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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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LLength between perpendicularsLoading
L headLength, overallLobe
L head engineLensLobe-type supercharger
L-headLesseeLocal cell
L-head engineLessorLocal yokel
L-JetronicLet inLocal yokel with a customer
L-Jetronic air flow meterLet outLocalized controllers
L-Jetronic fuel injection systemLetter drillLocalized corrosion
L-Jetronic systemLetter drillsLocating dowel
L-section ringLEVLocating lug
L-twin engineLevelLocating pin
l/100 kmLevel controlLocating spring
L/DLevel gaugeLock
L/D ratioLevel outLock angle
L/TLevel plugLock brakes
LAADALevel sensorLock buster
Labelling ActLevel warningLock cylinder
LabourLevel warning indicatorLock de-icer
LabouringLevel warning lightLock facing
LacquerLevelingLock nut
Lacquer thinnerLeveling controlLock picker set
Ladder barsLevellerLock pillar
Ladder chassisLevelsLock pin
Ladder diagramLeverLock puller
Ladder frameLever lockLock ring pliers
Laden weightLever strutLock striker
Ladies' frameLever-type shock absorberLock washer
LadingLeverage diagonal cutting pliersLock-out
LagLevering barLock-out switch
LagondaLexusLock-up clutch
Lagonda DropheadLeylandLock-up torque converter
Lake pipesLHLockable differential
LakerLH-JetronicLockable wheel
Lakes pipesLHMLocking
Lakes shipLILocking bar clamp
LambdaLicenceLocking clamp
Lambda controlLicenseLocking differential
Lambda control valveLicense plateLocking disc
Lambda probeLicense plate frameLocking hub
Lambda sensorLicense plate lampLocking lug bolt
Lambda valveLicense plate lightLocking lug nut
Lambda windowLicensing AgencyLocking mechanism
LamborghiniLicensing CenterLocking pliers
LaminateLidLocking reel
LaminatedLienLocking synchromesh
Laminated glassLifeLocknut
Laminated iron coreLifeboatLockring
Laminated windshieldLiftLocktite
Laminated windshield glassLift coefficientLockup
LaminatingLift forceLockup differential
LaminationLift pumpLockup torque converter
LampLift rocker armLockwasher
Lamp apertureLift to drag ratioLocomobile
Lamp blackeningLift truckLocut nut
Lamp clusterLift-The-Dot fastenerLoft
Lamp panelLift-throttle oversteerLog manifold
Lamp socketLiftback station wagonLogo
Lamp unitLifterLong and short arm suspension
Lamp, steriLifter footLong arm suspension
LanchesterLiftgateLong block
LanciaLiftingLong block engine
LancingLifting forceLong stroke engine
LandLifting platform take-up pointLong ton
Land managementLiftoff effectLong-haul
Land RoverLightLong-nose pliers
LandauLight boxLong-nose self-grip pliers
Landau barLight brakingLong-reach C-clamp
Landau barsLight bulbLongeron
LandauletLight cableLongitudinal
Landaulet sedanLight clutchLongitudinal engine
LandingLight displacementLongitudinal girder
Landing panelLight emitting diodeLongitudinal leaf spring
Landing sectionLight filler panelLongitudinal member
LandlineLight paintLongitudinal tire clearance
LandsLight panelLongitudinals
LaneLight sheet metalLook compatible
Lane splittingLight steeringLoom
Lantern-type jacket tubeLight surroundLoom tape
LanyardLight switchLoop
LapLight trafficLoop circuitry
Lap beltLight truckLoop frame
Lap jointLight unitLoop scavenging
LapperLight vanLoop system
LappingLight vehiclesLoose
Lapping compoundLight warning lightLoosen
LaSalleLight weightLoping
LashLight-alloy pistonLorry
Last station memoryLight-alloy wheelLoss leaders
Latch pillarLight-duty truckLost motion
Latching pillarLight-fastLost-core technique
Late brakingLight-footedLost-foam casting
Latent heatLight-off temperatureLost-foam casting process
Latent heat of condensationLightbarLot
Latent heat of evaporationLightened valveLotus
Latent heat of vaporizationLightened valvesLoud pedal
Lateral accelerationLighter aboard shipLouver
Lateral acceleration sensorLightingLouvre
Lateral acceleration switchLights-on reminderLow
Lateral air passageLimber holeLow battery
Lateral armLimitLow beam
Lateral atomization orificeLimit controlLow bed
Lateral clearanceLimit cycle controlLow boy
Lateral gripLimit SwitchLow brake pedal
Lateral impactLimited gradeLow carbon steel
Lateral linkLimited slip differentialLow crown panel
Lateral run-outLimited-slip axle/center differentialLow Emission Vehicle Standards
Lateral runoutLimited-slip differentialLow fuel indicator
Lateral stabilityLimiterLow gear
Lateral stiffnessLimiting valveLow geared
Lateral tire clearanceLimits of adhesionLow head pressure
Latex tubeLimoLow oil sensor
LatheLimousineLow oil warning light
LawLimp homeLow pedal
Lay-byLimp-home modeLow pivot swing axle
Lay-up resinLimp-inLow pressure indicator
LayerLincolnLow pressure safety cutout
Layer of pure zincLincoln ContinentalLow pressure tire
Layer thicknessLineLow profile
Laying the bike downLine certificateLow rider
Laying upLine pressureLow side
LayoutLine spannerLow side gauge
Layrub couplingLinearLow speed
LayshaftLinear lampLow speed circuit
Lazy tongsLinear pull brakesLow speed traction control
LbLinear source lampLow spot
LCDLinear wiper systemLow temperature activity
LCVLinerLow temperature fouling
LDCLiner blast hornLow temperature phosphating
LDPELines, planLow tension
LELiningLow tension lead
Le Grand LivreLinishingLow tension leads
Le MansLinkLow voltage circuit
LE-JetronicLink suspensionLow zinc technology
LeaLinkageLow-bake booth
LeadLinkage power steeringLow-bake equipment
Lead acid rechargable batteryLipLow-bake paint
Lead and lagLip moldingLow-carbon steel
Lead ballastLip seal with garter springLow-density polyethylene
Lead burningLiquefied gasesLow-emission
Lead depositLiquefyLow-head pump
Lead dioxideLiquidLow-loader
Lead freeLiquid absorbentLow-maintenance battery
Lead glazingLiquid ballastLow-pressure control
Lead loadingLiquid desuperheaterLow-pressure cut-out
Lead peroxideLiquid gasketLow-pressure cut-out switch
Lead sledLiquid indicatorLow-pressure foaming
Lead sulphateLiquid lineLow-pressure gauge
Lead toleranceLiquid nitrogenLow-pressure pump
Lead weightLiquid paintLow-profile air cleaner
Lead wireLiquid pumpLow-profile tire
Lead-acid batteryLiquid receiverLow-refrigerant protection system
Lead-antimony gridLiquid receiver service valveLow-side float flooded system
Lead-free gasolineLiquid tractionLow-side float valve
Lead-free petrolLiquid withdrawalLow-side pressure
Leaded gasolineLiquid withdrawal systemLow-side pressure control
Leaded petrolLiquid-cooledLow-side pressure limiter
LeadersLiquid-vapor valve refrigerant cylinderLow-side service valve
LeadingLiquide Hydraulique MinéraleLow-speed circuit
Leading armLiquified natural gasLow-speed traction control
Leading brake shoeLiquified petroleum gasLow-suction pressure
Leading edgeLiquorLowball
Leading linkListLower back panel
Leading shoeList numberLower bending die
LeadsList priceLower dead center
LeadsledLiterLower front panel
LeafLithium base greaseLowering kit
Leaf springLithium bromideLowers
LeakLithium greaseLozenged
Leak detectorLitreLP fuel
Leak down testerLittle endLPG
Leak testLive axleLSPV
Leak-off pressureLive wireLT circuit
Lean air-fuel mixtureLNG carrierLube grease
Lean Authority Limit SwitchLoadLube job
Lean mixtureLoad alteration effectLube oil
Lean-burn engineLoad and inflation tableLubricant
LeaseLoad at installed heightLubricate
Lease termLoad baseLubricate beads
LeasingLoad capacityLubricating oil
LeatherLoad distributionLubricating pressure
Leather upholsteryLoad distribution calculationLubrication
LeathersLoad enrichmentLubrication film
LEDLoad floorLubrication point
LedballastLoad floor extensionLubrication pump
LedgeLoad horsepowerLubrication system
LeftLoad indexLubricator
Left hand gear leverLoad lineLucas Bosch
Left hand monkey wrenchLoad line certificateLug
Left hand ruleLoad overhangLug bolt
Left hand threadLoad rangeLug nut
Left handed monkey wrenchLoad ratingLug wrench
Left threadLoad resistorLuggage
Left-hand driveLoad Sensing Proportioning ValveLuggage carrier
Left-hand threadLoad synchromeshLuggage rack
Left-handed monkey wrenchLoad testLugging
Left-handed monkey wrenchLoad transferLugging the engine
Leftward weldingLoad transferenceLumbar support
LegLoad waterlineLuminance
Leg of fillet weldLoad-controlled power distributionLuster
LegereLoad-sensitive proportioning valveLustre
Legionnaire's diseaseLoadedLuxe
LegroomLoaded displacementLuxury car
LemnaLoaded radiusLycra®
LemonLoaded tourerLynch pin
LengthLoaderLysholm supercharger

Total number of terms starting with L: 633


Auto Insurance

Defined as: The contract by which the insurer assumes the risk of any loss the owner or operator of a car may incur through damage to property or persons as the result of an accident. There are many specific forms of automobile insurance, varying not only in the kinds of risk that they cover but also in the legal principles underlying them.

In “plain” English, this means coverage that is carried by someone who is driving a motor vehicle that is involved in an accident that causes property damage or personal injury to someone.

Currently, New Hampshire and Wisconsin do not have “compulsory auto insurance liability laws”. Simply put, this means that these states do not require licensed drivers (and there should not be any other kind of driver) to have some type of auto insurance policy that provides at least minimum coverage. The remaining 48 states do have such insurance laws in effect.

You should check with the state you live in if you have questions concerning whether or not you are required to have auto insurance, and also to determine if you are required to have a certain amount of coverage. If you are required to have a certain amount, you will then need to check to see if there is a minimum amount and maximum amount.