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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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Type B motorhome

Also called a "van camper", it is a customized cargo van which includes temporary sleeping, eating, and bathroom facilities. It is the most economical, versatile, and maneuverable of the motorized recreational vehicles. It is narrower than other RVs because it uses the space within the existing van body. However, most are equipped with a raised roof and sometimes a dropped floor to provide full stand-up room.

Car Insurance FAQs #4

The appraiser who took care of my claim said I would be responsible for paying the deductible. What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of a claim you agreed to pay when you purchased your insurance policy. The deductible could be applied each time you have a claim on your auto policy.

How do I decide the amount of my deductible?