionFuel pump
Finance and controlForced downshiftFuel pump shut-off switch
Finance companyForced-feed lubricationFuel pump switch
FineForced-induction systemFuel rail
Fine threadFordFuel ratio
Fine-structure constantFord AspireFuel return line
FingerFord CortinaFuel stabilizer
Finger tightFord Crown VictoriaFuel starvation
FingersFord EscortFuel supply
FinishFord FairlaneFuel system
Finish coatFord FairmontFuel tank
Finish hammerFord FalconFuel tank sender
Finish restorerFord fixed orifice tube systemFuel tank vapor valve
Finishing enamelFord GalaxieFuel vapor
Finishing hammerFord Model AFuel vapor recirculation system
Finishing paintFord Model TFuel vapor recovery system
Finishing stoneFord MustangFuel-air mixture
Finite-element analysisFord ProbeFuel-air ratio
FinningFord TaurusFuel-injected engine
FinsFord TempoFuel-injection system test port
FireFord ThunderbirdFuel-vacuum separator
Fire applianceFord-type lugFuelie
Fire engineFord-type terminalFueller
Fire extinguisherFordismFulcrum
Fire pointFordorFulcrum pin
Fire ringFore and aft adjustmentFulcrum ring
Fireball combustion chamberFore perpendicularsFull bore
FirebirdFore-and-aft flat twinFull cam
FirewallForecarFull cap
FiringForecastFull dip treatment
Firing endForecastleFull face helmet
Firing orderForepeak bulkheadFull floating
Firing strokeForgeFull floating axle
FirmForgedFull flow filter
FirstForged alloy wheelFull flow oil filter
First gearForged aluminumFull house
First-aid kitForgingFull leather
FISAForgivingFull leather upholstery
Fish eyeForkFull load
Fish eyesFork bladeFull load enrichment
FitFork bladesFull load torque
Fit and finishFork crownFull lock
Fit kitFork earFull panel
FitmentFork liftFull pressure
FittingFork mountFull service history
FittingsFork rakeFull throttle
Five speed transmissionFork tipFull throttle enrichment
Five-doorFork tipsFull trailer
Five-door hatchbackFork-lift truckFull wave rectifier
Five-link rear suspensionForkedFull-floating axle
Five-speed transmissionForked con rodFull-flow filter
Five-valve headForked rockerFull-flow oil filter
FixForked rocker armFull-size car
Fixed contactFormFull-size spare
Fixed cupFormal hardtopFull-skirt piston
Fixed displacement pumpFormerFull-time four-wheel drive
Fixed driveFormingFull-wave rectifier
Fixed gearFormulaFully electronic ignition
Fixed headFormula 1Fully floating axle
Fixed idle-air bypassFormula carFully galvanized body
Fixed orifice tubeFormula OneFumes
Fixed price sellingForty-nine state carFunctional
Fixed wheelForwardFund licence
Fixed-caliper disc brakeForward biasFunnel
Fixed-cam brakeForward brake shoeFunny car
Fixed-choke carburetorForward perpendicularsFurnace
Fixed-jet carburetorForward weldingFurnace, central warm air
Fixing boltFoulFuse
FixteFoulingFuse box
FixtureFourFuse capacity
Flèche vélocioFour bangerFusible link
FlagFour barrelFusible plug
Flag downFour barrel carburetorFusion
Flags of convenienceFour bolt mainsFusion fit
Flagship modelFour colorFVR
FlakeFour cycle engineFWD
Flake offFour on the floorFYI
FlakingFour speed 
FlameFour stroke cycle engine 

Total number of terms starting with F: 916


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