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About Auto-Union

Auto Union was a joint venture of four German automobile manufacturers, established in 1932 in Zwickau, Saxony, during the Great Depression. The company has evolved into present day Audi, as an independent subsidiary of Volkswagen.

The trademark of Auto Union was a symbol of four overlapping rings, symbolizing the four member companies (all four in a line, in an attempt to avoid confusion with the 5 Olympic rings). The trademarks and company names of the member companies - Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer - were continued; the four ring logo was used only in racing. The four ring logo of Auto Union is still a trademark, and now used by Audi. They continued to market the two-stroke engined DKW brand until 1964.

It is best known for its racing team (Auto Union Rennabteilung, based in Zwickau), which was the main opponent of Mercedes-Benz in 1930s Grand Prix motor racing. The Silver Arrows of these two teams dominated not only GP car racing from 1934 onwards, but set records that would take decades to beat. For example, the power levels of the unlimited 1937 models were only equalled in the early 1980s by turbocharged Formula One Grand Prix cars.

The Auto Union racing cars

The Auto Union race cars were designed by the famous engineer Ferdinand Porsche; they were based on an earlier design he had done using a mid-engined layout similar to the famous 1923 Benz Tropfenwagen, or "Teardrop" aerodynamic design. (That unique car was built under the direction of Max Wagner, who was now at Daimler-Benz, and was raced by his current business partner, Adolf Rosenberger.)


S3   1.0L TS M-4
32.8 kW / 44.0 hp / 44.0 hp        

Auto-Union 1000 (1960)

2-door 4-seater sedan (saloon), petrol (gasoline) 3-cylinder 0-valve straight (inline) engine, two stroke, 980 cm3 / 59.8 cu in / 59.8 cu in, 32.8 kW / 44.0 hp / 44.0 hp @ 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, front wheel drive

S3   1.0L TS M-4
37.3 kW / 50.0 hp / 50.0 hp  84.0 N·m / 62.0 lb·ft / 62.0 lb·ft

Auto-Union 1000 S Coupé (1960)

2-door 2+2-seater fixed-head coupé, petrol (gasoline) 3-cylinder 0-valve straight (inline) engine, two stroke, 980 cm3 / 59.8 cu in / 59.8 cu in, 37.3 kW / 50.0 hp / 50.0 hp @ 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm, 84.0 N·m / 62.0 lb·ft / 62.0 lb·ft @ 2250 rpm / 2250 rpm / 2250 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, front wheel drive

S3   1.0L TS M-4
41.0 kW / 55.0 hp / 55.0 hp  93.0 N·m / 68.6 lb·ft / 68.6 lb·ft

Auto-Union 1000 SP Coupé

2-door 2+2-seater fixed-head coupé, petrol (gasoline) 3-cylinder 0-valve straight (inline) engine, two stroke, 980 cm3 / 59.8 cu in / 59.8 cu in, 41.0 kW / 55.0 hp / 55.0 hp @ 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm / 4500 rpm, 93.0 N·m / 68.6 lb·ft / 68.6 lb·ft @ 3500 rpm / 3500 rpm / 3500 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, front wheel drive, 145 km/h / 90 mph / 90 mph top speed

S3   0.7L TS M-4
25.4 kW / 34.1 hp / 34.1 hp  64.0 N·m / 47.2 lb·ft / 47.2 lb·ft

Auto-Union DKW 40S (1954)

petrol (gasoline) 3-cylinder 0-valve straight (inline) engine, two stroke, 741 cm3 / 45.2 cu in / 45.2 cu in, 25.4 kW / 34.1 hp / 34.1 hp @ 4300 rpm / 4300 rpm / 4300 rpm, 64.0 N·m / 47.2 lb·ft / 47.2 lb·ft @ 2500 rpm / 2500 rpm / 2500 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, front wheel drive

S3   0.9L TS M-4
29.8 kW / 40.0 hp / 40.0 hp  77.0 N·m / 56.8 lb·ft / 56.8 lb·ft

Auto-Union DKW 900 (1959)

4-door 5-seater sedan (saloon), petrol (gasoline) 3-cylinder 0-valve straight (inline) engine, two stroke, 903 cm3 / 55.1 cu in / 55.1 cu in, 29.8 kW / 40.0 hp / 40.0 hp @ 4250 rpm / 4250 rpm / 4250 rpm, 77.0 N·m / 56.8 lb·ft / 56.8 lb·ft @ 2750 rpm / 2750 rpm / 2750 rpm, manual 4-speed transmission, front wheel drive


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