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Siata - 750 series

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About Siata

Siata (Societa Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori) was an Italian company founded in 1926 by Giorgio Ambrosini that worked with modifying and tuning cars from Fiat. In 1949 Siata launched their first own car, the Siata Amica. In 1951 they came up with the Siate 300BC Barchetta Sport Spider. 40 was built. The design was by Mario Revelli de Beaumont and it was built by Nuccio Bertone. It was powered by a 724 cc Crosley engine. In 1968 they launched Siata Spring, a sports car based on parts from Fiat 850. The Siata Spring was produced until 1975 when the company changed name to ORSA.

Siata raced in the Mille Miglia and the Italian Road Racing Championship in 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1955.


  • Siata 300BC Barchetta Sport Spider (1951-1954)
  • Siata Amica (1948-1952)
  • Siata Daina (1950-1958)
  • Siata 208S (1953-1954, 56 produced)
  • Siata Spring (1967-1975)


S4 8v 0.7L OHV M-4
22.4 kW / 30.0 hp / 30.0 hp  55.0 N·m / 40.6 lb·ft / 40.6 lb·ft

Siata 750 Coupé

2-seater fixed-head coupé, petrol (gasoline) 4-cylinder 8-valve straight (inline) engine, OHV (overhead valve, I-head), 735 cm3 / 44.9 cu in / 44.9 cu in, 22.4 kW / 30.0 hp / 30.0 hp @ 5000 rpm / 5000 rpm / 5000 rpm, 55.0 N·m / 40.6 lb·ft / 40.6 lb·ft @ 2700 rpm / 2700 rpm / 2700 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, rear wheel drive, 129 km/h / 80 mph / 80 mph top speed


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