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List of all HRG cars

HRG (HRG Engineering Company Ltd) was a British car manufacturer based in Tolworth, Surrey, and founded by E.A. Halford, Guy Robins and Henry Ronald Godfrey in 1936. It took its name from the first letter of their surnames.

The cars were intended to continue the traditions of Frazer Nash, H.R. Godfrey, along with Archibald Frazer Nash, having founded and run the GN cyclecar company from 1910 to 1922. In 1938 an HRG was the highest placed British car at Le Mans and in both 1939 & 1949 won the 1½ litre class. A HURG cost £395 (about half the cost of the 1.5-litre Aston Martin) and weighed almost 1000 pounds (450 kg) less.

Car production ended in 1956 after 241 cars had been made, although the company remained in business. In 1965, they made an experimental Vauxhall VX 4/90 powered sports car. The company ceased trading in 1966. The company made a profit until the end.

HRG Association

There is a thriving owners club called the HRG Association. Of the 241 cars made, it is estimated that 225 survive and many of the cars are still in active use with a few of them in active competition, three of them are regularly out competing in classic trials and can been seen in action and a 1938 Le Mans Model can be seen at various historic race and speed events. A team of three cars won the 2006 Vintage Sports Car Club 2 hour team relay race at Donington Park, under the name of Ecurie Lapin Blanc (being the 1939 & 1949 Le Mans team name), proving that the HRG is still a very competitive car.

The cars are commonly called "Hurgs" by their owners.


Type Engine Production Year
1 1/2 Litre 1497 cc Meadows 4ED 12hp 26 1935-39
Le Mans Model (semi-racing) 1 1/2 Litre (1100 cc option) 1 1938
"1100" 1074 cc Singer 9hp (10hp option) 49 1939-50
"1500" 1496 cc Singer 12hp 111 1939-56
Aerodynamic 1496 cc Singer 12hp 35 1946-49
1800 Trials Car 1800 cc Volvo 120bhp 1 1954
Twin Cam HRG developed Twin Cam 1497 cc Singer 4 1955-56
HRS HRG-Riley Special 1 1937


List of all HRG cars

Source: Wikipedia


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