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Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica (Torino, 1959 - ) is an automobile manufacturer, founded by Frank Reisner initially based in Italy but susequently moving to Canada.

Initially the company made tuning kits. The first car was a Formula Junior car using a Peugeot engine (1960), and was followed by 21 aluminum-bodied Intermeccanica-Puch (IMP) 500 cc-engined cars, of which one won the Nürburgring.

Larger American V8 engines were used in the «Apollo GT», of which 101 cars were made for International Motor Cars (1961-1965). The «Veltro» prototype however, had small Ford Anglia engines. These cars and some other prototypes were designed by Franco Scaglione. The «Italia» was a large sports car, of which approximately 500 were made (1966-1972), followed by the eleven «Murena GT» (1971).

With Bitter Cars and Opel, Intermeccanica developed the «Indra» (1971), followed by a few years assembling the Squire car.

The company relocated to San Bernardino (USA) in 1975 and turned over to replica cars, such as the Porsche 356 Speedster (1976) and Checker (1979). It is now known as Intermeccanica International Inc., and has since 1981 been based in Vancouver (Canada).

Intermeccanica today manufactures its trademark Roadster, a replica of the Porsche 356 1959 Convertible "D", as well as offering a replica of the 1940 World War 2 VW Kubelwagen "Type 82". Other products include a 1958 Speedster, "Turbo Look" versions of both the Roadster and Speedster.

List of all Intermeccanica cars

Source: Wikipedia


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