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V12 48v 6.0L      M-5
883.0 kW / 1184.1 hp / 1184.1 hp  1346.0 N·m / 992.8 lb·ft / 992.8 lb·ft

Lotec Sirius (2001)

roadster, petrol (gasoline) 12-cylinder 48-valve V engine, 5987 cm3 / 365.3 cu in / 365.3 cu in, 883.0 kW / 1184.1 hp / 1184.1 hp @ 6800 rpm / 6800 rpm / 6800 rpm, 1346.0 N·m / 992.8 lb·ft / 992.8 lb·ft @ 3400 rpm / 3400 rpm / 3400 rpm, manual 5-speed transmission, rear wheel drive


Car Insurance FAQs #1

What are Car Financial Responsibility Laws?

This is the law that says you have to prove that you are financially able to pay for anything you may be responsible for while driving your car. The easiest way of showing this is by having car insurance and that is what the majority of people do to comply with this law. Some states to have other ways that one can show financial responsibility such as giving a large cash deposit for the DMV.

What Happens if I Choose Not to Purchase Car Insurance and Still Drive My Car?