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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


CCentrifuge brake drumsCompression gauge
C motorhomeCentripetal forceCompression head
C pillarCenturyCompression ignition
C postCEPACompression leakage
C spannerCeramicCompression molding
C-3Ceramic brake padCompression moulding
C-4 systemCeramic capacitorCompression ratio
C-clampCeramic filterCompression ring
C-matic transmissionCeramic fuelCompression spring
C-pillarCeramic honeycombCompression stroke
C-postCeramic ignitorCompression tester
C-spannerCeramic insulatorCompressor
C/lockingCeramic transducerCompressor control
C3ICeramicsCompressor cut-off switch
CACeramics processingCompressor discharge switch
CAACerenkov counterCompressor displacement
CAAMCerenkov detectorCompressor impeller
CABCerenkov radiationCompressor muffler
CabCermetCompressor pressure ratio
Cab chassisCERNCompressor ratio
Cab PlusCertificateCompressor seal
Cab-forward designCertificate of registryCompressor shaft seal
CabbageCertification LabelCompressor, centrifugal
CabinCesium cellCompressor, external drive
Cabin altitudeCesium clockCompressor, hermetic
Cabin blowerCesium-oxygen cellCompressor, multiple stage
Cabin differential pressureCetane numberCompressor, open type
Cabin forwardCetane ratingCompressor, reciprocating
Cabin pillarCeton filterCompressor, rotary
Cabin-forward designCFCCompressor, single-stage
CableCFC gasesComprex supercharger
Cable activatedCFIComputer
Cable brakeCFMComputer brake control
Cable buoyCGComputer command control
Cable clampChaferComputer command control system
Cable cover stripChafer stripComputer controlled coil ignition
Cable cutterChafing plateComputer controlled timing
Cable ductsChainComputer languages
Cable formChain breakerComputer-aided
Cable gripChain caseComputer-controlled
Cable guideChain driveCon
Cable lockChain filter wrenchCon rod
Cable loomChain guardCon rod bearing
Cable markerChain hoistConcave weld face
Cable operatedChain lockerConcealed headlamps
Cable railwayChain pipeConcealed headlights
Cable separatorChain pipe wrenchConcentration
Cable-angle indicatorChain runConcentric
Cable-laid ropeChain scrubberConcept car
Cable-stayed bridgeChain stopperConcept vehicle
Cable-wayChain switchConcho
CablecarChain tensionerConcours
CablesChain whipConcours d'elegance
CabrioletChain wrenchCond
CADChainringCondensate corrosion
Cadastral surveyChainring boltCondensate pump
CaddyChainring bolt circle diameterCondensation
CadenceChainring nut spannerCondense
Cadence brakingChainring teethCondenser
CadillacChainsCondenser comb
Cadillac 60 SpecialChainstayCondenser fan
Cadillac 61 Coupe FastbackChainstaysCondenser, air-cooled
Cadillac 62ChainwheelCondenser, water-cooled
Cadillac 75ChairCondensing furnace
Cadillac DeVilleChalkingCondensing pressure
Cadillac EldoradoChamberCondensing temperature
Cadillac Eldorado BroughamChamber recessCondensing unit
Cadillac SevilleChamber volumeCondensing unit service valves
Cadmium cellChamferCondition
Cadmium copperChamferedCondition-latched soft code
Cadmium photocellChamoisConditioned
Cadmium red lineChamois leatherConditioner
Cadmium-platedChamp carConditioning
CaesiumChange downConductance
Café chopChange gearConduction
Café racerChange intoConductive
CAFEChange of stateConductivity
CageChange the oilConductor
Cage pedalChange upCone
Cage rotorChange valveCone clutch
Cage windingChange-speed gearboxConfiguration
Cahode glowChangeoverConformation
Cailletet's processChangerConical
CAJADChangingConical seat
CakeChannelConnecting rod
CalChannel sectionConnecting rod bearing
CALChannelledConnecting rod shank
Calcium chlorideChapman strutConnector
Calcium sulphateCharacter lineConnector system
Calcium tungstate screenCharacteristic mapConscious
CalculationCharacteristics of materialsConsistency
CaliberCharcoal canisterConstant depression
CalibrateCharcoal filterConstant idle system
Calibrated airspeedCharcoal trapConstant mesh gear
CalibrationChargeConstant mesh gearbox
Calibration oilCharge airConstant mesh gears
CalibreCharge air coolingConstant vacuum
California wheelCharge changingConstant velocity joint
CaliperCharge engineConstant velocity universal joint
Caliper discCharge exchange processConstant voltage regulator
Caliper disc brakeCharge indicatorConstant volume sampling
Caliper gaugeCharge lossesConstant-depression
Caliper mounting bracketCharge temperatureConstant-radius turn
CalkCharge-air recyclingConstant-vacuum
CallChargedConstant-volume sampling
CalliperCharged batteryConstantan
CalorescenceChargerConstricted tube
Calorific valueChargingConstruction
CalorimeterCharging boardConsumer factors
CamCharging characteristicConsumer Products Safety Commission
CAMCharging circuitConsumption
CAM (2)Charging currentConsumption indicator
Cam angleCharging efficiencyContact
Cam beltCharging hoseContact area
Cam chainCharging pistonContact arm
Cam designCharging pointContact bounce
Cam engineCharging pressureContact breaker
Cam faceCharging pumpContact breaker gap
Cam followerCharging rateContact breaker plate
Cam ground pistonCharging stationContact breaker point
Cam heelCharging strokeContact cement
Cam lobeCharging systemContact chatter
Cam lobesCharles's lawContact controlled electronic ignition
Cam lubricatorCharpy testContact gap
Cam profileChartContact patch
Cam rollerChaseContact pattern
Cam-and-lever steeringChassisContact point
Cam-and-peg steeringChassis bracket setContact points
Cam-and-roller steeringChassis cabContact set
Cam-ground pistonChassis channelContact spring
Cam/rockerChassis configurationContact zone
CamaroChassis dynamometerContacting surfaces
CamberChassis frameContactless electronic ignition
Camber thrustChassis legContactless ignition
Cambered axleChassis lubricationContainer
CamelChassis numberContainer ship
Camel Grand Touring PrototypeChassis sectionContainerization
CameroCheck armContent
CampaigningCheck ballConti tire system
CamperCheck engine lightContinental
CampingCheck engine warning lightContinental tire
Camping trailerCheck pointContinental-type fuse
CamryCheck routineContinuous AC Ignition System
CamshaftCheck stopContinuous cycle absorption system
Camshaft bearingCheck strapContinuous injection system
Camshaft driveCheck the batteryContinuous weld
Camshaft drive beltCheck the oilContinuously variable transmission
Camshaft drive sprocketCheck valveContour
Camshaft end playCheckered flagContrôle
Camshaft engineCheckingContract carrier
Camshaft gearCheckupContracting-band brake
Camshaft housingCheese headContraction
Camshaft journalChemical brighteningContre
Camshaft pulleyChemical cureContre pente
Camshaft sprocketChemical curingContre pente on both bead seats
CanChemical polishingControl
Canada-U.S. Free Trade AgreementChemical refrigerationControl arm
Canadian Automotive Repair and Service CouncilChemical stainingControl arms
Canadian cross border shoppingChemical toiletControl block
Canadian Environmental Protection ActChenard-WalckerControl box
CancellationCherryControl cable
CandelaCherry conditionControl computer
CandleChestControl element
Candle powerChevelleControl head
Candy apple paintChevroletControl Information
Candy paintChevrolet CamaroControl knob
CanisterChevrolet CelebrityControl link
Canister air filterChevrolet ChevelleControl module
Canister purge shut-off valveChevrolet CorvairControl orifice valve
Canister purge solenoidChevrolet CorvetteControl plunger
Canister purge valveChevrolet Monte CarloControl pressure
Canned motor pumpChevrolet NomadControl ring
CannibalizeChevrolet NovaControl screw
CanningChevrolet typeControl seam
Cannular combustion chamberChicken coopControl stalk
Canonical assemblyChicken lightsControl switch
CanopyChild bike seatControl system
CantChild restraint systemControl unit
Cant beamChild safetyControl vacuum advance
Cant frameChild safety seatControl valve
Canted deckChild seatControl valve assembly
CantileverChild step running boardControl wire
Cantilever brakeChildproof lockControl, compressor
Cantilever brakesChill factorControl, defrosting
Cantilever bridgeChilled ironControl, low-pressure
Cantilever deckChimneyControl, motor
Cantilever springChimney connectorControl, pressure motor
CantrailChimney effectControl, refrigerant
Canvas topChimney flueControl, temperature
CanyonChipControlled burn rate
CapChip bookControlled canister purge
Cap costChip damageControlled combustion system
Cap cost reductionChip hammerControlled electronic
Cap nutChippingControlled electronic ignition
Cap screwChipping hammerControlled intersection
Cap-and-pin type insulatorChiselControlled spark
CapacitanceChlorideControlled vehicle
Capacitance bridgeChlorofluorocarbonsController
Capacitance coefficientsChmslController, anti-lock brake
Capacitance couplingChockControls
Capacitance gradingChokeConv
Capacitance integratorChoke controlConvection
Capacitative loadChoke indexConvection, forced
Capacitative reactanceChoke kickConvection, natural
CapacitiesChoke knobConvenience
Capacitive dischargeChoke stoveConventional cross ply
Capacitive reactanceChoke stoveConventional ignition
CapacitorChoke thermal vacuum switchConventional ignition system
Capacitor bushingChoke tubeConventional oxidation catalyst
Capacitor controlled electronic ignitionChoke valveConventional spare tire
Capacitor discharge ignitionChopConventional theory
Capacitor loudspeakerChop shopConventional tire
Capacitor microphoneChopped wheelConversion
Capacitor modulatorChopperConversion coating
Capacitor motorChristmas treeConversion factors
Capacitor startChromateConversion rate
Capacitor terminalChromate coatingConverter
Capacitor-resistance lawChromate treatmentConverter case
Capacitor-start motorChromatic aberrationConverter cover
CapacitronChromatizeConverter drive plate
CapacityChromeConverter housing
Capacity planChrome ringConverter lock-up clutch
Capacity ratingChrome steelConverter preheating
Cape chiselChrome workConverter shell
CapillarityChrome-hardenedConverter, catalytic
Capillary actionChromic acidConvertible sedan
Capillary tubeChromiumConvertible top
Capital expendituresChromium platingConvex weld
CapitalizedChromium steelCoolant
Capitalized costChromium-platedCoolant controlled exhaust gas recirculation
Capitalized cost reductionChryslerCoolant level warning light
CappingChubby screwdriverCoolant pump
CapstanChugCoolant recovery system
Capstan latheChunkingCoolant temperature override switch
Capstan nutCICoolant temperature sensor
Capstan screwCIDCooled
Capstan-head screwCieraCooled engine
CapstatCigar lighterCooled valve
CapsuleCigar lighterCooler
CaptiveCIHCooler bypass
Captive balloonCIH engineCooler bypass valve
Captive finance companyCIMCooling
Captive importCircleCooling fan
Captive nutCircle diameterCooling fins
CaptureCirclipCooling jacket
CarCirclip pliersCooling system
Car accidentCircuitCooling tower
Car bangerCircuit boardCoolmax
Car bangingCircuit breakerCopolymer
Car blindCircuit diagramCopper core
Car burglarCircuit protectorCopper plating
Car capCircuit testerCopper-faced hammer
Car care productCircuit, pilotCopy
Car Club of AmericaCircuit, seriesCord
Car coverCircuitingCordura
Car crashCircuitryCore
Car dealerCircular headlampCore charge
Car insuranceCircular milCore hole plug
Car jackerCirculating pumpCore hole plugs
Car jackingCirculationCore leads
Car keyCircumferenceCore plug
Car lotCircumferential breakCore plugs
Car mechanicCircumferential crackCore support
Car parkCISCore, air
Car phoneCIS with LambdaCore, magnetic
Car polishCIS-ECore/insulator
Car radioCIS-LambdaCore/insulator nose
Car societyCisitaliaCorn flakes
Car spongeCitizens band radioCorncob
Car stereoCitroenCorner
Car taxCity carCorner joint
Car testCity cycleCorner panel
Car theftCity kittyCorner steady
Car thiefCivicCorner valance
Car tireCKDCorner weld
Car washCLCornering
Car waxCladdingCornering force
Car wheelClaireCornering limit
Car-floor contactClampCornering speed
CaravanClamp installerCorners
CaravanningClamp pliersCorolla
CarbClamping loadCorona
Carb kitClamshellCorporate Average Fuel Economy
Carbide toolsClarkCorrection jet
CarbonClass A threadCorrector
Carbon arcClass B threadCorrode
Carbon blackClassic carCorrosion
Carbon brushClassic Car Club of AmericaCorrosion control
Carbon brush springClassificationCorrosion cracking
Carbon build-upClassification societyCorrosion inhibitor
Carbon buttonClassification SystemCorrosion prevention
Carbon canisterClaw hammerCorrosion product
Carbon contactClaxton hornCorrosion protection
Carbon datingClay modelCorrosion resistance
Carbon dioxideCleanCorrosion warranty
Carbon dioxide laserClean oilCorrosive
Carbon fiberClean oil lubricationCorvair
Carbon fibreClean shotCorvette
Carbon filterCleanerCost
Carbon foulingCleaner elementCost of production
Carbon glandCleaner hornCost option
Carbon knockCleaningCost per kilometer
Carbon microphoneCleaning unitCost per mile
Carbon monoxideClear coatCost reduction
Carbon pile voltage transformerClear systemCost reduction effort
Carbon pinClearanceCost-effective
Carbon resistorClearance controlCotal gearbox
Carbon steelClearance depressionCotter
Carbon tetrachlorideClearance fitCotter pin
Carbon trackingClearance heightCottered crank
Carbon-arc lampClearance lampCotterless crank
Carbon-arc weldingClearance pocket compressorCotterless crankset
Carbon-core leadsClearance sensorCoulomb
Carbon-dioxide weldingClearance volumeCouncil for Automotive Research
Carboned upClearwater sternCounter
CarbonizationCleatCounter balance
CarbonizeCLEPACounter emf
Carbonized filamentClevisCounter gear
CarbonizingClevis pinCounterbalancer
Carbonyl powdersClickCounterbore
CarborundumClick-in pedalsCounterclockwise
Carborundum wheelClick-type torque wrenchCounterflow
CarboyClimate changeCounterforce
CarbsClimate controlCountershaft
CarburationClimatic chamberCountersink
CarburetionClimbing abilityCountersteering
CarburetorClincherCountersunk bolt
Carburetor adapterClincher rimsCountersunk hole
Carburetor barrelClincher tireCountersunk screw
Carburetor circuitClinometerCounterweight
Carburetor circuitsClipCounty mounty
Carburetor engineClip installerCoupé
Carburetor icingClip pliersCoupe
Carburetor kitClip-on engineCoupled sedan
Carburetor throatClip-on weightCoupler
Carburetor venturiClip-onsCoupling
CarburetterClipless pedalCoupling differential
CarburettorClipless pedalsCoupling point
CarburizationClockCoupling sleeve
CarcassClockwiseCourier bag
Card brushClose callCourtesy light
CardanClose coilsCover
Cardan jointClose coupled sedanCover gasket
Cardan mountClose-coupled sedanCover plate
Cardan shaftClose-ratio gearboxCoverage
Cardan universalClosed circuitCovered electrode
Cardinal planesClosed containerCovered wagon
Cardinal pointsClosed cooling systemCowboy
CardioidClosed crankcase ventilationCowl
Cardioid directivityClosed end leaseCowl chassis
Care productClosed loopCowl panel
CargoClosed loop systemCowl section
Cargo areaClosed systemCowl shake
Cargo battensClosed-end connectorCowl side panel
Cargo boxClosesCowling
Cargo netClosingCP
Cargo portClosing camCP2
Cargo shiftingClosing forceCpe
Cargo shipClosing panelCPSC
Cargo trailerClosing rockerCPSOV
CarinaClosing systemCR
Carnot cycleClosureCrab
Carnot's theoremClothCrab-tracked
CarpetingCloth upholsteryCrack
CarreneCloud pointCrackage
Carriage boltClubCracking
Carriage springClub CabCracking a valve
Carriage-type switchgearClub coupeCracking groove
CarriagewayClub hammerCracking tread
CarrierClunkerCradle frame
Carrier bearingClusterCrank
Carrier bearingsCluster gearCrank bolt
Carrier mobilityCluster panelCrank kit
Carrier noiseClutchCrank throw
Carrier powerClutch aligning setCrank web
Carrier waveClutch aligning toolCrankarm
Carrier, pinionClutch brakeCrankarm fixing bolt
Carrier, planetClutch cableCrankcase
CarriersClutch coverCrankcase breather
CarrosserieClutch cycling switchCrankcase compression
CarrozzeriaClutch diaphragm springCrankcase depression regulator
Carrying capacityClutch discCrankcase dilution
Carrying-currentClutch dragCrankcase emissions
CARSClutch explosionCrankcase half
Cart springClutch facingCrankcase pre-compression
Cartesian diverClutch fieldCrankcase scavenging
CartographyClutch forkCrankcase ventilation
CartridgeClutch housingCrankcase ventilation system
Cartridge bottom bracketClutch interlock switchCranked
Cartridge brassClutch judderCranking
Cartridge starterClutch leverCranking ability
CarvacClutch liningCranking amps
CASClutch pedalCranking circuit
CascadeClutch pedal free travelCranking motor
Cascade generatorClutch pilot bearingCranking on the throttle
Cascade showerClutch plateCranking speed
Cascade systemsClutch pressure plateCrankpin
CascadesClutch pulleyCrankset
Cascading of insulatorsClutch release bearingCrankshaft
CaseClutch release fingerCrankshaft counter-balance
Case hardenClutch release leverCrankshaft counterbalance
CasehardenedClutch rotorCrankshaft gear
CasehardeningClutch semi-centrifugal release fingerCrankshaft journal
CasesClutch semi-centrifugal release fingersCrankshaft position sensor
Cash registerClutch shaftCrankshaft pulley
Cash valueClutch shudderCrankshaft runout
CasingClutch slipCrankshaft seal
Casing factorClutch solenoidCrankshaft sprocket
Casing head gasolineClutch springCrash
CaskClutch starterCrash barrier
CasketClutch starter driveCrash box
CassetteClutch starter interlockCrash gearbox
Cassette cogsClutch stopCrash recorder
Cassette compartmentClutch throwout bearingCrash sensor
Cassette hubClutch throwout forkCrash test
Cassette playerClutch thrust bearingCrash test dummy
Cassette sizeClutch, magneticCrate
Cast holesCluttered engine compartmentCratering
Cast ironCNGCrawler
Cast spoke assemblyCOCrawler gear
Cast spoke typeCO meterCrawler lane
Cast steelCoachCrazing
Cast welded rail jointCoach boltCream
Cast-in-situ concrete pilesCoach paintCrease
CastellateCoachbuilt bodyCreepage
CastellatedCoachbuilt constructionCreeper
Castellated nutCoachliningCrescent
CasterCoachworkCrescent wrench
Caster actionCoal bucketCressida
Caster angleCoalescing actionCrest
Caster offsetCoamingCrew Cab
Caster trailCoarseCrimper tool
Caster wobbleCoarse fileCrimping
CastingCoarse pitchCrimping pliers
Casting copperCoarse threadCrimping tool
Casting ladleCoarse-cut fileCrisper
Casting numberCoarseningCritical pressure
Casting processCoastCritical speed
Casting wheelCoastalCritical temperature
CastingsCoasterCritical vibration
CastleCoaster brakeCrocodile clip
Castle nutCoatCrosley
Castle sectionCoat drierCross border shopping
CastorCoat ovenCross bracing
CatCoated abrasiveCross charged
Cat ECoated electrodeCross coat
CatadioptricCoatingCross hatch
Catalan processCobbleCross member
CatalogCobbledCross ply
CatalystCobraCross scavenging
Catalyst bedCOCCross section
Catalyst chargeCockCross shaft
Catalyst coatingCockpitCross three
Catalyst containerCodeCross-bolt
Catalyst contaminationCode hoppingCross-country vehicle
Catalyst degradationCode installationCross-draught carburetor
Catalyst deteriorationCodedCross-hatch
Catalyst efficiencyCoefficientCross-hatch coat
Catalyst indicatorCoefficient of apparent expansionCross-head screw
Catalyst substrateCoefficient of conductivityCross-head screwdriver
Catalyst supportCoefficient of dragCross-jetting
CatalyticCoefficient of expansionCross-ply tire
Catalytic activityCoefficient of frictionCross-point screwdriver
Catalytic converterCoefficient of liftCross-shaft
Catalytic efficiencyCoefficient of performanceCross-shaft lug wrench
Catalytic layerCofferdamCross-shaft lug wrench
CatamaranCogCross-spoke wheel
Cataphoretic paintingCog beltCross-threaded
CatapultCogged beltCrossbar
CatbackCoilCrossflow cylinder head
CatchCoil bindingCrossflow head
Catch basinCoil chimneyCrossflow radiator
Catch netCoil chokeCrossover
Catch pitCoil glow plugCrossover gearing
Catch plateCoil ignitionCrosswind
Catch pointsCoil ignition with Hall sensorCrotch rocket
Catch-water drainCoil leadCrowbar
CatcherCoil resistorCrowded engine compartment
Catcher foilCoil springCrown
Catching diodeCoil spring clutchCrown panel
Catchment areaCoil spring compressorCrown piston
Catchment basinCoil testerCrown radius
CategoryCoil towerCrown spoon
Catenary constructionCoil wireCrown Victoria
CatheadCoilsCrown wheel
CathetometerCoin holderCrown wheel and pinion
CathodeCoked upCrown width
Cathode coatingColdCRT
Cathode copperCold airCruciform frame
Cathode efficiencyCold air inductionCrude oil
Cathode followerCold air intakeCruise
Cathode luminous sensitivityCold capCruise control
Cathode modulationCold cranking abilityCruiser
Cathode oscilloscopeCold cranking ampsCruiser bag
Cathode poisoningCold galvanizingCruiser stern
Cathode rayCold junctionCruising circuit
Cathode ray tubeCold lashCruising speed
Cathode spotCold manifoldCrumple zone
Cathode-ray oscillographCold plugCrush
Cathodic chalkCold solder jointCrush height
Cathodic electropaintingCold spark plugCrush washer
Cathodic etchingCold sprayingCrusher
Cathodic protectionCold startCRX
CathodoluminescenceCold start enrichmentCryogenic fluid
CathodophoneCold start injectorCryogenics
CatholyteCold startingCSSA
CationCold wallCTC
CatolyteCold weather modulatorCTO
Catoptric elementCold-condensate corrosionCTS
CatwalkCold-cranking ratingCTVS
Cauchy's dispersion formulaCollapseCu. ft.
CaulkCollapsed pistonCu. in.
CaulkingCollapsible spare tireCub scouts
Caulking toolCollapsible steering columnCubby hole
CausalityCollarCube van
Caustic curveCollectorCubes
Caustic embrittlementCollector carCubic capacity
Caustic etchingColletCubic centimeter
CautionCollierCubic inch
CavedCollisionCubic inch displacement
CavitationCollision avoidance systemCubic inch engine
CavityCollision bulkheadCult car
Cavity sealantCollision insuranceCunningham
CBColonnade hardtopCuno filter
CB radioColorCup
CBR processColor anodizingCup dent puller
CBUColor chartCup holder
CCColor coatCup seal
CCCColor matchingCup washer
CCCAColor schemeCup-shaped wire brush
CCEGRColor-keyedCurb idle
CCFAColor-matchedCurb weight
CCOTColoredCurb-idle port
CCPColumbusCurb-idle stop screw
CCTColumn changerCure
CdColumn controlsCure time
CDColumn gear changerCuring
CD changerColumn gearchangeCuring gum
CD playerColumn shifterCuring rim
Cd valueCombiCuring time
CDICombinationCuring tube
CDI boxCombination lampCurrent
CDRCombination pliersCurrent for low temperatures
CDVCombination spannerCurrent regulator
CECCombination valveCurrent relay
CeilingCombination weightCurtain
CelebrityCombination wrenchCurve
CelicaCombined weight ratingCush drive
Cell batteryCombustible liquidsCushion clip
Cell connectorCombustionCushion gum
Cell phoneCombustion chamberCustom
Cell pumpCombustion chamber recessCustom wheel
Cellular phoneCombustion chamber volumeCustomer
Cellular telephoneCombustion engineCustomize
CelluloseCombustion pressureCustoms duties
Cellulose puttyCombustion residueCut
CelsiusCombustion spaceCut gears
CEMACombustion systemCut in front
CementComebackCut off
CementiteComedianCut thread
Census value addedComet headCut-and-shut
Center boreComfort chartCut-in speed
Center consoleComfort coolerCut-off switch
Center differentialComfort LuxeCut-off/shut-off
Center driveComfort zoneCutaway
Center drive plateComic bookCutout
Center electrodeComing on the camCutout relay
Center gearComing on the pipeCutter
Center girderCommercial tireCutters
Center keelsonCommercial vehicleCutting
Center lock nutCommutatorCutting compound
Center locking discCompactCutting disc
Center medianCompact carCutting flame
Center of buoyancyCompanionwayCutting line
Center of gravityCompany logoCutting pliers
Center of pressureComparison and identificationCutting snips
Center pillarCompartmentCutting torch
Center point steeringCompartmentationCV
Center punchCompassCV joint
Center rimCompass mirrorCV joint boot
Center rim taperCompensating barCVK
Center section damageCompensating jetCVMA
Center steering linkageCompensating portCVR
Center terminalCompensatorCVT
Center the clutchCompensator valveCWM
Center tunnelCompetitionCwt
Center vertical keelCompetition carCycle
Center-hung floatComplianceCycle car
CenteredCompliance Certification LabelCycle control
CenteringComponentCycle engine
CenterlineComponent anti-lock brake systemCycling clutch orifice tube system
CenterstandComponent assemblyCycling clutch system
Centerstand tangComponent designCyl
CentigradeComponent sharingCylinder
CentimeterComponentsCylinder bank
Central chassis lubricationCompositeCylinder barrel
Central fuel injectionComposite headlampsCylinder block
Central gearchangeComposite headlightCylinder block heater
Central lockingComposite propeller shaftCylinder bore
Central locking hubCompoundCylinder charge
Central reservationCompound carburetorCylinder head
Central reserveCompound center electrodeCylinder head bolt
Central stationCompound electrodeCylinder head gasket
Central warm air furnaceCompound gaugeCylinder head nut
Centralized computerized controllerCompound glassCylinder head tester
CentreCompound motorCylinder hone
Centrifugal advanceCompound refrigerating systemsCylinder liner
Centrifugal advance mechanismCompoundingCylinder sequence
Centrifugal clutchComprehensive insuranceCylinder sleeve
Centrifugal compressorCompressCylinder surfacing hone
Centrifugal forceCompressed natural gasCylinder wall
Centrifugal force air filterCompressed-air spray gunCylinder, refrigerant
Centrifugal governorCompressionCylindrical commutator
Centrifugal oil filterCompression checkFord Cortina
Centrifugal pumpCompression damping[C]
Centrifugal weightCompression gage 

Total number of terms starting with C: 1907


Auto Insurance

Defined as: The contract by which the insurer assumes the risk of any loss the owner or operator of a car may incur through damage to property or persons as the result of an accident. There are many specific forms of automobile insurance, varying not only in the kinds of risk that they cover but also in the legal principles underlying them.

In “plain” English, this means coverage that is carried by someone who is driving a motor vehicle that is involved in an accident that causes property damage or personal injury to someone.

Currently, New Hampshire and Wisconsin do not have “compulsory auto insurance liability laws”. Simply put, this means that these states do not require licensed drivers (and there should not be any other kind of driver) to have some type of auto insurance policy that provides at least minimum coverage. The remaining 48 states do have such insurance laws in effect.

You should check with the state you live in if you have questions concerning whether or not you are required to have auto insurance, and also to determine if you are required to have a certain amount of coverage. If you are required to have a certain amount, you will then need to check to see if there is a minimum amount and maximum amount.