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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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SSide radiator guardSpring booster
S-portSide railSpring bow
S.V.Side ringSpring bracket
SASide rodSpring brake
SA-FVSide scoopSpring caliper
SaabSide shaftSpring cap
Sacco panelsSide shakeSpring choke
Sacrificial anodeSide shiftSpring clip
Sacrificial protectionSide skirtSpring clutch
SaddleSide stepSpring collar
Saddle anatomicSide stylingSpring compressor
Saddle gelSide valveSpring depressor
Saddle tankSide windowSpring divider
Saddle valveSide-hung floatSpring eye
SaddlebagSide-lift jackSpring hanger
SAESide-valve engineSpring lifter
SAE gross bhpSidecarSpring loaded
SAE gross horsepowerSidedraft carburetorSpring lock
SAE horsepowerSidedraught carburetorSpring lock washer
SAE net bhpSidelampSpring mounting
SAE net horsepowerSidelightSpring rate
SAE steelsSidelight podSpring retainer
Safe stop wheelSidepull brakeSpring seat
SafetySideswipeSpring shackle
Safety ActSidewallSpring steel
Safety bead seatSight glassSpring tool
Safety beltSighting point gaugeSpring washer
Safety canSigma weldingSpring windup
Safety catchSignalSpring-biased
Safety chainsSignal amplifierSpringer fork
Safety Compliance Certification LabelSignal indicatorSpringing
Safety controlSignal lightSprings
Safety factorSignal light warning lightSprint
Safety featuresSILSprocket
Safety glassSilencerSprocket wheel
Safety gogglesSilencer shaftSprung mass
Safety harnessSilencer-tailpipe toolSprung weight
Safety hubSilent chainSpur differential
Safety hubsSilicaSpur gear
Safety ledgeSilica gelSpurt hole
Safety motor controlSilica sandSpyder
Safety pinSiliconSQ
Safety plugSilicon carbideSq. ft.
Safety pressure capSilicon gloveSq. in.
Safety reflectorSilicon steelSquab
Safety relief valveSilicon-controlled rectifierSquab panel
Safety rimSiliconeSquab shelf
Safety seatSilicone adhesivesSquare
Safety steering columnSilicone brake fluidSquare engine
Safety strapSilicone-rubber sealantSquare jetting
Safety switchSillSquare key
Safety valveSill coverSquare tapered bottom bracket
Safety VehicleSill end pieceSquare-four engine
Safety wheelSill membraneSquat
Safety, activeSill panelSqueak
SagSill stiffenerSqueal
Sag wagonSill structureSqueal shim
SaggingSillment sealSqueegee
Sagging doorSilver brazingSquib
SagsSilver solderSquid
Sainte ClaireSimple circuitSquirrel cage
SALA suspensionSimple tappetSquirt box
SalesSimplex chainSquirt hole
Sales valueSimpson gear setSquish
SaloonSimpson planetary gear setSquish band
Salt fog testingSine wave, AC currentSquish zone
Salt spray chamberSingleSr
Salt spray testingSingle barrelSR sheathed glow plug
Salt water splashSingle barrel carburetorSR&ED
SalvagedSingle beadSRS
SamplingSingle coatSRS warning light
SandSingle leading brake shoeSS
Sand blastSingle overhead camSSAE
Sand castingSingle overhead camshaftSSC
Sand scratchSingle point injectionSSI
Sand scratch swellingSingle rate springST
Sand scratchesSingle roller chainStab braking
Sand scratchingSingle wire circuitStability
SandblastingSingle wire systemStabilize
SandingSingle-anchor self-energizing brakeStabilizer bar
Sanding blockSingle-barrelStabilizer belt
SandpaperSingle-barrel carburetorStabilizer link
Sandwich constructionSingle-bed 3-way catalytic converterStabilizing plies
Sandwich laminateSingle-bed oxidizing converterStack
SAPSingle-circuit braking systemStage
SASSingle-coil twin ignitionStagecoach
SASESingle-connector systemStaged carburetors
SatelliteSingle-cut fileStagger
Saturated vaporSingle-cylinder engineStainless steel
SaturationSingle-decker busStainless-steel exhaust system
Saturation periodSingle-grade oilStainless-steel mesh
SaturnSingle-leaf springStake
Saver spareSingle-line braking systemStaked nut
Saver wheelSingle-overhead camStalk
Saving tireSingle-overhead camshaftStall
Saybolt viscometerSingle-phase motorStall speed
SBSingle-piece rimStall test
SBRSingle-piece wheelStall torque
SBSSingle-pivot steeringStall torque ratio
SCSingle-plate clutchStamping
Scab corrosionSingle-pole, double-throw switchStance
ScaleSingle-pole, single-throw switchStanchion tube
Scale free systemSingle-spark ignition coilStand
Scale rustSingle-stage compressorStand proud
ScanSingle-throw switch single-poleStandard
Scan buttonSingle-tube shock absorberStandard air
Scan toolSingle-wheel suspensionStandard atmosphere
ScanimetSingletrackStandard conditions
ScannerSinkStandard equipment
Scatter shieldSink inStandard Industrial Classification
ScavengeSinterStandard rim
Scavenger pumpSintered bronzeStandard transmission
ScavengingSintered metal brake padStandard wheel
Scavenging jetSipeStandard Whitworth
Scavenging lossesSIRStandard work week
Scavenging passageSissy barStandards
Scavenging pictureSister shipsStandards Organization
Scavenging portSiteStanding proud
Scavenging pumpSitting positionStanding start
Scavenging systemSixStanyl
Scavenging valveSix bangerStanza
SCCSix-cylinder engineStar
SchematicSix-light sedanStar wheel
Schnürle scavengingSix-speedStarlet
SchneiderSix-speed shifterStart
Schrader valveSix-speed transmissionStart boosting
Scientific Research and Experimental Development ProgramSixteenStart bypass
Scissors jackSixteen valve engineStart enrichment
ScoopSizeStart from rest
ScooterSize designationStart injector
ScopeSize markingStarter
ScoreSize markingsStarter drive
ScoredSkate boardStarter inhibitor switch
ScoringSkegStarter interlock
Scotch yokeSkeleton constructionStarter lockout
SCRSkewerStarter motor
ScrapSki flapStarter punch
Scrap dealerSkidStarter ring gear
Scrap metalSkid braking systemStarter solenoid
Scrap pileSkid depthStarter switch
Scrap yardSkid lidStarter switch control cable
ScraperSkid markStarting
Scraper ringSkid padStarting carburetor
ScrappageSkid plateStarting handle
ScratchSkidpadStarting interlock
Scratch swellingSkidpanStarting relay
ScratchesSkinStarting switch
ScratchingSkin condenserStarting system
ScreamerSkin frictionStarting torque
ScreenSkinningStarting winding
Screen bulkheadSkinsStarvation
Screw extractorSkirt expanderState car
Screw pitch gaugeSkirt expandingState controller
Screw pumpSkirt pistonState indicator
Screw starterSkiveState of charge
Screw-holding screwdriverSkylarkStated residual value
ScrewdriverSkylightStatic balance
Screwdriver bitSLStatic belt
ScribeSLA suspensionStatic electricity
ScriberSlackStatic friction
ScrivetSlag inclusionsStatic head
Scrub radiusSlant engineStatic high-voltage distribution
ScrubberSlapStatic ignition timing
ScrubbingSlapperStatic loaded radius
ScuffSlatted grilleStatic pressure
Scuff plateSlave con rodStatic seal
Scuff ribSlave cylinderStatic shield
Sculpture lineSledStatic timing
ScuppersSledge hammerStation
ScuttleSleeveStation button
Scuttle panelSleeve bearingStation memory
Scuttle sectionSleeve nutStation wagon
Scuttle shakeSleeve valveStationary blade compressor
Scuttle side panelSlewed axlesStator
SDSlickStator roller clutch
SDCSlideStator, motor
SDVSlide caliperStay
SESlide carburetorStd
Sea chestSlide hammerSteady
Sea trialsSlide valveStealer
Sea worthinessSlide-in camperStealth bra
SealSlider caliperSteam clean
Seal installerSlider caliper discSteam engine
Seal leakSlider caliper disc brakeSteam heating
Seal pliersSliding caliperSteam injection system
Seal ringSliding contactsSteam jet refrigeration
Seal with garter springSliding fitSteam trap
Seal, shaftSliding frictionStearns-Knight
SealantSliding gearSteel
Sealed beamSliding jointSteel backing
Sealed beam headlightSliding side windowSteel belted radial
Sealed beam unitSliding T-barSteel belted radial tire
Sealed bearingSliding weightSteel body
Sealed bottom bracketSliding-caliper disc brakeSteel casting
Sealed unitSliding-fitSteel pack muffler
SealerSliding-mesh gearboxSteel strip
SealingSliding-pillar suspensionSteel strut
Sealing apparatusSliding-vane pumpSteel thrust belt
Sealing bathSling psychrometerSteel type
Sealing cellSlingerSteel wheel
Sealing compoundSlingshotSteep angle
Sealing smutSlipSteep angles
Sealing stripSlip angleSteer
SeamSlip differentialSteer effect
Seam sealantSlip frictionSteerer tube
Seam sealingSlip jointSteering
Seam sealing cellSlip joint pliersSteering angle
Seamed tubingSlip ringSteering arm
Seamless tubingSlip rollSteering axis
Seasonal energy efficiency ratioSlip streamSteering axis inclination
SeatSlip tankSteering axle
Seat adjusterSlip the clutchSteering box
Seat beltSlip-control differentialSteering column
Seat belt anchorageSlip-in bearingSteering column controls
Seat belt systemSlip-onSteering column gearchange
Seat belt tensionerSlip-ring end bracketSteering damper
Seat belt warning lightSlipper pistonSteering feel
Seat clusterSlop tankSteering gain
Seat cover clipSloperSteering gear
Seat cover S-hookSloping headlightSteering gear arm
Seat coversSlotSteering gear shaft
Seat cushionSlotted pistonSteering gearbox
Seat cutterSlow chargingSteering geometry
Seat diameterSlow down indicatorSteering head
Seat faceSlow leakSteering input
Seat grindingSlow-runningSteering kickback
Seat insertSludgeSteering knuckle
Seat matSlugSteering knuckle angle
Seat panSluggingSteering knuckle arm
Seat panelSluggishSteering linkage
Seat railSluggish accelerationSteering lock
Seat rail consoleSlushSteering overall ratio
Seat ringSlush boxSteering pump
Seat runnerSlush moldingSteering rack
Seat skinSlushboxSteering ratio
Seat taperSmall endSteering response
Seat tubeSmall end bearingSteering rod
Seat wellSmall-block engineSteering shaft
Seat-integrated belt systemSMCSteering spindle
Seat-integrated seat belt systemSmellSteering support
Seating capacitySMMTSteering support structure
SeatpostSmogSteering swivel
Seatpost binder boltSmokeSteering system
SeatsSmoke meterSteering wheel
SeatstaySmoke testSteering wheel and brake lock
SeatstaysSmokey on four legsSteering wheel balance
Seaworthiness certificateSMPISteering wheel centering
SecondSmutSteering wheel damper
Second gearSnSteering wheel puller
Second law of thermodynamicsSnail-cam chain adjusterSteering, Ackermann
Second ruleSnakeSteering-swivel axis
Secondary airSnake biteSteering-swivel inclination
Secondary batterySnap fastenerStellite
Secondary brake shoeSnap ringStem
Secondary braking systemSnap-splice connectorStem length
Secondary cellSnatchStem rise
Secondary circuitSnickingStem seal
Secondary compressionSnipeStem seal installer
Secondary damageSnipe-nose pliersStem seal pliers
Secondary failureSnipsStem, threaded
Secondary keySnowStem, threadless
Secondary patternSnow chain switchStep
Secondary pistonSnow chainsStep feeler gauge
Secondary pumpSnow tireStep gearing
Secondary refrigerating systemSnowbirdStep on it
Secondary sealSnubberStep on the accelerator
Secondary shoeSoakStep on the gas pedal
Secondary visorSoaking timeStep on the throttle pedal
Secondary windingSoapstoneStep plate
Secondary wireSocietyStep steering input
Secondary wiresSociety of Automotive EngineersStep-through
Secondary, reverse shoeSociety of Motor Manufacturers and TradersStepless transmission
SectionSockStepped compression ring
Section damageSock filterStepped piston
Section heightSocketStepped planet gear
Section repairSocket bitStepper motor
Section widthSocket driverStepside truck
SectorSocket jointSteradian
Sector shaftSocket spannerStereo
Security systemSocket wrenchSteri lamp
SedanSodium cooled valveSterling
SedimentSodium-cooled exhaust valveStern
Seebeck effectSodium-cooled valveStern cruiser
SeedSodium-sulphur batteryStern frame
SeekSoft face hammerStern transom
SEFISoft paintStern tube
SeizeSoft topStern, clearwater
SeizureSoft trimSternpost
Select valveSoft-sided trailerSternway
Select-low principleSoft-top trailerStethoscope
Selective absorber surfaceSoftening agentStevens Duryea
Selective corrosionSoftening pointSteyr
Selective transmissionSoftening temperatureSTI shifters
Selector forkSolar carStick shift
Selector indicatorSolar cellSticker
Selector leverSolar collectorSticker price
Selector lever lockSolar energy systemsSticking
Selector rodSolar generatorSticky clutch
Self testSolar heatStiction
Self-aligning torqueSolder jointStiff nut
Self-cancelling indicatorSolder paddleStiffener
Self-centeringSolder paintStiffness
Self-centering effectSolderingStiffness under flexure
Self-cleaningSoldering fluxStill-air pocket
Self-cleaning limitSoldering ironStillson wrench
Self-cleaning treadSole proprietorshipStink-bomb smell
Self-diagnosisSolenoidStirling engine
Self-diagnostic codeSolenoid starter switchStirring paddle
Self-energizingSolenoid valveStirrup bolt
Self-energizing actionSolenoid vent valveStirrup cable
Self-energizing brakeSolidStitching
Self-energizing brake shoeSolid brake discStock
Self-gripSolid disc wheelStock car
Self-grip pliersSolid fuel heatingStocker
Self-ignitionSolid heightStoichiometric
Self-inductanceSolid injectionStoichiometric ratio
Self-inductionSolid paintStone
Self-induction back-voltageSolid phase pressure formingStone chip damage
Self-learningSolid propellantStone deflector
Self-levelling shock absorberSolid stateStone guard
Self-levelling strutSolid state controllerStone shield
Self-levelling suspensionSolid state ignition systemStop
Self-locking nutSolid tireStop leak
Self-operating clutchSolid-mountedStop light
Self-parkingSolid-state controlled ice makerStop solenoid
Self-parking wiperSolid-state electronic relaysStop valve
Self-priming pumpSolid-state ignitionStop wheel
Self-regulating sheathed-type glow plugSolidityStop-and-go penalty
Self-sustaining shipSolo seatStopper
Self-tapping screwSoluble anodeStopper plate
Self-trimming shipSolutionStopping distance
Self-unloaderSolution pressureStorage
Self-vulcanizationSolventStorage battery
SellingSolvent popStorage cell
SemSolvent poppingStore
SEMASolvent reactivationStormer
Semaphore indicatorSolvent resistanceStove
Semi-active suspensionSonic idlingStoving
Semi-automatic frost controlSonic throttlingStowage
Semi-automatic transmissionSonoscopeStp
Semi-centrifugal release fingerSooted plugStraddle cable
Semi-centrifugal release fingersSooty plugStraight cut gears
Semi-dieselSound absorptionStraight eight
Semi-drop center rimSound metalStraight engine
Semi-drop center rim taperSound tracerStraight head chipping hammer
Semi-drying oilSounding pipeStraight pattern snips
Semi-elliptic leaf springSoundproofing materialStraight polarity
Semi-elliptic springSouped upStraight six
Semi-elliptic springsSoupingStraight time
Semi-floating axleSourceStraight weight
Semi-independent suspensionSource lampStraight weight engine oil
Semi-metallic liningSouth poleStraight-cut gear
Semi-race camSouth pole, magneticStraight-line speed
Semi-tractorSpaceStraight-line stability
Semi-trailerSpace frameStraight-line tracking
Semi-trailing armSpace saver spareStraight-through side styling
Semi-trailing arm suspensionSpace saver wheelStraight-through silencer
Semi-trailing linkSpace saving tireStraight-weight oil
SemiconductorSpace wagonStraightedge
Semiconductor ignition systemSpace-saving spare wheelStraightened panel
Semihermetic compressorSpacerStraightening bench
SendSpacer entry EGR systemStraightening kit
Send testSpacer plateStraightening set
SenderSpacer ringStrain
Sending unitSpacer washerStrain in the drive train
Sendzimir processSpacingStrainer
Senna, AyrtonSpade terminalStrake
Sensible heatSpallingStrand
Sensing deviceSpannerStrangler
Sensitive bulbSpareStrap
Sensitive limited slip differentialSpare partStrap drive
SensorSpare tireStrap wrench
Sensor flapSpare tire carrierStratification of air
Sensor plateSpare wheelStratified charge
Sensor systemSpare wheel wellStratified charge engine
Sensor system thermo-switchSpares carStraw
SentraSpark advanceStreak
Separate chassisSpark air gapStream
Separate lubricationSpark angleStreamline
Separate-application adhesiveSpark arresterStreet bike
SeparationSpark breakawayStreet car
Separation solid tireSpark controlStreet fighter
SeparatorSpark control computerStreet rod
Separator assembly-fuel vacuumSpark currentStreet version
Separator plateSpark delay valveStrength
Separator, oilSpark discharge voltageStrength deck
SeparatorsSpark durationStrengthening buttress
SequenceSpark gapStress
Sequence controlsSpark gap coil testerStress concentration
Sequence testSpark headStress corrosion cracking
Sequential electronic fuel injectionSpark ignitionStress cracking
Sequential fuel injectionSpark ignition angleStress fracturing
Sequential sparkSpark ignition engineStress line
Serial numberSpark knockStress lines
SeriesSpark mapStress relieving
Series circuitSpark methodStressed body
Series parallel circuitSpark plugStressed member
Series-parallel circuitSpark plug bodyStretch limo
Serpentine beltSpark plug bootStrike
Serrated shaftSpark plug boot pullerStriker
SerrationSpark plug brushStriker plate
ServiceSpark plug cableStriking blow
Service brakeSpark plug cable cover stripString
Service codesSpark plug cable loomStringer
Service historySpark plug cable markerStringer bar
Service hoseSpark plug cable separatorStrip
Service intervalSpark plug capStripe
Service lifeSpark plug conditionStriper
Service manifoldSpark plug electrodeStriping tool
Service manualSpark plug gapStripped down
Service portSpark plug gaugeStripper
Service stationSpark plug insert tapStripper/crimper tool
Service valveSpark plug insulatorStrippers
Service writerSpark plug leadStripping stock
Serviceable hermeticSpark plug pliersStrobe lamp
ServicesSpark plug shellStrobe light
ServicingSpark plug socketStroboscope
ServoSpark plug spannerStroboscopic ignition timing
Servo action brakeSpark plug testerStroke
Servo action brakesSpark plug whiskeringStroke cycle
Servo brakeSpark plug wireStroke cycle engine
Servo motorSpark plug wire cover stripStroke engine
Servo unitSpark plug wire loomStroke intake
Servo-action drum brakeSpark plug wire markerStroke intake tract
Servo-assistedSpark plug wire separatorStroke power
ServomechanismSpark plug wrenchStroke power cycle
ServosSpark positionStroked
SetSpark rateStroked crankshaft
Set screwSpark retardStroker
Set-upSpark timingStroking
Setter hammerSpark timing systemStromberg carburetor
SettingSpark voltageStructural part
Setting timeSpark-angle mapStructure
SettleSparkplugStructure component
SevenSpatStrut bar
SevilleSpatterStrut rod
Sew up tireSpdStrut tower
Sew-up tireSPD compatibleStub axle
SFSPD-R compatibleStubby screwdriver
SFISpeaker enclosureStud end
SGSpeaker grillStud extractor
ShackleSpecStud hole
ShadeSpec seriesStud puller
ShadebandSpecial bodyStud remover
Shaded-pole motorSpecial Import Measures ActStudebaker
ShaftSpecial ledgeStuffing box
Shaft distributorSpecial mileage tireStuffing-box packing
Shaft driveSpecial servicesStumble
Shaft jackingSpecialeStutz
Shaft safetySpecialty repair shopSTV
Shaft safety strapSpecific activityStyle
Shaft sealSpecific fuel consumptionStyleside truck
Shaft sleeveSpecific gravityStyling
Shaft-drive systemSpecific heatStyling kit
Shaft-to-cage couplingSpecific heat capacitySU carburetor
Shaft-to-shaft couplingSpecific speedSub frame
ShakeSpecific volumeSub-compact
Shake the leavesSpecificationSub-throttle
Shakey townSpecificationsSubaru
Shallow angleSpecsSubassembly
Shallow anglesSpectacle frameSubcooling
Shallow pitsSpectrumSubframe
Shammy leatherSpecular finishSublimation
ShankSpecular glossSubmarining
Shank lengthSpeech synthesizerSubplate
Shape templateSpeed adjustmentSubsidiary petal
ShaperSpeed braceSubsidized lease
ShapingSpeed categorySubstance
ShareSpeed circuitSubstation
Shared componentSpeed controlSubstrate
SharingSpeed control vacuum advanceSubstructure
SharkSpeed directSubvented lease
Shark toothSpeed direct injectionSuction
Shark tooth pliersSpeed limitSuction chamber
ShaveSpeed limiterSuction cup
ShavingSpeed nutSuction cup dent puller
ShearSpeed ratingSuction head
Shear boltSpeed ratioSuction lift
Shear pinSpeed screwSuction line
Shear testSpeed sensorSuction pipe
ShearsSpeed stabilizerSuction pressure
Sheath flameSpeed symbolSuction pressure control valve
Sheathed glow plugSpeed tractionSuction service valve
Sheathed-type glow plugSpeed traction controlSuction side
Shedder drip moldingSpeed transmissionSuction throttling
SheerSpeed-sensitive steeringSuction throttling valve
Sheer strakeSpeed-sensitive wiper systemSuction valve
SheetSpeederSuction valve grinder
Sheet metalSpeedoSuction-feed spray gun
Sheet metal blankSpeedo cableSuggested
Sheet metal clampSpeedometerSuggested retail
Sheet metal cutterSpeedometer cableSuggested retail price
Sheet metal folderSpeedometer drive cableSuicide door
Sheet metal remainsSpeedometer headSuicide doors
Sheet metal rollerSpeedsterSuiza
Sheet molding compoundSpeedwaySulphate
Sheet wheelSpent gasSump
ShelbySphereSump drain plug
Shelby CobraSpherical combustion chamberSump gasket
ShelfSPISump guard
Shelf lifeSpicerSump lubrication
Shelf panelSpiderSump plug
ShellSpider gearSun
Shell bearingSpigotSun and planet gears
Shell expansionSpigot bearingSun car
Shell platingSpigot mountingSun gear
Shell type condenserSpillover pointSun visor
Shell-and-tube flooded evaporatorsSpinSun wheel
Shelter deckSpin galvanizingSun-and-planet gears
SherardizingSpin imbalanceSunbeam
ShieldSpin reculationSunbird
Shielded arcSpindleSunroof
ShieldingSpindle capSunroof aperture panel
ShiftSpine frameSunroof deflector shield
Shift cablesSpine-backSunroof top
Shift downSpinnerSunshield
Shift forkSpinner handleSuper
Shift forksSpinner knobSuper car
Shift gateSpinoutSuper randonneur
Shift gearSpiral bevel gearSuper stock
Shift indicator lightSpiral casingSuperbike
Shift interlockSpiral wrapped pinSupercab
Shift intoSpiral-type glow plugSupercharge
Shift leverSpirit levelSupercharged Engine
Shift linkageSpiritsSupercharger
Shift lockSpkrsSupercharging
Shift on the flySplashSupercrew
Shift pointSplash and pressureSuperheat
Shift railSplash and pressure systemSuperheat switch
Shift railsSplash apronSuperheated
Shift upSplash guardSuperheated vapor
Shift valveSplash lubricationSuperspeedway
ShifterSplash panelSupplemental restraint inflatable air-bag system
Shifter forkSplash shieldSupplemental restraint system
Shifter knobSplash systemSupplementary inflatable restraint
Shifter linkageSplash system, oilingSupplier
Shifter mechanismSplash zoneSupplier cost reduction effort
Shifter, bar endSplashed graphicsSupply
Shifter, down tubeSplayed crankpinsSupply pump
Shifter, ErgopowerSplayed springSupply tank
Shifter, STISplineSupply voltage
Shifter-brake leverSpline jointSupport
Shifter/brake leverSplined bottom bracketSupport bracket
ShiftersSplined hubSupport panel
Shifters/brake lever comboSplined jointSupport stay
ShiftingSplined shaftSupport structure
Shifting boardSplitSupports
ShimSplit bearingSuppressed
Shim pliersSplit bearing attachmentSuppressed spark
Shim under bucketSplit bench seatSuppressed spark plugs
Shim-type head gasketsSplit brakingSuppressor
ShimmySplit braking systemSurface
Shingler's hammerSplit collarSurface discharge plug
Shiny sideSplit electrode spark plugSurface dry
ShipSplit folding rear seatsSurface flag
ShipmentSplit hydraulic brake systemSurface gap
Shipments, value ofSplit loomSurface gap spark plug
ShipsSplit manifoldSurface ignition
ShockSplit pinSurface plate
Shock absorberSplit propshaftSurface resistance
Shock absorber towerSplit rear seatsSurface spoon
Shock absorbersSplit rimSurface tack
ShocksSplit screenSurface treatment
ShoeSplit singleSurface-mounted speaker
Shoe grinderSplit skirtSurface-type filter
Shoe heelSplit skirt pistonSurfacer
Shoe return springSplit spraySurfaces
Shoe toeSplit systemSurge
ShoesSplit typeSurge line
ShooterSplit washerSurge tank
ShootersSplit-friction road surfacesSurround
Shooting brakeSplit-lit-type rear main seal bearingSuspension
ShopSplit-phase motorSuspension aids
Shop primerSplit-system master cylinderSuspension link
ShoppingSplit-window BeetleSuspension mounting
Shopping carSplitterSuspension raft
ShoreSplittingSuspension sphere
Shore hardnessSplitting chiselSuspension strut
ShortSplitting lanesSuspension subframe
Short arcSplitting the casesSuspension system
Short armSplitting toolSuspension turret web
Short arm suspensionSpoilerSUT
Short arm/long arm suspensionSpoiler Stall AngleSUV
Short blockSpokeSuzuki
Short block engineSpoke assemblySV engine
Short circuitSpoke steel typeSVV
Short circuit between the platesSpoke typeSW
Short circuit groundSpoke wheelSwage line
Short circuitingSpoke wrenchSwaging
Short cyclingSpokesSwamp cooler
Short engineSpongeSwansea
Short stroke engineSponge rubber valveSwarf
Short tonSpongy brake pedalSwash bulkhead
Short trackSpongy leadSwash plate
Short-type distributorSpongy pedalSwash plate-wobble plate
ShortySpoolSway bar
Shot bagSpool balance valveSweat
Shot blastingSpool valveSweating
Shoulder beltSport and Imperial phaetonSweeper
ShovelheadSport coupeSweeping leaves
Show throughSport roadsterSweet water
Shredded wireSport tourerSwelling
ShrinkSport touring motorcycleSwept volume
Shrink fitSport utility vehicleSweptside
Shrink tubeSportbikeSwing
Shrink wrapSports carSwing arm suspension
ShrinkageSports racerSwing axle
ShrinkingSports tourerSwingarm
Shrinking dollySportsideSwinging caliper
Shrinking hammerSportsterSwinging shackle
ShroudSporty driving styleSwirl
ShudderSpotSwirl chamber
ShuntSpot facedSwirl combustion chamber
Shunt firingSpot glazingSwirl marks
Shunt windingSpot lampSwitch
ShuntingSpot weldSwitch control cable
ShutSpot weldingSwitching
Shut lineSpot-weld drillSwitching sensors
Shut-offSpot-weld removerSwitching valve
Shut-off switchSpot-welded flangeSwivel
ShutlinesSpotlightSwivel angle
ShutterSpottingSwivel axis
Shuttle valveSpotting inSwivel axis inclination
SISpoutSwivel ball
SI engineSprag brakeSwivel ball universal
SI unit systemSprag clutchSwivel ball universal joint
SiamesedSpraySwivel pin
SICSpray arcSylphon seal
SIDSpray bellSymbol
SiddeleySpray boothSymmetric rim
SideSpray chamberSymmetrical
Side aperture panelSpray coatingSynchromesh
Side bumper panelsSpray coolingSynchromesh transmission
Side clearanceSpray flapSynchronize
Side curtainSpray gunSynchronizer
Side cuttersSpray gun nozzle cleaning unitSynchronous motor
Side electrodeSpray mistSynergetic effect
Side flasherSpray patternSynergistic effect
Side forceSpray processSynthesizer
Side gearSpray testingSynthetic dust weight arrestance
Side impactSprayingSynthetic engine oil
Side impact air bagSpraying boothSynthetic oil
Side impact barSpraying viscositySynthetic rubber
Side impact dummySpreadSynthetic rubber, neoprene
Side impact intrusion beamSpread axleSystem
Side impact standardSpreaderSystem pressure regulator
Side marker lampSpreader springSystem scanner
Side marker lightSpringSystem thermo-switch
Side memberSpring and damper settingsSystem with electronic
Side moldingSpring balanceSystem with electronic spark
Side panelSpring barSystem with electronic spark timing
Side patternSpring beating 
Side pipeSpring beating spoon 

Total number of terms starting with S: 2005


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