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The TD2000 is a retro-styled roadster based on the MG TD originally developed in the United Kingdom. Developed by TD Cars, an 85% Malaysian-owned operation with the remaining 15% share owned by Australian partners, the car is assembled in Malaysia and exported overseas.


The idea of creating a retro-classic to pay homage to that famous 1950s English sports car, the MG TD, but basing it on modern Japanese drivetrain, the TD2000 roadster originated in Australia during the mid 1980s. Despite enlisting the help of Nissan, the Sydney-based Marshall Motor Company could not make a success of the project and the tooling changed hands several times until being acquired by TD Cars Pte. Ltd., an 85% Malaysian-owned operation with 15% Australian partners.

In 1998, TD Cars acquired the rights, intellectual properties, and trademarks associated with the production of the roadster from the MG TD.


Today, the TD2000 Silverstone is built on a steel chassis, equipped with an independent double wishbone front suspension, a leaf-spring back axle and all-round disc brakes, the 2-seater roadster seeks to ally classic styling to contemporary road manners.

Its fiber glass bodywork incorporates side intrusion bars, is protected by stainless steel bumpers and powers by a 2-liter Toyota 3S-FE engine developing some 130bhp, the rear-wheel drive roadster delivers better performance than its predecessor.

List of all TD Cars cars

Source: Wikipedia


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