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Shelby Super Cars Aero SC/8T

(2005 model)

Brief specs of 2005 Shelby Super Cars Aero SC/8T

2-door 2-seater fixed-head coupé, 8-cylinder V engine, 6257 cm3 / 381.8 cu in / 381.8 cu in, 677.1 kW / 908.0 hp / 908.0 hp @ 6600 rpm / 6600 rpm / 6600 rpm, 1045.0 N·m / 770.8 lb·ft / 770.8 lb·ft @ 5800 rpm / 5800 rpm / 5800 rpm, manual 6-speed transmission, rear wheel drive

units: metric UK US

Basic (general) data

Marque (make)Shelby Super CarsIssued from2005
ModelAero SC/8TIssued until
SerieAeroNumber made
Model familyBody construction
Model codeBody designation
ManufacturerShelby Super CarsCountryUS


Base platformNumber of doors2
Bodywork typefixed-head coupéNumber of seats2
Bodywork designerCargo capacity (volume)
Passenger space (volume)Max. cargo capacity (volume)

Dimensions & Weight

Length4475 mm / 176.2 in / 176.2 inTotal (curb) weight1234 kg / 2721 lb / 2721 lb
Width2101 mm / 82.7 in / 82.7 inDry weight
Height1092 mm / 43.0 in / 43.0 inLoad capacity
Wheelbase2672 mm / 105.2 in / 105.2 inGross (max.) weight
Track frontTowing weight
Track rearWeight distribution (front)
Ground clearance102 mm / 4.0 in / 4.0 inFuel capacity
Length/wheelbase ratio1.67  


Drag coefficient (Cd, Cx, Cw)Frontal area (A)1.81 m2 / 19.5 sq ft / 19.5 sq ft
Aerodynamic coefficient (Cd×A)Aerodynamic resistance (Aero horse power) at 100 km/h (62 mph)


Engine CodeTotal number of cylinders8
Engine TypeV engine (90.0° vee)Total number of valves
Engine ManufacturerValves per cylinder
Engine constructionaluminium block & headBore99.0 mm / 3.90 in / 3.90 in
FuelStroke101.6 mm / 4.00 in / 4.00 in
Fuel detailsBore/Stroke ratio0.97
Fuel supplySFiEngine displacement6257 cm3 / 381.8 cu in / 381.8 cu in
Engine Main bearingsUnitary capacity782.13 cm3/cylinder / 47.729 cu in/cylinder / 47.729 cu in/cylinder
Cam DesignCompression ratio9.2 : 1
SumpMax. output power677.1 kW / 908.0 hp / 908.0 hp at 6600 rpm / 6600 rpm / 6600 rpm
AspirationsuperchargedMax. torque1045.0 N·m / 770.8 lb·ft / 770.8 lb·ft at 5800 rpm / 5800 rpm / 5800 rpm
Compressor typeMaximum rpm7200 rpm / 7200 rpm / 7200 rpm
IntercooleryesMax. net output (power at the wheels)270.8 kW / 363.2 hp / 363.2 hp (est.)
CoolantwaterSpecific output108.2 kW/l / 2.378 bhp/cu in / 2.378 bhp/cu in
Catalytic converteryesSpecific torque167.0 N·m/l / 1.46 lb·ft/cu in / 1.46 lb·ft/cu in


Transmission typemanualNumber of gears6
Wheel driverear wheel driveTop gear (drive) ratio0.66
  Final gear (drive) ratio3.44


Acceleration 0-50 mph (80 km/h)Top (maximal) speed
Acceleration 0-60 mph (97 km/h)Power-to-weight ratio735.8 kW/ton / 557.5 bhp/ton / 557.5 bhp/ton
Acceleration 0-100 km/hFuel consumption, City (urban)
Acceleration 0-100 mph (160 km/h)Fuel consumption, Road (extra-urban)
Acceleration 80-120 km/h (50-70 mph) in topFuel consumption, Mixed (combined)
Standing ¼mile time Fuel consumption, Euro
Standing kilometer time CO2 emissions


Engine locationmiddleEngine alignmentlongitudinal
Steeringrack & pinion PASSteering details
Turns lock-to-lock2.5Turning circle
Suspension frontSuspension rear
Wheels front9.5 x 18Wheels rear13 x 19
Tyres frontMichelin Pilot Sport 245/45 x 18Tyres rearMichelin Pilot Sport 345/30 x 19
Brakes frontBrakes rear
Brake diameter front356 mm / 14.0 in / 14.0 inBrake diameter rear356 mm / 14.0 in / 14.0 in
Brakes detailsBraked area

Technical specifications and performance data of Shelby Super Cars Aero SC/8T


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