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About Tempo

Tempo, (also known as Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werke GmbH), was a German automobile manufacturer based in Hamburg. The company was founded by Oscar Vidal in 1924.

The company was well known in Germany, producing well-selling cars and vans like the Matador and the Hanseat, But Tempo also produced small military vehicles during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.


Tempo was founded as Vidal & Sohn-Tempo werke in 1924. During the 1940s, Tempo produced small military vehicles. During 1958, Bajaj Ltd, an Indian manufacturer of cars (Now known as Force Motors Ltd), started the production of Hanseat three-wheeled cars with the collaboration of Sohn-Tempo werke. Later on, Tempo introduced the MATADOR, which (along with the Bajaj hanseat) was popular in India. In 1969, Tempo werk partnered with Hanomag AG. The Matador was a success, it remained under production by Tempo from 1949 till 1966. Tempo vehicles were produced by Hanomag from 1966 to 1970. The matador remained in production until 1967. In 1967, Tempo produced vans, the vans were sold under the name Hanomag-Henschel. In 1971, Tempo was purchased by Mercedes Daimler-Benz AG. Tempo remained on the production of cars until 1977. From 1966 to 1977, all the cars produced by Tempo were sold under a different name, either Hanomag, Rheinstahl-Hanomag, Hanomag-Henschel, Mercedes or Daimler-Benz. The Jolus Minx 1963-65 F1 car used suspension and cut down drive shafts from the Matador.

Licensed production by other companies

  • In Spain Tempo Onieva, later taken over by Barreiros, made Tempo Viking vans and light trucks featuring Barreiros diesel engines.
  • In Uruguay Tempo Viking and Matador were made by Germania Motors.
  • In the UK, Jensen Motors made too the Tempo Matador, known as Matador 1500 or Jensen Front Wheel Drive, starting in 1958.
  • From 1953 to 1955, Land Rover produced 4x4 vehicles for Tempo.
  • The Bajaj Hanseat remained under production by Force Motors Ltd under the name Bajaj Tempo Hanseat from 1962 to 2000.
  • Goliath motors ltd also produced a version of the Hanseat.

The Jolus Minx 1963-65 F1 car used suspension and cut down drive shafts from the Matador.


  • Tempo light commercial vehicles (LCV):
    • T1, T2 = 1928-1930
    • T6 = 1929-1935
    • T10 = 1930-1936
    • Pony = 1932-1936
    • Front6 = 1933-1934
    • Front7, 10, 14 = 1934-1935
    • Front9, 12 = 1933-1935
    • D200, D400 = 1935-1936
    • V 600 = 1935
    • E 200, E 400, E 600 = 1936-1937
    • A 200 Resolut = 1938-1940
    • A 600 Titan = 1938-1940
    • A 400 Athlet = 1938-1948
    • Hanseat = 1949-1956
    • Boy = 1950-1956
    • Matador/Mayor = 1949-1952- 1362 of these vehicles were built using a 25hp Volkswagen 1100cc motor and ZF gearbox. The incoming type2 Volkswagen led Volkswagen to cease supply of the engine, ending the model run.
    • Matador 1000,1400/ Mayor 1000, 1400 = 1952-1955
    • Wiking/Viking = 1953-1955
    • Wiking 1/Viking 1 = 1955-1963
    • Matador 1/Mayor 1 Jensen Tempo 1500 = 1955-1963
    • Rapid = 1957-1963
    • Matador E/ Mayor E = 1963-1966
  • Tempo off-road cars:
    • T 1200 = 1935
    • G 1200 = 1936-1943
    • Tempo Land Rover = 1955
    • Daus 214 = 1958
  • Tempo cars:
    • 2/3 Sitzer front 6-14 = 1934-1935
    • Kombinationswagen (400, 600)= 1935-1940
    • Kleinwagen A = 1955
    • Kleinwagen B = 1956
    • Kleinwagen Y = 1957
  • Hanomag production:
    • Athlet, Matador/Mayor = 1966-1967
    • F20 - 36 = 1967-1970(75)
  • Daimler - Benz production
    • L 206 / 307 = 1971-1977



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