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Metrocab was a British manufacturer of taxicabs latterly based in Tamworth.



The company was created by Metro Cammell Weymann (MCW) as a taxicab manufacturing enterprise.


In 1989 Reliant acquired Metrocab from MCW, and transferred the plant to Tamworth.


Following the collapse of the Reliant Group in 1991, Metrocab was bought out of receivership by the vehicle coachbuilder Hooper. In December 2000 the company suspended trading.


In June 2001 Kamkorp Europe purchased Metrocab's assets from the receiver, and re-started production under the new holding company Metrocab (UK). In April 2005 Metrocab re-started production of the Metrocab TTT after a 14 month suspension. Production at Metrocab finally ceased in April 2006.


  • Metrocab
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List of all Metrocab cars

Source: Wikipedia


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