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Automotive dictionary (encyklopedia)

Dictionary of terms and abbreviations for cars (automobiles), motorcycles (bikes),
bicycles, boats, engines, machines, machining and car fixing.

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Pneumatic tire

A flexible, hollow rubber forming the outer part of the vehicle wheel and inflated by air pressure. Originally rubber tires were solid core. Dunlop was the first to invent a tire with an air-filled tube for bicycles. Later, tubeless tires were invented. The tire is filled with enough compressed air to support the weight of the vehicle and cushion road impacts. The opposite is solid tire

Reduce your risk, reduce your cost

Every application for car insurance is different. Each insurer’s price depend on two things, first the underwriters assessment of your particular risk focus and then the pricing model which dictates what type of customers the insurer wants to attract.

Therefore by reducing an insurer’s perception of your risk you can reduce the price you’ll pay. There are of course many factors you either can’t change or can’t change easily … age, gender, where you live and driving history. Yet there are things you can have control over:

Park and drive carefully