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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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[1] The distance between the center terminal (electrode) and the outer terminal (electrode) through which the spark must travel in a spark plug.
See also spark plug gap, air gap.
[2] The distance between the points in contact breaker points. See point gap.
[3] The distance between two vehicles travelling down the road as they go in the same direction. Generally a safe distance is a minimum of two seconds behind the vehicle in front.
[4] The distance between the two ends of piston rings.
See also air gap, annular gap, contact breaker gap, contact gap, door gap, electrode gap, end gap, piston ring end gap, piston ring gap, plug gap, point gap, points gap, ring end gap, ring gap, spark air gap, spark gap, spark plug gap, surface gap

The Varying Drivers License Requirements Around the World

Minimum driving ages, the number of passengers young drivers can have with them at any time, the times of day that drivers under the age of 18 can drive…

These all vary depending on where young motorists are driving. They vary, even, across the United States.

For instance, in Maine, motorists under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to have any passengers with them as they drive for the first 180 days after they obtain their licenses. In Alabama, motorists under the age of 18 can have one passenger with them.

And that’s just one example of the differences in driving license requirements from one part of the country to the next. The differences are even more pronounced when comparing one country to another. Minimum driving ages vary widely across the world. While most states in the United States allow youngsters to earn their learner’s permits at the age of 15, many other countries require their residents to be much older before they get behind the wheel of a car.