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Basic (general) data

Marque (make)Image of Trident Iceni
Model family
Model code
Issued from2006
Issued until
Country of originUK
Number made
Body construction
Body designation


Base platform
Bodywork typedrophead coupé (convertible coupé)
Bodywork designer
Number of doors2
Number of seats2
Cargo capacity (volume) [l / cu ft / cu ft]
Max. cargo capacity (volume) [l / cu ft / cu ft]
Passenger space (volume) [l / cu ft / cu ft]

Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase [mm / in / in]2640 / 103.9 / 103.9
Track front [mm / in / in]
Track rear [mm / in / in]
Length [mm / in / in]
Width [mm / in / in]
Height [mm / in / in]1140 / 44.9 / 44.9
Length/wheelbase ratio
Ground clearance [mm / in / in]
Total (curb) weight [kg / lb / lb]1220 / 2690 / 2690
Dry weight [kg / lb / lb]
Load capacity [kg / lb / lb]
Gross (max.) weight [kg / lb / lb]
Towing weight [kg / lb / lb]
Weight distribution (front) [% / % / %]
Fuel capacity [l / UK gal / US gal]


Drag coefficient (Cd, Cx, Cw)
Frontal area (A) [m2 / sq ft / sq ft]
Aerodynamic coefficient (Cd×A) [m2 / sq ft / sq ft]
Aerodynamic resistance (Aero horse power) at 100 km/h (62 mph) [kW / hp / hp]


Engine CodeDuramax RPO LBZ
Engine ManufacturerGM
Engine TypeV engine
Engine Type Details
Fuel details
Cam DesignSOHC (single overhead camshaft)
Total number of cylinders8
Total number of valves32
Valves per cylinder4
Engine Main bearings
Engine constructioncast iron block; alloy head
Bore [mm / in / in]103.0 / 4.06 / 4.06
Stroke [mm / in / in]99.0 / 3.90 / 3.90
Bore/Stroke ratio1.04
Engine displacement [cm3 / cu in / cu in]6599 / 402.7 / 402.7
Unitary capacity [cm3/cylinder / cu in/cylinder / cu in/cylinder]824.88 / 50.337 / 50.337
Compression ratio
Fuel supplycommon rail direct diesel injection
Compressor type
Catalytic converteryes
Max. output power [kW / hp / hp]279.6 / 374.9 / 374.9
Max. output power rpm [rpm / rpm / rpm]3100 / 3100 / 3100
Max. torque [N·m / lb·ft / lb·ft]705.0 / 520.0 / 520.0
Max. torque rpm [rpm / rpm / rpm]1800 / 1800 / 1800
Maximum rpm [rpm / rpm / rpm]4500 / 4500 / 4500
Max. net output (power at the wheels) [kW / hp / hp]119.9 / 160.8 / 160.8 (est.)
Specific output [kW/l / bhp/cu in / bhp/cu in]42.4 / 0.931 / 0.931
Specific torque [N·m/l / lb·ft/cu in / lb·ft/cu in]106.8 / 0.93 / 0.93


Transmission typeautomatic
Number of gears8
Wheel driverear wheel drive
Top gear (drive) ratio
Final gear (drive) ratio2.37


Power-to-weight ratio [kW/ton / bhp/ton / bhp/ton]307.4 / 232.9 / 232.9
Acceleration 0-50 mph (80 km/h) [s / s / s]
Acceleration 0-60 mph (97 km/h) [s / s / s]3.90 / 3.90 / 3.90
Acceleration 0-100 km/h [s / s / s]
Acceleration 0-100 mph (160 km/h) [s / s / s]
Acceleration 80-120 km/h (50-70 mph) in top [s / s / s]
Standing ¼mile time [s / s / s]
Standing ¼mile speed [km/h / mph / mph]
Standing kilometer time [s / s / s]
Standing kilometer speed [km/h / mph / mph]
Top (maximal) speed [km/h / mph / mph]274 / 170 / 170
Fuel consumption, City (urban) [l/100km / mpg-UK / mpg-US]
Fuel consumption, Road (extra-urban) [l/100km / mpg-UK / mpg-US]
Fuel consumption, Mixed (combined) [l/100km / mpg-UK / mpg-US]
Fuel consumption, Euro [l/100km / mpg-UK / mpg-US]
CO2 emissions [g/km / g/mi / g/mi]
Range [km / mi / mi]


Engine locationfront
Engine alignmentlongitudinal
Steeringrack & pinion PAS
Steering details
Turns lock-to-lock2.7
Suspension frontIndependent, Double wishbones, Coil springs, Anti-roll (anti-sway) bar (ARB)
Suspension rearIndependent, Double wishbones, Coil springs, Anti-roll (anti-sway) bar (ARB)
Wheels front8.5 x 20
Wheels rear9.5 x 20
Tyres frontDunlop 245/35 x 20
Tyres rearDunlop 285/30 x 20
Brakes frontventilated disc
Brakes reardisc
Brakes detailsservo-assisted
Brake diameter front [mm / in / in]385 / 15.2 / 15.2
Brake diameter rear [mm / in / in]335 / 13.2 / 13.2
Braked area [cm2 / sq in / sq in]

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