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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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Timing light

A stroboscopic unit that is connected to the secondary circuit to produce flashes of light in unison with the firing of a specific spark plug. By directing these flashes of light on the whirling timing marks the marks appear to stand still. By adjusting the distributor the timing marks may be properly aligned, thus setting the timing. Xenon timing lights have the advantage over neon lights because they are more visible in daylight.

Car Insurance FAQs #4

The appraiser who took care of my claim said I would be responsible for paying the deductible. What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of a claim you agreed to pay when you purchased your insurance policy. The deductible could be applied each time you have a claim on your auto policy.

How do I decide the amount of my deductible?