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Shanghai - 760 series

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About Shanghai

The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (in Chinese: 上海汽车工业(集团)总公司; Pinyin: Shànghǎi Qichē Gõngyè (Jítuán) Zǒnggõngsī; or 上汽, Shàngqi; abbreviated SAIC, pronounced: ['sei-ɪk]) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer which ranks the third among the "Big Five" Chinese automakers (the other four are First Automobile Works, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Chang'an Motors, and Chery Automobile).

SAIC partnered with General Motors to form Shanghai GM, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, and the Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center. SAIC also partnered with Volkswagen Group in the formation of Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive.

SAIC bought a 20% stake of Chery in 2001 but it was sold back to Chery in 2004 and in late 2004 took a 51% stake of SsangYong Motor Company.

On December 2007, the Nanjing Automobile and SAIC announced a long-expected merger.



S6 12v 2.2L OHV M-4
65.6 kW / 88.0 hp / 88.0 hp  147.0 N·m / 108.4 lb·ft / 108.4 lb·ft

Shanghai 760 A (1979)

4-door 5-seater sedan (saloon), petrol (gasoline) 6-cylinder 12-valve straight (inline) engine, OHV (overhead valve, I-head), 2232 cm3 / 136.2 cu in / 136.2 cu in, 65.6 kW / 88.0 hp / 88.0 hp @ 4800 rpm / 4800 rpm / 4800 rpm, 147.0 N·m / 108.4 lb·ft / 108.4 lb·ft @ 3500 rpm / 3500 rpm / 3500 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, rear wheel drive, 130 km/h / 81 mph / 81 mph top speed


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