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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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VValve jobVehicle Standards
V engineValve keeperVehicle system
V maxValve keyVehicle tax
V RMSValve lapperVehicle weight
V type engineValve lapping compoundVehicle Weight Rating
V-10Valve lashVelocipede
V-12Valve liftVelocity
V-16Valve lifterVelocity joint
V-4Valve lockVelocity ratio
V-6Valve marginVelocity stack
V-8Valve oil sealVelocity universal joint
V-band clampValve opensVena contracta
V-belt driveValve overlapVent
V-brakeValve plateVent port
V-eightValve portVent slot
V-eight engineValve principleVent wing
V-engineValve retainerVented brake disc
V-fourValve rotatorVentilate
V-four engineValve seatVentilated brakes
V-pulleyValve seat cutterVentilated discs
V-sixValve seat faceVentilation
V-six engineValve seat grindingVentilation slot
V-sixteenValve seat insertVentilation system
V-sixteen engineValve seat ringVenting
V-tenValve shimVentiport
V-ten engineValve shim pliersVenture
V-threadValve slotVenturi
V-twelveValve spoolVenturi tube
V-twelve engineValve springVenturi vacuum
V-twinValve spring capVenturi vacuum amplifier
V-type compressorValve spring collarVER
V-type engineValve spring compressorVernier caliper
V-x engineValve spring depressorVernier gauge
VAValve spring lifterVersion
VacValve spring retainerVERTAC-process
Vac servoValve spring seatVertical keel
Vac servo unitValve stemVertical keiretsu
VacuumValve stem sealVertical position
Vacuum activatorsValve stem seal installerVertical tire clearance
Vacuum advanceValve stem seal pliersVessel
Vacuum advance mechanismValve switchVeteran car
Vacuum advance unitValve systemVG
Vacuum assisted brakeValve tappetVgc
Vacuum assisted brakesValve timingVHV
Vacuum boosterValve tipVI
Vacuum brake boosterValve trainVibration
Vacuum capsuleValve umbrellaVibration arrestors
Vacuum chamberValve, expansionVibration damper
Vacuum check valveValve, serviceVibration mounting
Vacuum controlValve, solenoidVicat softening temperature
Vacuum control switchValve, suctionVicat test method
Vacuum control systemValve, waterVICC
Vacuum control unitValve-in-head engineVice
Vacuum control valveValves-in-receiver unitVice grips
Vacuum delay valveValvetrainVictoria
Vacuum differential valveVanView
Vacuum filterVan camperVIN
Vacuum gageVaneVintage car
Vacuum gaugeVane air temperature sensorVIR
Vacuum hoseVane air-flow meterVirgin resin
Vacuum hublockVane pumpVis-a-vis
Vacuum ignition-timing controlVane switchVisco-control unit
Vacuum modulated EGRVane wheel impellerVisco-differential
Vacuum modulatorVane-in-rotor pumpViscoelastic materials
Vacuum motorVane-in-stator pumpViscometer
Vacuum operated exhaust heat control valveVanes compressorViscosimeter
Vacuum power motorVanity mirrorViscosity
Vacuum power unitVanity plateViscosity cup
Vacuum pumpVaporViscosity index
Vacuum reducer valveVapor barrierViscosity index improver
Vacuum regulator valve three and four-portVapor canisterViscous
Vacuum regulator valve two-portVapor degreasingViscous coupling
Vacuum reservoirVapor depositionViscous coupling differential
Vacuum restrictorVapor injectionViscous mode
Vacuum retardVapor linesViscous transmission
Vacuum retard delay valveVapor lockVise
Vacuum retard unitVapor pressureVise grips
Vacuum runout pointVapor pressure curveVisibility
Vacuum sealing apparatusVapor recirculationVisor
Vacuum sensorVapor recirculation systemViton-tipped needle
Vacuum servoVapor recoveryVitreous enamel
Vacuum solenoidVapor recovery systemVitreous enamelling
Vacuum suction cupVapor recyclingVLCC
Vacuum suspended power boosterVapor separatorVOC
Vacuum switchVapor withdrawalVoice alert system
Vacuum switching valveVapor, saturatedVoice recognition
Vacuum tankVaporizationVoisin
Vacuum timing controlVaporizeVoiture Legere
Vacuum transmitting valveVARIVoiturette
Vacuum unitVariableVolatile
Vacuum valveVariable air volume controllerVolatile liquid
Vacuum vent valveVariable assist power steeringVolatile organic compounds
VAFVariable assist steeringVolatility
ValanceVariable belt transmissionVolkswagen
Valet parkingVariable displacement compressorVolt
Valet switchVariable dwellVoltage
ValueVariable exhaust portVoltage circuit
Value addedVariable hole cutterVoltage control
Value of shipmentVariable intake manifoldVoltage drop
ValveVariable limited-slip axle/center differentialVoltage regulator
Valve actuationVariable pitch pulleyVoltage reserve
Valve adjusting screwVariable pitch statorVoltage tester
Valve and transducer assemblyVariable rate springsVoltage transformer
Valve angleVariable ratio steeringVoltammeter
Valve apertureVariable reluctance sensorVoltmeter
Valve assemblyVariable springVolume
Valve blockVariable transmissionVolume car
Valve bodyVariable valve actuationVolume control
Valve body housingVariable valve timingVolume control screw
Valve body separator plateVariable volume induction system intake configurationVolume induction system intake configuration
Valve bounceVariable-choke carburetorVolume sampling
Valve bushingVariable-venturiVolumetric efficiency
Valve capVariable-venturi carburetorVoluntary Export Restraint
Valve carburetorVariomatic transmissionVoluntary Restraint Agreement
Valve clearanceVarnishVolute
Valve clearance depressionVATVolute casing
Valve closesVauxhallVolvo
Valve coreVBRAVortex flow
Valve coverVCVortex generator
Valve cover gasketVCK-VVortex tube
Valve crownVCVVortex tube refrigeration
Valve cut-outVDAVR
Valve diameterVDOTVR engine
Valve durationVDVVRA
Valve engineVEVRDV
Valve extensionVECIVRESER
Valve faceVectorVREST
Valve floatVector potentialVRS
Valve followerVee engineVRV
Valve gearVee-beltVSS
Valve grinderVeeder rootVSV
Valve grindingVegaVT
Valve grinding compoundVehicleVTEC Valve system
Valve grinding toolVehicle Builders and Repairers AssociationVTV
Valve guideVehicle dynamicsVulcanization
Valve guide driverVehicle Emission Control InformationVulcanize
Valve guide reamerVehicle Identification NumberVulcanizing
Valve guide removerVehicle LicensingVulcanizing sealer
Valve guide sealVehicle Licensing AgencyVV carburetor
Valve headVehicle Licensing CenterVVA
Valve holeVehicle registration documentVVV
Valve in head engineVehicle SafetyVW
Valve inductionVehicle Safety Act 
Valve induction timingVehicle speed sensor 

Total number of terms starting with V: 430


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