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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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EElectronic navigatorEP gear oil
E boxElectronic relayEP lubricant
E-boxElectronic ride controlEPA
E-brakeElectronic sensing deviceEPA estimate
EAC ValveElectronic sight glassEPA estimates
EACVElectronic sparkEPA fuel economy
EAMAElectronic spark advanceEPC
EarElectronic spark controlEpicyclic
Earles forksElectronic spark timingEpicyclic gear
Early fuel evaporation systemElectronic spark timing systemEpicyclic gearbox
Early terminationElectronic thermistorEpitrochoid
EarningsElectronic thermostatEpitrochoidal
Ears onElectronic traction controlEpoxy
EarthElectronic transmissionEpoxy adhesive
Earth connectionElectronic transmission controlEpoxy resin
Earth electrodeElectronic voltage regulatorEPR
Earth returnElectronically controlledEPR system
Earth strapElectronically controlled transmissionEPS
Earth wireElectronically-controlled wastegateEqual length header
EarthmoverElectronicsEqual power distribution
EAS ValveElectronsEqual power split
Ease up on the acceleratorElectropaint tankEqualizer
Ease up on the gas pedalElectropaintingEqualizer line
Ease up on the throttleElectrophoretic paintingEquation
Ease up on the throttle pedalElectrophoretic primerEquilibrium
Easing fluidElectroplateEquipment
East-west layoutElectroplatingEquipment package
EastonElectrostatic filterErgonomics
Easy access cabElectrostatic paintingErgopower shifter
Easy outElectrostatic powder coatingErode
Easy-outElectrostatic sprayingErosion
Eat awayElementESA
Eat-em-upElement glowESC
EaterElement glow plugEscape trunk
ECCElliot axleEscutcheon
EccentricElliot type axleESR
Eccentric boltElliott steering knuckleEST
Eccentric driveEllipsoidal headlightEstablishment
Eccentric journalsElongationEstate car
Eccentric rotor pumpELVEstimate
Eccentric shaftEmblemEstimates
ECE test cycleEmbrittlementESV
Echelon parkingEmergencyET
ECIEmergency brakeETA
EclatEmergency inflatorETC
ECMEmergency spare tireEtch primer
Ecological damageEmergency transmitterEtching
Ecologically harmfulEmergency windshieldEtching primer
EcologyEmery clothEthane
Economic CooperationEMFEthanol
EconomicalEmilyEthyl acrylate
EconomizerEmissionEthyl gasoline
Economizer valveEmission controlEthylene glycol
EconomyEmission Control InformationETRTO
Economy deviceEmission control systemEuromix formula
Economy gearEmission controlsEutectic
Economy jetEmission levelsEutectic alloy
Economy ratioEmission limitEutectic point
ECSEmission standardsEvacuate
ECTEmission VehicleEvacuation
ECUEmission Vehicle StandardsEvaluation
Eddy currentsEmissionsEVAP
EdgeEmitterEVAP system
Edge bindingEmployee benefitsEvaporate
Edge guardEmploymentEvaporation
Edge jointEMSEvaporation control system
Edge protectionEmulsificationEvaporation system
Edge tireEmulsionEvaporative condenser
Edge trimEmulsion tubeEvaporative emission control system
Edge-rideEN blockEvaporative emission shed system
Edison baseEN-blockEvaporative emissions
Edison screwEnableEvaporative losses
Edwardian carEnamellingEvaporator equalized valve in receiver
EECEnclosureEvaporator fan
EECSEndEvaporator pressure regulator
EESSEnd alignmentEvaporator pressure regulator valve
EEVIREnd bearingEvaporator temperature regulator valve
EFEEnd bellEvaporator, dry type
EFE systemEnd bracketEvaporator, flooded
EffectEnd capEVC
EffectiveEnd coverEven keel
Effective areaEnd cover plateEvil kenivel
Effective deflectionEnd cuttersEVO
Effective pressureEnd cuttingEvolution
Effective strokeEnd cutting pliersEVP
Effective temperatureEnd dumpEVR
EfficiencyEnd floatEVRV
EffortEnd formEVT
EFIEnd gapEW
EGCEnd gasEx-demonstrator
Egg-crate grilleEnd gearExamination
EGIEnd gearsExc
EGOEnd hexagon screwdriverExcalibur
EGREnd leaseExcelsior
EGR control solenoidEnd liftExchange engine
EGR vacuumEnd pieceExchange process
EGR valveEnd playExchanger
EGR valveEnd speedExcitation winding
EGR valve position sensorEnd-of term interest rateExcite
EGR vent solenoidEnd-of-lease purchase priceExciter coil
EGR venturi vacuum amplifierEndoExciter winding
EIAEndurance testExecutive car
Eight trackEnergizeExhaust
Eight-trackEnergizingExhaust back pressure
Eighteen wheelerEnergyExhaust back pressure transducer valve
EINEnergy absorbing bumperExhaust cam
EjectEnergy absorbing steering columnExhaust camshaft
Eject buttonEnergy auditExhaust chamber
EjectorEnergy batteryExhaust cutout
ElanEnergy coilExhaust donuts
Elapsed timeEnergy conservationExhaust emission
ElasticityEnergy conversionExhaust emission control
ElastomerEnergy efficiency ratioExhaust emission control system
ElbowEnergy ignitionExhaust emissions
ELCEnergy ignition systemExhaust engine
EldoradoEnergy ignition system with electronic spark timingExhaust gas
Eldorado BroughamEnergy management control systemExhaust gas analyzer
ElectraEnergy Protection AgencyExhaust gas check valve
ElectricEnergy retarderExhaust gas oxygen sensor
Electric air control valveEnergy utilization indexExhaust gas purification system
Electric air switching valveEnergy-absorbingExhaust gas recirculation
Electric carEnergy-absorbing bumperExhaust gas recirculation system
Electric chargeEngageExhaust gases
Electric currentEngagementExhaust header
Electric defrostingEngaging the throttleExhaust heat control valve
Electric fuel pumpEngineExhaust manifold
Electric gridEngine adapterExhaust note
Electric heatingEngine analyzerExhaust oxygen sensor
Electric insulationEngine bayExhaust pipe
Electric mirrorEngine blockExhaust pollutants
Electric motorEngine block heaterExhaust port
Electric rectifierEngine brakeExhaust pressure regulator
Electric screwdriverEngine braking effectExhaust scrubber
Electric topEngine calibration unitExhaust side
Electric vehicleEngine capacityExhaust system
Electric water valveEngine compartmentExhaust timing
Electric weldingEngine controlExhaust treatment
Electric windowsEngine control moduleExhaust tuning
ElectricalEngine control systemExhaust turbocharging
Electrical arcingEngine coolantExhaust valve
Electrical balanceEngine coolant temperature sensorExhaust valve closes
Electrical conductivityEngine coverExhaust valve opens
Electrical potentialEngine damageExhaust-gas analyzer
Electrical resistanceEngine depressionExhaust-gas recirculation
Electrical screwdriverEngine diagnostic connectorExothermal
Electrical spannerEngine displacementExpander
Electrical systemEngine flywheelExpander spacer
ElectricianEngine hoistExpanding
ElectricityEngine identification numberExpanding brake
Electro pickerEngine knockExpansion
Electro vacuum relayEngine layoutExpansion joint
Electro-hydraulic pressure actuatorEngine management systemExpansion plug
Electro-hydraulic pumpEngine mapExpansion stroke
ElectrochemicalEngine misfireExpansion tank
Electrochemical corrosionEngine modificationsExpansion tube
ElectrocoatingEngine mountingExpansion valve
ElectrodeEngine noiseExpansivity
Electrode adjusting toolEngine numberExpected residual value
Electrode gapEngine oilExpendable refrigerant system
Electrode spark plugEngine oil level warning lightExpenditures
ElectrodepositionEngine oil panExperiment
Electrodeposition processEngine overhaulExperimental Development Program
ElectrogalvanizingEngine parametersExperimental Safety Vehicle
ElectrolysisEngine performance testerExploded view
ElectrolyteEngine sequence testExplosion
ElectrolyticEngine sizeExport Restraint
Electrolytic cellEngine speedExpressway
Electrolytic condenser-capacitorEngine speed limiterExt
Electrolytic corrosionEngine speed sensorExtended Cab
Electrolytic depositionEngine subframeExtension
Electrolytic galvanizingEngine temperature sensorExtension bar
Electrolytic protectionEngine timingExtension housing
ElectromagnetEngine typeExtension piece
ElectromagneticEngine warning lightExtension screw
Electromagnetic clutchEngine-control systemExtension spring
Electromagnetic energyEngineeringExterior mirror
Electromagnetic inductionEnrichmentExternal combustion engine
ElectrometerEnrichment deviceExternal diameter
Electromotive forceEnrichment unitExternal drive
Electromotive force voltageEnrichnerExternal drive compressor
ElectronEntertainmentExternal equalizer
Electron flowEnthalpyExternal micrometer
ElectronicEntrainExternal mirror
Electronic air control valveEntrepreneurExternal mix air cap
Electronic brake control moduleEntrepreneurshipExternal thread
Electronic climate controlEntropyExternal vane pump
Electronic clusterEntryExternally-balanced crankshaft
Electronic control AssemblyEntry modelExtinguisher
Electronic control diagnosticsEntry systemExtractor
Electronic control moduleEntry-level versionExtras
Electronic control unitEnvelopeExtreme-pressure lubricant
Electronic EGR valveEnvelope separatorExtruder
Electronic engine controlEnveloping bodyEye
Electronic fuel injectionEnvironmentEyebolt
Electronic gasoline injectionEnvironment-consciousEyelet
Electronic ignitionEnvironmental Protection ActEyelet connector
Electronic ignition systemEnvironmentally awareEyelet pliers
Electronic ignition timingEnvironmentally friendly 
Electronic leak detectorEnzyme 

Total number of terms starting with E: 613


Car Insurance Comparison – Why It is Important

Knowing what to look for when making a car insurance comparison is getting to be more important all of the time. Most, if not all states require motorists to have some level of auto insurance.

But now, states like Mississippi that do not have insurance databases are going to have them, and there must be proof of insurance before the automobile can get its tags renewed. According to the Jackson Free Press, the Mississippi legislature passed a new law in mid-March of 2011 requiring that motorists have more than just an insurance card, but actually have the insurance and be in the database. No insurance means no tags. This will prevent motorists from signing up for insurance and then canceling the policy to save money and still have the card.

With this becoming more common, it is more important now than ever to know how to make a car insurance comparison. Everyone wants to save money on auto insurance, and if that is the name of your game, you will want to get the absolute minimum that your state requires. That does not necessarily mean that you are going to have great insurance, though, because it will most likely just be liability. If your car still has some value to it, this may not be the best for you. If your car is totaled, you will have no way to recover the loss.

If you are already covered under a health insurance plan, it may not be necessary to get additional medical coverage with your auto insurance. If not, this could be crucial. Other additions that you will have to consider include towing, comprehensive coverage, theft, extra liability, car rental and a number of other options your agent will be happy to show you.