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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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[1] In a spark plug one electrode (the center electrode) is the center rod passing through the insulator. The side electrode is a rod welded to the shell of the spark plug. The distance between them is the spark gap.
[2] In welding it is the metal rod that is used in arc welding. A substance which brings electricity up to the point where the arc is to be formed; in other words it is the material immediately adjacent to the arc proper and the one which carries the current to this point. In electric arc welding the electrode is usually melted and becomes a part of the weld.
See also center electrode, coated electrode, compound center electrode, compound electrode, covered electrode, earth electrode, ground electrode, negative electrode, outer electrode, platinum electrode, positive electrode, side electrode, spark plug electrode, top electrode, triangular ground electrode

Car Insurance FAQs #2

How does my driving record affect my insurance premium?

The premium you pay is a direct reflection of your driving record for the past three to five years depending on the insurance company. Insurance companies order driving records from the DMV of your residence state and from other states where you've been licensed. Statistics show that drivers with tickets and accidents are more likely to have accidents than drivers with clean records.

Why is it harder to get insurance if drivers in my household have bad driving records?